Sep 2, 2014

Generate Speed Net 4.2 Version Message Given by CEPT


Solution for Only Client Upgradation in Speed Net 4.2

The speednet 4.2 updation has been completed in SO / HO as per the read me document from cept, ftp. The speednet communication package has been uninstalled and reinstalled as well. Still the MIS shows "Only client updated" instead of showing fully updated.
Note: This issue is common in more POs where speednet 4.2 is attempted.

Solution from CEPT

  1. Download the attached script file and execute it using Meghdoot Scripter after taking database backups.
  2. Then run Speednet Communication and check the upgradation status, after some time in Speednet MIS.

Download Regenerate Exl Give by CEPT


a. Initially "Only Client Updated" is shown in Speednet MIS ---> Upgrade Status.
b. After executing this exl below and executing Speednet communication, the Version messages are properly updated in MIS site.
c. Now the status of those POs are shown as "Fully Updated"

Thanks to : Saravanan R SA Valparai and Rajesh. H 

Enable Transfer SPCOD in Speed Net 4.2


Speed Net 4.2 SPCOD

After Update Speed Net 4.2, we have to enable Transfer SPCOD to Postman in Speed Net Supervisor. Login as Supervisor in Speed Net 4.2 and Go to Tools


  1. Select SP COD Transfer to Postman.
  2. The above changes only made before Shift begin/ After Shift End of Speed Net PA

DB Analyzer Revised Version dated 01.09.2014


DB Analyzer dated 01.09.2014

DB Analyzer 05.06.2014 DBA Plu dated 01.09.2014 Revised version has been released by DMMC Chennai. Download and Update the latest version to Execute consolidated Report.

Sep 1, 2014

weblink updated 30.08. 2014 by SRFix


If the network is disturbed, even the features may appear as bugs. Therefore, Weblink is modified and released on 30.08.14.

Improved Features:

a. Improved Cleaner utility. Option to deselect Recycle bin provided.
b. Search Pincode/PostOffice dropped.(Link modified)
c. Tracking made easy.
d. Inactive blog links deleted.
e. Additional site links provided.
f. By default, Check Updates and Check Internet status disabled.This will avoid hanging of application. Once installed, it is suggested to enable Check internet status through Options menu.

To ensure smooth functioning of Weblink: 

Start -Run-Regedit
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weblink\Settings
Delete 'Settings'

Alternatively, in the existing version of Weblink, go to menu options, click Delete Settings 
All the settings will be deleted.
Then exit Weblink and delete Weblink folder from C:\

Install Weblink dated 30.08.14
Register/Reconfigure as needed.

(Download Manager) 
(Complete application with Installer)

Speed Net 4.2 Upgradation Successful in Speed Net MIS


Easy way to Update Speed Net 4.2 and Status Upgradation in MIS

Speed Net 4.2 has been released on 16.08.2014 Mainly for SPCOD and Reports has been added for Undelivered SPA  in BOs more than Seven days.

Download Tiny Version of Speed Net 4.2 from PoTools

Instruction should be followed to update in MIS
  1. Uninstall  Speed Net Communication 4.1.1
  2. First Install Speed Net Communication 4.2 using One installer / Tiny version.
  3. Execute Speed Net Communication 4.2.(Very Important)

Update Speed Net 4.2 DB and Client:

After Execute Speed Net Communication, 
  • Update Speed Net Client 4.2 and Databases using Speed Net One Updater
  • After that you should execute Speed Net Communication Once Again.
Thats it. your Offices will Fully Upgraded in Speed Net MIS and Server/ Client machine also.

Never say Thanks instead of that kindly share at least one thing(Solution, Tools, Easy way of working etc., related to Post Office) with PoTools via

BO Office name Issues : No office found in the list in Speed Net 4.2


Speed Net 4.2 BO Name Issues and Solution

After Update Speed Net 4.2 It shows an message as No Office found in the list while taking Other Office Returns.


Update Speed Net 4.2 Using Speed Net One Updater'
Update your Circle SPCC data using Speed Net Communication.

Download Attached Tool from PoTool.
Select SQL 2000 / SQL 2005/2008.
Click on Update to Update Local BO Name in Local Database.


MO Videsh Operating Procedure in India Post


Draft Operating Process for MOVidesh (EUROGIRO)

View / Download MO Videsh SOP:

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Speed Post COD


COD(Speed Post Cash On Delivery) articles

When you receive a SP-COD articles in your office Please follow the procedure below

 Receive and Transfer of SP-COD Articles data to Postman Module in SpeedNet 4.2
· Run SpeedNet Communication
· Login to SpeedNet 4.2 as Operator/PA 
· Receive a Speed Bag 
· Goto “Opening of Speed Bag” Type/Scan your Bag Number Select ‘Article Type’ as “SP-COD” from the dropdown and scan the COD articles received 
- Click on “Ok/Finish” to receive the articles to SpeedNet Package 

Transfer SPCOD to Postman

· Select “Transfer SPCOD articles data to Postman” under “Delivery” and confirm the availability of correct data (If this option is not highlighted shiftend the Operator and Modify “Duty Allocation” by checking SP COD)
- Transfer the data to Postman Module by checking article


· If you don’t get the data of COD article data Login as SpeedNet Supervisor/SPM Select “Request-Resend COD Booking Data” Under "Tools" tab. Select the article of which data is not received. And Run SpeedNet Communication again till you get the Data. Once you get data transfer it to Postman.


  1. Goto Invoicing- COD Articles-Post Sorting-Article for Delivery/ Invoicing- COD Articles- to BOs 
  2. Click on “Fetch”. Now you will get the data of Received articles and invoice the article to beat /BO by selecting just like eMO invoicing. 
  3. Take Report/Delivery slip using Reports-COD Articles-Delivery slip/To Subaccounts Branch 
  4. Only Prescribed amount to be collected no extra charge can be collected from the Addressee 

· The articles having COD Amount more than Rs.10,000/- can delivered only through “Window Delivery” on Proper Identification such articles should not be invoiced to Postman Beat

Returns and Submit Account of Beat 

· Take the Returns of COD Articles as PA/Operator Returns-COD Articles-Take the returns as given by PostMan ( There is no Provision for Redirection of COD article only Return to sender Option is Available) 
· The article can be kept in deposit for a maximum of 7 days 
· When the article is delivered Login to Treasury Module as Treasurer and take the Postman Returns Amount Through Receipts-Postman Returns-Select the proper beat and enter the correct cash return and click on finish
· After taking Returns of all other Register letter, Parcel, eMO login as Postman Supervisor and Submit the account for that beat.


· If VP, eMO returns also available on the same day for the same beat take the total amount in treasury Postman Returns before submitting the account for that Postman

Article Delivered under BO 

· For the articles delivered under BOs the Amount is entered under "SPCODCollection" head in SubAccount-Dataentry- BODailyAccount 
· Please update the Delivery Information in “Remarks from other offices” for the deliverd/Returned COD artciles as Postman Operator 
· Login as Supervisor in Postman and Select “BO CODs Verification” under “Treasury” tab and Verify the Data of Delivered/Returned articles 
- (The day in which the SPCOD collection was shown in BO Daily Account same day the COD Article should be shown as delivered in Postman Package. If you show the Delivery Remarks next day/Another, it is not possible to verify it in Postman Package)

*Please run ePayment Communication after submit account/BOCOD Verification to update data to Central Server

Return of Undelivered/Refused/ Mis-sent/ Mis-sorted articles 

· The articles invoiced to Beat or BO if they were undelivered they should be Returned to Sender with proper remarks. 
The articles invoiced to beat can be returned through WindowDelivery-COD Articles-Check the article Number select “Unclaimed” 
· The MIS-SENT/MIS-SORTED articles are Redirected to Actual Office in SpeedNet Module only before transfer of data to Postman . Once data is transferred to Postman “Returned to Sender” is the only option available for the undelivered articles 

Aug 30, 2014

SPCC Office Master Data for Speed Net 4.2 Upgradation


Download Link of SPCC Office Master

  1. Download the Office Data of your / respective Circle from SPC site and update this data through SpeedNet Communication.
  2. In Speed Net 4.2
Under Supervisor --> Master -->Offices --> Add Additional Offices --> Click on "UPDATE OFFICES DATA" button.

After Update Office Master Your Attached Offices and BO Listed in other office Option.


HTTUM Salary / Pension Conversion Error


Pay / Salary Conversion Error in TTUM

After CBS Migration, In finacle System Administrator have to Upload PAY, Pension and DA arrears using HTTUM Menu.
  • Before upload first convert Excel format into text file using Conversion TTUM.exe

Issues at the time of conversion


  • The above issue occurs when unspecified format of Pay and Pension File.
  • Excel File contains data of only first three column 
  1. Account Number in Finacle
  2. Amount
  3. Remarks
  • without any column heading in the above three column
Note: Headings should be removed in Excel. Excel Sheet Contains only Data.

Tool for Fix Request Resend COD - Please request after '60' Minutes


Request Resend for COD issues in Postman 7.9.1

whenever Give request in Postman Module 7.9.1 it shows an message as Request already sent to Central Server.
You already Requested on 'Date Time' Please Request After '60' Minutes.


  1. Solution already given by CEPT as exl to fix the above issues.
  2. Download attached tool from PoTools.
  3. Execute at once to fix the request issues.
This Tool was developed using CEPT Solution Script file.


Instruction to Generate Messages in Postman 7.9.1


Generate Delivered / Undelivered article messages in Postman 7.9.1

1) Login as Supervisor in the Postman module.
2) Go to Tools option and  enable create delivery/ Undelivered message.
3) This should be done every day after day end or before day begin

Execute R Net Communication once Create Message.

Speed Net 4.2 dated 16.08.2014 Tiny Version


Simple download of Speed Net 4.2

Download Speed Net communication installer:

Speed Net 4.2 One Updater

New Service-Speed Post Cash on Delivery (SPCOD)


Speed Post Cash On Delivery(SPCOD)

Contractual Service

  1. This is a contractual service that provides the facility of collecting the sum of money specified at the time of posting by the sender and the amount shall be remitted to the sender through ePayment.
  2. The Bulk Customer has to first enter into an agreement with the Department for booking of Speed Post articles, which will result into the customer being allotted an account number. 
  3. Subsequently, the bulk customer will enter into another agreement for booking of Speed Post Cash on Delivery articles, which will involve creation of e-Biller ID


  1. SP COD articles will be identified based on the barcode prefix allotted to specific COD Customers;
  2. Booking & Dispatch of COD articles will be in Speednet;
  3. COD articles will be received for delivery in Speednet and transferred to Meghdoot Postman module - Receipt of information from data center is mandatory – Option to place request to data center to resend information is available;
  4. Payments related to COD articles delivered will be made in Treasury module through ePayment data and Billing will be done in Speednet.

Speednet – Customer Master and Agreement

Creation of COD Bulk customer is similar to any other Bulk Customer except for the mandatory entry of eBiller ID and Barcode prefix allotted to the COD customer.

Speednet – Booking Options

SP COD related options are available under BNPL.

  • Options are available for booking of individual articles as well as bulk booking using Excel File upload.
  • A new communication module has been developed to cater to the needs of processing XML files. 
  • Installation of new communication module is mandatory for the Speednet offices.

Speednet – Individual Articles booking 

Booking options are similar to the existing options and there is not much change.

Speednet – Closing of Bags

Segregate the COD articles and scan them after completion of other Speed Post articles. Then the entries relating to COD articles are printed at the end of the SpeedPost manifest.

Speednet – Bags Receipt and Opening

SP COD articles will be received in Speed Post bags like ordinary SP Articles.

Speednet – Transfer to Meghdoot Postman

Received SP COD articles will be transferred to Meghdoot Postman for delivery through Menu Delivery à SP COD Transfer to Postman – (New menu option created.)

Note: Redirection facility is not provided for SP COD articles in Meghdoot Postman and if the articles are transferred to Meghdoot Postman, they cannot be redirected.Hence, article for redirection should be done by Speed Post PA in respect of missent articles.At the request of addressee also, the SPCOD cannot be redirected.
Transfer of SP COD articles to Meghdoot Postman is subject to availability of electronic data in local SpeedNet Database.

If electronic data is not available, a resend data request will be sent to Central Server. Data center will resend information in about an hour.

If electronic data is available, SP COD articles will be transferred to Meghdoot Postman

Speednet – Reports for COD

Upon transfer of SP COD articles to Meghdoot Postman, a report should be generated through Menu Reportsà Delivery à Speed Post Articles à To Meghdoot Postman Module and hand over the SP COD articles physically along with this report to Postman Delivery Branch.

Speednet – COD Articles booking data – Request option for Supervisor

Transfer of SP COD articles to Meghdoot Postman is subject to availability of electronic data in local SpeedNet Database. Hence, an option for resend data request to Central Server is also made available to Supervisor under Tools à Request – Resend COD Booking Data, which can be used if electronic data is not available for SP COD article.

Meghdoot Postman – COD Options

  1. Redirection facility is not provided for COD articles in Postman application.
  2. SP COD article delivery is done through postman application.

Meghdoot Postman – COD Articles Invoicing

  1. Only articles with amount <=Rs 10000 can be given to postman for delivery. 
  2. Once the articles are available in postman , they will appear in COD – Post Sorting form for invoicing.
  3. Meghdoot Postman – COD Articles for BOs
Articles can be invoiced to attached BOs also

> Meghdoot Postman – COD Articles – Returns

• Returns of the invoiced articles can be taken through “Returns” menu option.
• Provision for taking late returns also available.
• Meghdoot Postman – COD Articles – BO Returns
• BO Articles returns can be taken through “BO Remarks” menu option.
• Postman Supervisor has to verify returns of BO COD articles by using the menu option Postman Supervisor -> Treasury -> BO COD Verification.

Meghdoot Postman – COD Articles – Submit

• Submit accounts is must for COD articles like for any other articles.
• Submit accounts should be done for all beats and window also.
• Article disposal information will be transmitted to data center only if submit accounts is done.
• After submit accounts, run Speednet communication to update the delivered and undelivered articles information to central server
• ePayment – Transmission & Receipt of COD
• e-Payment Client needs to call for transmitting SPCOD Articles delivery data to Data center at the office of delivery and for receiving SPCOD payment data at the office of payment. This can be scheduled.
• Note: Speednet Communication updates the delivery information from Meghdoot server to Speednet server and also transmits the information to Speednet Central server.
• Treasury – Payment to COD Customer
• Treasury supervisor has to assign the work of SPCOD Payment to the Treasurer concerned through Masters—Work Distribution Option to get the Payment Menu option to the Treasurer.
• For making payment to the SPCOD Biller Treasurer has to Select the Option Payments—SPCOD Payments as like Epayments.
• Select the data received for payment to the SPCOD biller through fetch option and make payment to the biller through “Cheque” mode only as prescribed in SOP. This is similar to any other epayment billers
• SPCOD Payment Report option has been provided under Reports Menu. Select the details of Designation, Biller Name etc., as like Epayment Report.
• Details of the SPCOD articles for which payment has been made for the day will be displayed in SP COD Payment Repot. Amount to the biller will be paid deducting the SPCOD fee and Taxes as prescribed from the Total amount Received. 
• In HO Summary the amount paid to the biller will be adjusted against Drawn from Bank amount and the Remaining amount will be adjusted against SPCOD Fee and Taxes as like other E Bill payments, Ebill Collection.
• In respect of SOs. these details will be available in the SO daily account.

Return to Sender:

• Delivery of RTS Articles will be as in the case of normal COD articles.
• The COD Value appear as zero (‘0’) for articles received for delivery as undelivered and returned to sender.
• However, for RTS Articles double the rate of Speed post tariff will be collected at the time of monthly billing.

Monthly Billing :

Monthly billing will be similar to the existing options. However, RTS articles count and second tariff for the RTS articles will be included for the COD customers in the Monthly Billing.

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