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May 28, 2016

Annual Sports Calendar of Dept of Posts for the year 2017

Annual Sports Calendar approved by the Postal Sports Board for the year 2016-17 communicated vide Directorate letter no 6-01/2016-WL7Sports dated 16.05.2016 is as follows.

Fresh ownership model to run India Post Payments bank professionally: Ravi Shankar Prasad


Union Communications and IT Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad Friday said the government is considering a different ownership structure to “professionally” run the payments bank of the Department of Posts.

The government, which has committed to invest Rs 400 crore in the payment bank of the postal department, is hoping to launch the bank by March 2017 said Prasad. “We propose to have Rs 400 cr investment by the government and the rest by way of equity. It would be a separate architecture from the postal department. The bank will be run professionally,” said Prasad.

The Postal department was one of the 11 entities to be given in-principle approval by the RBI to launch payments banks. However, at least three companies – Cholamandalam, Tech Mahindra and Dilip Shanghvi-Telenor-IDFC – have already said they would be surrendering their licences citing aggressive play by competition.

Prasad said the postal department has begun giving 4,000 hand-held devices to the rural postmen on a pilot basis and will soon be rolling out 1.3 lakh of such machines, which will help them sell third-party products, make e-commerce deliveries, etc. According to him, a major chunk of the department’s over 1.5 lakh post offices are in the hinterlands, which contributes over 60 per cent of the e-commerce players’ catchment area.

Prasad on Friday said over 22,000 post offices have already been connected under the core banking system and the department has also started over 800 ATMs.

Prasad also said that the government’s ambitious Digital India programme is empowering the people across the country. He said the government has been working with a mission of “banking the unbanked, funding the unfunded, securing the unsecured and pensioning the unpensioned”.

Maintaining the Agents Postal Services related to DOP Finacle

Show details

Respected Sir(s)/ Madam(s),

This is regarding maintaining the Agents Postal services optimized. The Secretary, Indiapost along with Member (Technology) and Member (Banking), reviewed the issues that needs to be addressed to reinforce confidence in the functionality of the tool. Infosys has provided the following immediate solution to streamline the activity.

Revised process brought into the system without change in menu:

Agents Role:

There is no change prescribed for Agents –They will continue to work in the agents portal and submit the transaction details to the Teller (users) across the counters.
Teller (Users) Role:

1. HAGTXP menu will be enabled at 1000 AM today

2. The Tellers across the country, having huge, back log to upload the files (as on 28 th )

3. Hence, a time schedule for circle wise is prescribed to upload the back-log alone.

4. The fresh files can be handled in a routine manner.

5. These request accepted by the system would generate a reference number instantaneously

6. At a given point in time 200 such files would be processed by the system for posting the respective accounts

7. All other request which are entering in to the system would be queued for processing

8. As and when the first 200 files are processed, the second set of 200 would be taken up by the system automatically for processing

9. The posting will be complete as and when the individual files are processed 10.It is very important to instruct the Post Office users not to re-submit the request

11. Since the requests are processed in a queue, the users may have to wait for some time

12. They can view the status of the transactions processed through HJCM menu.

13. They should be told strictly not to re-submit repeatedly as re-submitting would create second postings in the system

14. This is a temporary and immediate solution provided by Infosys to handle this month end smoothly.

15. In case of non-processing of files, support would be provided case-by-case basis by the Infosys L-2 team

Schedule to upload the agents transactions held in arrears –(Purely to avoid any sudden surge in the number of files in to the system)

Time Slot -Name of Circles that can upload the old files

1. 1000 – 1200 -AP, ASM, Bihar, Chat, Delhi and Gujrat

2. 1100 – 1300 -Haryana, Himachal, J&K, Jharkhand, Karnataka

3. 1200 – 1400 -Kerala, MP, Mah, North East, Oddissa, Punjab

4. 1300 – 1500 -Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, UTR,UP and WB

If this is strictly followed, the L-2 monitoring team headed by one Mr Vijay and Ms Gayathri would be able to manage the operations and provide adequate support to post offices. Issues in this may please be escalated through Mr Gopinath in email

Slow or unrelable connection detected in McCamish -Solution

Many of you have faced an error "Slow or unrelable connectoin detected. Click OK to attempt to abort the batch" in the first step of ECMS i.e., scanning.

Cause : 

  • The main cause of the above error is due to large size of the file your are trying to upload. You can notice that the above error will get displayed only when the system is trying to upload a specific file every time.
  • Go to the location of the file where it is saved in the system and compress the file as shown below

Solution :

  • Browse to the location where these files are saved and check for the file with large size.
  • Open the file with Microsoft Office Picture Manager 
  • In Menu Bar Go to Picture -- > Compress Pictures Or shortcut [Alt + P + O] 
  • Select Documents as shown in the figure and press OK & Save the file
  • Now ECMS will be completed without any errors.

3 firms drop off payments bank list: What is spooking the aspirants?

Arundhati Bhattacharya’s prophecy on payments banks, it appears, is spooking the companies that threw their hats in the ring without giving a proper thought to the difficulties involved in setting it up. The State Bank of India (SBI) chairman has long argued that, by design, payments banks don’t have a business model.
Raghuram Rajan. PTI

Of the 11 companies that were given in-principle nod by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up payments banks in August, 2015, three -- Tech Mahindra, Cholamandalam Finance and Dilip Shanghvi-IDFC Bank-Telenor JV, have already dropped out. This leaves only eight applicants in the fray—India Post, Airtel Money, Reliance Industries, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Aditya Birla Nuvo, Vodafone MPesa, Fino PayTech and NSDL.

Why are firms shying away from their plans on payments banks? The reason is simple. Unlike regular banks, which typically do business for interest margins from the lending business using deposit money, these entities do not have the liberty to lend. Payments bank have to primarily survive on fee-income since 75 percent of their deposits have to be mandatorily invested in government bonds with maturity up to a year. Also, payments banks can only accept deposits up to Rs 1 lakh.

To get deposits, competing with regular banks which offer up to 7 percent return on their savings deposits, payments banks will have to offer aggressive rates. However, a majority of the amount in government bonds for a maximum 7.45 percent-8 percent (the approximate yield on one year paper), would mean no real business. The cost to set up and run operations far outweighs the benefits. Of course, these companies aren’t here for charity.

The challenges

As Bhattacharya of SBI has pointed out, there is a big challenge on customer acquisition. Why would someone who is using a mobile banking service that is readily available be willing to migrate to a new bank? This too, given that technology, such as unified payments system, would enable cheaper transactions through mobile phones.

The advantage of using mobile phones for banking will make it not too difficult for those companies with an existing mobile banking network. Here the cost of rolling out the service will be far lower than a firm which wants to start from scratch. This must be the reason why a few firms have decided to back out after securing an in-principle licence nod. No one wants to step into a losing battle. The question is: Why has it taken nine months for these firms to understand that the business model is unviable? The rules were clear in the draft guidelines and final guidelines. This dropping off from the race clearly shows that not much thought has gone into the decision-making rooms of these companies when they applied for licences.

The RBI has evidently not taken the withdrawals in good humor. That is why RBI deputy governor S S Mundra has said the central bank feels aggrieved ‘because a lot of efforts from the part of RBI goes in processing these applications’.

Can firms be penalized?

The RBI doesn’t have a policy to penalize entities who have given up their banking licences. There aren’t many instances in the past when companies have first competed for banking licenses, won it and then given up halfway.

When the RBI commenced the licencing process for payments banks, the idea was to offer one more layer of payments services to the yet-to-be banked in the country. The mandate was clear from the very beginning.

The RBI should consider imposing penalty on firms dropping out half-way considering the time and cost involved in the selection process. It should also reconsider an entry capital of Rs 100 crore for smaller banks, since such low entry-capital requirement let's non-serious players to throw their hat in the ring. This will also help weed out non-serious players from the bank licence fray as the RBI governor Raghuram Rajan is preparing to guide the industry to on-tap licencing regime when the stage will open for lot more contestants.

The withdrawal of three licence-winners from the race doesn’t necessarily mean that payments banks are going to be a flop idea. But, it surely tells us that the business is more for telecom companies and prepaid instruments that have a platform in place.

Of the 41 companies that applied for bank licences, 11 were given in-principle nod and now only eight are still in the fray. One shouldn’t be surprised if a few more dropout. But the good news is that the competition will build a few strong payments banks that have understood the mandate and the business model.

Only For DOP Agent - How to Prepare RD List in BCP if Agent Portal/Finacle is not Running


Only For DOP Agent - How to Prepare RD List in BCP if Agent Portal/Finacle is not Running

Finacle has not been stable from Last two week. The HAGTXP command which used to post Agent Bulk RD List created at Portal, is also not accessible. Now Directorate has issued an order 02/2016 dated 25.05.2016 regarding use of BCP. Offices as well Agent should aware how to create a Txt. file which has to be uploaded in Finacle for posting Bulk RD list. Many Agents are familiar with Computer and they want to adopt BCP and avoid such situation of levy default fees from their account. The following process is given here to prepare bulk list in BCP mode for Agent. They will send the file via email or any other mode to concern SOL. 
  • First BCP Macro enable Excel file has to be downloaded to their PC. 
  • Now open File 
  • The file looks as below screen shoot.

  • You see three different sheets are created in File i.e. RD_Cash_Tran_Details, RD_DC_Tran_Details, RD_NDC_Details.
  • Click on RD_Cash_Tran_Details if your Bulk list mode is only case.
  • After click it the following screen will be displayed.
Fill the Agent ID
Fill the RD account
Fill the RD Denomination.
Fill the No of Installment.
Note :- The default fee/ Rebate is not filled in this file. Only RD denomination amount has to be filled. Finacle will automatically calculate the RD default fee/Rebate.
  • Click on Home button. The following screen will be displayed.
  • Click on Generate Cash Data File
  • The following screen will be displayed.
  • Now a file name of such MIG00012545_C_2016_05_27_13_52_55.txt will created in D:\ Drive.
  • Open the My Comupter > Click on D: Drive
  • Open the D:/ The file is highligted in Red rectangle.
  • Please send this file to your concern Post office via mail or other device.
  • If you want to prepare Bulk List with DOP Cheque.
  • Click on RD_DC_Tran_Details sheet.
  • The following screen will be availble
Fill the Agent ID
Fill the RD account
Fill the RD Denomination.
Fill the No of Installment.
Note :- The default fee/ Rebate is not filled in this file. Only RD denomination amount has to be filled in RD Installment Amount column. Finacle will automatically calculate the RD default fee/Rebate.
Bank Name should be DOP
Fill the cheque No.
Fill the SB account no. of Cheque.
Go to Home

  • Click on Generate DC Data File.
  • This file is available in D: Drive. Process is already mention in above.
  • If you have a Non DOP Check the following things will be adopted.
  • Click on RD_NDC_Tran_Details sheet.

Fill the Agent ID
Fill the RD account
Fill the RD Denomination.
Fill the No of Installment.
Note :- The default fee/ Rebate is not filled in this file. Only RD denomination amount has to be filled in RD Installment Amount column. Finacle will automatically calculate the RD default fee/Rebate.
Bank Name
Fill the cheque No.
Fill the SB account no. of Cheque.
Go to Home
  • Click on Generate DC Data File.
  • This file is available in D: Drive. Process is already mention in above.

Procedure to solve transaction verification error - E4221 - Not authorized to verify part tran 1 in DOP Finalce

  • When we try to verify the transaction in the supervisor login most often we will face the error "E4221 Not authorized to verify part tran 1 ".

The detailed procedure to solve this error is mentioned below.

Scenario in which the said error Occurs ?

  • When both the entered user and verified user are same the said error will occur i..e, for example if a user say X entered the transaction then if the same user X tried to verify then the system will throw the error "E4221 - Not authorized to verify part tran 1 ".
  • Let us try to resolve such error I would like to quote real time example in the below procedure.

Step by Step Procedure to Solve the Above Error

  • Sometimes the system will throw the above said error when we try to verify the transaction which is mentioned in the below screen shot
  • When a user ( RMREDDY_SU ) for example tried to verify the tran id IN2129630 the system thrown the above said error.
  • Then invoke the error HTI menu then the system will show the below screen
  • Then in the next enter the tran id as shown in the below screen
  • Then click on GO then the system will show the transaction details as shown in the below screen
  • Now in Restore Values select the value "O-OTHER/PART TRANSACTION DETAIL " as shown in the figure
  • Then click on GO then the system will open a new window as shown in the below figure
  • From the above screen shot is clear transaction created and posted by the user RMREDDY_SU hence if we try to verify the transaction with the same user i..e, RMREDDY_SU then the system will throw the error "E4221 - Not authorized to verify part tran 1 " as mentioned in the first screen shot.
  • As Finacle follows the maker-checker concept both posted user and verified user will be different hence in this example if we try to verify the transaction in the user id RMREDDY then the system will verify successfully.
  • Always make a practice not to post the transactions in the supervisor id as cash account will not be linked for supervisor roles in Finalce which is wrong procedure.Hence avoid posting the transactions in Supervisor ID.

Media reports : Govt likely to table the 7th pay commission report before Cabinet next month

Central government employees can expect to get some good news trickling in from government sources towards the end of June.

As per reports, the Finance Ministry is likely to table the 7th Pay Commission report to the Cabinet for approval in the last week of June.

The 7th pay panel headed by AK Mathur had recommended the minimum salary for central government employees at Rs 18,000 and maximum salary at Rs 2,50,000. As employees protested against the wage hike calling it the "lowest ever" raise, the government set up the Empowered Committee of Secretaries group to review the AK Mathur-panel's recommendations.

The Empowered Committee of Secretaries on the Seventh Central Pay Commission is expected to soon wrap up its report on the remuneration of government employees.

7th pay commission — Special Correspondent

The Central Government Employees’ Confederation has called for steps to hasten the implementation of the seventh pay commission recommendations.

A press note issued here said the recommendations of the pay commission, which are beneficial to 50 lakh Central government employees and 30 lakh pensioners, ought to have been implemented with effect from January 1, 2016.

The recommendations, which have come after a gap of 10 years, should be implemented immediately with necessary amendments, the confederation said in the press release.

— Special Correspondent

Cadre Restructuring of Group 'C' employees in Department of Posts


JCA will serve strike notice on 30.06.16 if problems faced by employees working in Finacle, CSI and CIS not solved


AIPEU to hold demands day on 10.06.2016. JCA will serve strike notice on 30.06.16 if problems faced by employees working in Finacle, CSI and CIS not solved 

CHQ: Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 2151/1, New Patel Road, New Delhi - 110008

Ref: P3/Circular/2016 Dated – 27.05.2016

DEMANDS DAY – 10.06.2016

There is no need to elaborate the miseries and sufferings we are facing at base level after the implementation of Finacle, (CBS & CIS) and the mental torture.

The CHQ is aware of the issues and properly placed before the Department vide its letter dated 22.01.2016, 11.02.2016 & 25.04.2016. Further it was brought to the personal notice of the Hon’ble Minister of communication. However, the progress in resolving the Finacle issues is in slow nail causing resentment and unrest amidst officials.

The assurance of the Department on 28.03.2016 in providing two more server by Infosys to solve the Finacle problem has not been carried out yet. The increase in the bandwith as per the requirement of the office has not been carried out in any circle.

Adding fuel to fire, the department’s recent decision in implementing the Business hours of Post office to the extent of 5 hours for monetary transactions has not been exercised. Some circles like Tamilnadu, Haryana etc. have sought clarifications to prevent the implementation of the decision without minding the existing sufferings of officials due to faulty functioning of Finacle & others and the officials are forced to remain in office in late hours. There is every risk for the women employees to leave office late every day.

For the last ten days, there is poor access and even no access in Finacle continuously throughout the nation affecting the public and staff very badly. This is nothing but due to the incapacity of the servers provided by Infosys. The department is not in a position either to correct things or apply the penal provisions against the vender. The existing position in Finacle is nothing but the last straw on camel’s back.

The recent conversations unofficially held between the Infosys and some staff exhibited in the website will reveal the fact. We must know who is committing mistake after mistake. Whether the officers dealing the Finacle are aware of all the software and hardware oriented issues. Are they simply hearing and acting as per the dictums of the vendors? Howe many times we are going to alter our rulings to suit the requirement of vendors? Will there be any time to the officials to go through the routine daily circulars on CBS functioning in the pressure of work?

We lost our patience. Even though, we suffer voluntarily a lot as we feel it is the transition period, in the implementation of Finacle, it is felt now that without settlement of the Problems, the Department is inclined to proclaim that it has implemented the Finacle more in numbers than the leading banks and also without any Quality and good service to the customer.

Under these circumstances, the CHQ has elaborately written a letter to the Department on 26.05.2016, detailing all the problems being existed in Finacle and McCamish and sought remedies within a fort night. In the event of non-settlement, the CHQ has decided to launch the following programme of action culminating to strike action.
10th June - Demands Day - Demonstration at divisional/branch levels
17th June - Dharna in front of Circle office.
30th June - Demonstration in front of Dak Bhawan & issue of strike notice. (The date will be decided with consultation of NFPE & JCA constituents)

The major demands put forth in the programme of action.

1. Provide additional servers and solve the Finacle problem
2. Increase the bandwidth as per the requirement.
3. Implement the decision of Directorate on Business hours.
4. Drop all Memos & Charge sheets issued due to Finacle minor mistake.
5. Implementation of action on all the points put forth in the CHQ letter dated 26.05.2016.

This programme is nothing but to save the Postal Service from the existing chaos and confusions. Even though we desire peace, we have been pushed in to the wall. We could not tolerate furthermore.

All Divisional/Branch and circle secretaries are requested to organize the programme very effectively and intimate compliance. The CHQ will leave no stone unturned in the event of no settlement is seen in this serious issue.

With fraternal greetings,

Comradely yours,

(R. N. Parashar)
General Secretary, P3
& Secretary General, NFPE

India Post constitutes new committee to take decision on introduction of RTI stamps

It refers to communication dated May 24, 2016 from Department of Posts following CIC-verdict dated March 30, 2016 in appeal-number CIC/MP/A/2015/001689/BS/10077, intimating constitution of a new committee to consider issue of much-needed RTI stamps.

A previous committee rejected repeated CIC-recommendations on flimsy grounds in peculiar government-style of 'jaisa chalta hei, vaisa chalne do' putting big question-mark on wisdom of those super-knowledgeable committee-members who rejected the idea which could save crores of rupees annually to Department of Posts.

Various Central Information Commissioners giving several verdicts in this regard are persons of great knowledge, and made strong recommendations after carefully studying all aspects and having lengthy discussions with officers from Department of Posts present at time of hearings.

CIC-verdicts resulted in decades-long pending reforms at Department of Posts like rationalising foreign-mail tariffs, abolition of hardly seen postal-orders in denominations of rupees 1, 2, 5 and 7 and even correction in printing commission-amounts on postal-orders. Otherwise Department of Posts kept on filing such suggestions after giving a polished reply "Your suggestions are vakuable to us, and will be considered at time of next revision of tariffs"!

An RTI response reveals that handling cost of a postal-order to Department of Posts is rupees 37.45. How can it be sensible to spend rupees 37.45 to recover RTI fees of rupees 10?

Documents received under RTI response reveal that red-tapism once made officers of Security Printing Presses expressing inability to print RTI stamps because of non-availability of paper used to print RTI stamps at a time when these very Security Printing Presses could print postage-stamps on a prominent living cricketer against postal-norms within few days of decision-taken to issue stamps!

Attractive RTI stamps on lines of erstwhile Radio & TV License Fees should be ensured to be released in three denominations of rupees two, ten and fifty in inaugural session of annual CIC-convention to be held in October 2016.

Dept of Posts to pay RS 12,000 as compensation to a woman whose cell phone the department failed to deliver


Consumer disputes redressal forum ordered the Dept of Posts to pay RS 12,000 as compensation to a woman whose cell phone the department failed to deliver. 

Trichy: The district consumer disputes redressal forum, Trichy, ordered the department of posts to pay compensation to a woman whose cell phone the department failed to deliver.
The forum, headed by its president S Sengottaiyan and member M Maraikamalai, held that the department of posts should award a compensation of Rs 5,000 with 6% interest per annum and Rs 3,900 towards the cost of the mobile phone and ordered the department to pay the litigation of cost of Rs 2,000 to the complainant on May 9, 2016.

RS Theresa Sahayanathan from Kallakudi on the outskirts of Trichy sent a new cell phone worth Rs 4,250 through speed post from the Kallakudi post office to Fredrick Rajkumar in GN Mills in Coimbatore on January 12, 2012.

As the consignment was not delivered even after a week, the sender tracked the parcel online and found that it reached the speed post section of the Coimbatore post office on January 13, 2012.
When Theresa brought the matter before the postal department, the senior superintendent of the post office offered Rs 112 as compensation citing section 6 of the Post Office Act that gives protection to the postal authorities for non-delivery or loss in transit if there is no wilful default on the part of the department.

Unsatisfied with the slew of replies of the postal department, she approached the consumer protection council, Tamil Nadu, to take up the matter before the consumer forum, which filed a case on June 10, 2014.

During the course of the trial, secretary of the consumer forum S Pushpavanam said the speed post article was lost due to the wilful act of the personnel of the postal department, which will amount of deficiency of service. 

Countering the argument, counsel for the postal department argued that the valuable articles should be insured by the sender and insisted that the complainant was not entitled for compensation. 
The forum also took into account section 172 of the Indian Post Office Act that says parcels may be insured by the customer and it is not mandatory. After citing several judgments in various states across the country, the forum held the personnel in the speed post section in Coimbatore responsible for the loss of the cellphone. 

The forum pointed out that there was no effort made to trace the parcel in the small room of the Coimbatore speed post centre. "There is no possibility for loss or non-delivery in a small room. So, it is evident that the employees in the speed post centre deliberately committed wilful act by not delivering the speed post parcel sent by the complainant. In such circumstances, section 6 of the India Post Office Act does not give protection to the postal officials," read the order.

Clarifications on I​ssue of ATM cards


Clarification sought 

Whether ATM cards can be issued to the following depositors:

1. SB Accounts of illiterate depositors.
2. SB Accounts opened by minor above 10 years and.
3. SB Accounts opened in the name of minors and operated through guardian.

Clarification received 

ATM Cards can be issued to the minors of above 10 years of age if account is directly operated. In other two cases, ATM Cards should not be issued.

Government takes to social media to hasten postal services

Email and social media have signed the death warrant of postal services , but the communications and IT ministry has scripted the resurgence of Speed Post, postal banking and parcel services using the very same social media networks. 

Communications minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has taken to Facebook and Twitter in a big way to speed up postal services, notorious till some years ago for their snail-paced delivery. He and his IT team will look into grievances of customers and take immediate steps to get the post or parcel delivered to the recipient. 

A young man studying in DELHI had applied for the Bihar civil services examination. When he did not get an acknowledgement of his application, he inquired from the post office which informed him that the application had wrongly been delivered to Lucknow University instead of Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) in Patna. 

He sent a tweet to the minister's handle with just 48 hours to go for the deadline for submission of application forms. " India Post officers in Patna were alerted about the urgency. The form was delivered to BPSC hours before the deadline," Prasad told TOI. 

A newspaper report about a 95-year-old woman making the rounds of a post office to redeem her Kisan Vikas Patra made the minister direct officials to visit her in the village with the redemption money. The woman was surprised to find officials with flowers and money at her doorstep. 

There are many such stories in the turnaround of India Post. "We can say with confidence now that Speed Post and parcel services will deliver at any place in India within four days of the item booked with post offices. It can give private courier services a run for their money, being equally efficient and reliable. That is the reason Speed Post has been rated best by the Comptroller and Auditor General," Prasad said. 

The minister's claim about India Post's turnaround in the last two years is matched by statistics. Speed Post revenue has increased from Rs 1,372 crore in 2013-14 to Rs 1,600 crore in 2015-16. Parcel revenue registered 80 per cent increase in the last two years from Rs 118 crore in 2013-14 to Rs 310 crore in 2015-16. India Post delivers around 40,000 e-commerce parcels every day.

Source :The Economic Times

May 27, 2016

RICT Pilot / Phase I Rollout - Branch PO Data mapping with AO & Sub Division


RICT Pilot / Phase I Rollout - Branch PO Data mapping with AO & Sub Division

It is requested to furnish the details duly signed by divisional head in scanned copy as well as excel format directly to RS - PIC e-mails IDs ( on or before 30.05.2016. The response must be submitted only by means of India Post Domain email ID. 

Download Directorate order Copy and format in word file.

Regarding pendency of previous FY NSC & KVP

From: Director (CBS) <>
Date: 26 May 2016 at 08:23
Subject: Re: Regarding pendency of previous FY NSC & KVP
Dear all SPOCs and Respected Heads of Circles

Kindly refer to trail mail. It has been found that in many post offices NSC and KVP of previous financial year are still pending for issue as these offices had not completed this work by 15.4.2016.

Now, Directorate, in consultation with Infosys Team has decided to provide one day window on 29.5.2016 (SUNDAY) for opening NSC/KVP accounts for the previous financial year for which cash or clearing has already been accounted for. For this, User has to select old NSC Scheme Code at the time of issue and printing as scheme code for new NSC has been changed. For KVP, there will be no issue. It has to be ensured that stock against old NSC scheme code is available in the system before issue. All these issues will be reflected in the reports of Monday. 

Please note that this solution will be stopped before start of operations on Monday and during this period, no NSC or KVP for the current financial year should be issued. Therefore, sufficient staff (User and Supervisor) should be called on Sunday based on pending work to complete this task.


CEPT Team will process the relevant patch and do required changes in configuration, once HSCOD for the Saturday is completed by all SOLs and revert the changes before 9 AM of Monday.

Parameter for back value date should also be changed from 30 Days (current setting) to 70 Days during this period so that pending NSC KVPs can be issued. This should also be reverted alongwith other parameters.

Infosys Team

Infosys Team should provide support on the Sunday for completion of this pending work and publish contact details of the support person.

With regards,

Sachin Kishore
Director (CBS)
Sansad Marg,
Dak Bhavan

New Initiatives taken by Karnataka Circle - Pencil type letter boxes

To attract the attention of youth and Children, 2 letter boxes have been redesigned with Pencil type stand at two prominent locations in Bengaluru, one at Bible Society of India, Anil Kumble Circle on M.G.Road and the other in front of Bishop Cotton Boys School.
Few Letter Boxes were also installed in Indian Oil Corporation owned Petrol filling stations to facilitate the visiting customers to drop their letters.

Clarification Regarding Pension / Salary Credit in Finacle

As per Directorate orders Menu for Pension / Salary upload and also SOL change Menu is Disabled for System Admin users and it is enabled for H.O Postmaster ID only. Hence, kindly clarify that whether single file is to be uploaded for all SOLs Pension & salary under H.O SOL ID and also clarify the accounting procedure for pension & salary upload, since the uploaded total amount will be in H.O LOT only as SOL Change Menu is disabled for all users.

Clarifications received from Directorate for the above case:

Please ask Accounts branch to provide list of Pensioners opted for credit of pension with Account number and amount of Pension irrespective of account stands at SO or HO or Pensioner is HO or SO pensioner. Account for the money at HO as SB Deposit and Pension Paid. There is no separate head of account at SOs for Pension payment and ultimately total pension payment is booked under same head of account in HO cash Book.

​PLI/ RPLI Service Tax Table & Calculator wef. 01.06.2016


PLI RPLI Service Tax Ready Reckoner Tavble w.e.f 01.06.2016

(Revised Rates vide PLI Directorate letter no. 29-9/2013-LI dated 11.05.2016)

PLI/ RPLI Service Tax Table (BO) wef. 01.06.2016
Developed by Manu V R Postmaster Grade I
Muvattupuzha Market PO 686673 Aluva Division, Kerala
Mob 9496114743Email:

​PLI/ RPLI Service Tax Calculator wef. 01.06.2016

Procedure for reversal of transaction using HCRT menu in DOP Finacle

  • Previously for excess deposits there was no procedure in DOP Finacle we use to make an error entry and do the correction according to the procedure.
  • Actually we have a special menu for reversal of any type of transaction in DOP Finacle which isHCRT.
  • HCRT stands for Create and Update Reversal Transaction.

Scenarios in which we can use HCRT menu

  • This menu can be used in the following scenario
When an erroneously excess deposit made accounts i..e, recently due to server problem when we post the RD bulk lists system credited twice in some of the accounts. For those accounts to reverse the excess deposit we have to use this menu.

Step by step procedure for reversal of Transaction using HCRT menu

  • First invoke the menu HACLI and view the ledger for the account which has excess deposit and note the transaction id, transaction date for reversal procedure as shown in the figure
  • In our example from the above screen an amount of Rs 1000/- credited twice for the reference number C1806108 which is incorrect. Hence we have to reverse the transaction for this we have find out the transaction id using the below procedure. 
  • Click on the transaction date as shown in the below figure as shown in the below figure

  • After clicking on the transaction then the system will shown the below screen as shown

  • From the above note down the transaction ID and transaction date which is useful for reversal of transaction in case of excess credits only.
  • Invoke the menu HCRT then the system will shown the below screen as shown
In the above enter the following details as mentioned below
Select the Function as "R-Reversal"
Enter the Transaction Date ________________________
Enter the Transaction ID _________________________ 
  • As mentioned in the below screen shot

  • Then click on Go then the system will display the message Transaction revered successfully and the system will generate the system generated tran id with S------- note down the tran id.

Verification of Reversal Procedure using HCRT

In Supervisor login use the menu HCRT invoke the menu HCRT then the system will show the below screen as shown in the below screen

  • Then in the above screen select the function as Verify and enter the reference number as shown in the below screen
  • Then click on Go then the system will display the message transaction verified successfully.

Checking the RD ledger after Reversal

  • To know whether the transaction reversed correctly or not again inquire the ledger using the menu HACLI and enter the RD account which was reversed as shown in the below figure
  • From the above screen one can observe the transaction revered for Rs 1000/- and it is clearly visible in the narrative column as REVERSED : C18016108/CASH as shown in the figure.
  • Kindly note that all the reversal transactions done will not appear in LOT this is for your kind information.

Central govt staff stir over ‘pay anomalies’ from June 9

KKN Kutty, national president of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, today said the employees of the Central government would stage a demonstration from June 9 onwards in case the “shortcomings in the seventh pay commission recommendations” were not rectified.

Kutty, while talking to mediapersons on the sidelines of the All India Trade Union Education Camp 2016 in Dehradun, said the seventh pay commission had recommended Rs 18,000 per month as minimum wage whereas it should be Rs 26,000 per month. “Thirty five to 40 per cent positions are vacant in the Central government departments which must be filled at the earliest,” he said while criticising the government for its outsourcing policy.

“Several issues are there which should be resolved. We have asked the Centre to hold talks with us before June 9, otherwise we will be forced to launch an agitation,” he said. He said it was wrong to link government employees with corruption. “It is in society and there should be a mechanism to check it,” he asserted.

Earlier, while addressing the All India Trade Union Education Camp 2016, Kutty called upon the Central government employees to work unitedly towards ensuring justice for them.

Another speaker, Venkatesh Ramakrishnan, said the liberalisation policies followed by the rise of communalism in the country had adversely affected the working class. He said the Central government employees were facing challenging times as they were being neglected.

Source : tribuneindia

May 26, 2016

Dak Adalat - Customer Grievance


The Department of Posts will conduct a regional-level Dak Adalat at 11 a.m. at the Head Post Office here on June 20 when grievances of customers would be heard in person. 

Customers can send their complaints to S.A. Mujeeb Basha, Assistant Director (RPLI and INC), Office of the Post Master General, Central Region, Tiruchi 620 001, on or before June 8. If the complaint is about a postal article, the complaint should contain full details such as date and time of posting, full address of the sender and addressee, registration receipt number with date and office of booking for MO, VP, registered, insured or speed post articles.

 If the complaint is about savings schemes,postal life insurance or rural postal life insurance, it should contain the details of the recovery, account number, name and full address of the depositor/insured, name of the post office and any reference of the Postal Department . 

Only those cases which have already been taken up with the divisions or units but have not been resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant would be taken up at the divisional level. No fresh cases will be entertained. 

Complaints could be sent through ordinary or registered post. Grievances sent through private couriers will not be accepted. The covers should be super scribed as Dak Adalat – June 2011, says J.Charukesi, Postmaster General, Central Region, Tiruchi.
Source : The Hindu

Central Working Committee Meeting Deoghar (Jhar)


Cabinet gives ex-post facto approval to the cadre review of Indian Postal Service (IPoS)

Press Information Bureau 
Government of India
25-May-2016 15:37 IST
Cabinet gives ex-post facto approval to the cadre review of Indian Postal Service (IPoS) 
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today granted ex-post facto approval to the proposal for undertaking cadre review of the Indian Postal Service. 

The cadre review will enable the Department of Posts to meet the functional requirements and strengthening the cadre structure both in the headquarters and in the field on the basis of functional requirement, which will provide more avenues to earn review and respond effectively to the customer needs, reduce the existing stagnation and improve the career prospects of Indian Postal Service officers. 

The proposal will be implemented through measures that include creation of a post of DG(Postal Operations) in the Apex scale, creation of post of Additional DG(Coordination) in the HAG+ scale, one post in HAG level, 5 posts in SAG level and 4 posts at the JAG level, and also increase of 84 posts at JTS level by down-grading from STS and overall decreasing STS posts by 96 for adjustment of new posts proposed to be created, without any overall change in the total number of posts in the cadre. 

For undertaking the above exercise, necessary consultations on the CRC recommendations with Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions have been duly completed. The Department of Expenditure have conveyed their ‘no objection’ to the proposal. 



A delegation of NFPE & AIPEU-GDS consisting of Com. R.N.Parashar, Secretaryy General, Com.P. Pandurangarao, General Secretary, AIPEU-GDS, Com.M.Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation Com.K.V.Sridharan, former General Secretary, AIPEU Gr.C., Com. Giriraj singh President, NFPE and Com. Balwinder Sing, Financial Secretary, Gr.C (CHQ) tendered oral evidence before the Chairman, GDS Committee, headed by Shri Kamalesh Chandra in New Delhi on 26-05-2016.

The following are the gist of discussions and the demands placed by delegation.


The GDS are ‘holders of civil post’ as per the Supreme Court judgement and they can not be kept apart as a separate class with in the class. They should be covered under Article 309 & 311 of the Constitution of India. They should be treated as ‘civil servants’ apart from regular service but within the ambit of ‘Civil service’ with pro rata benefits as applicable to the regular employees according to the working hours and also the workload.

Notwithstanding our claim for departmentalization of GDS and Grant of Civil status, under Article 309 & 311 of union constitution the following issues are requiring consideration.

(i) The Nomenclature of GDS shall be declared as ‘Rural Postal Employees’ or Gramin Dak Karmachari”.
(ii) Make GDS full time job by extending various innovative schemes.
(iii) Prorata wages at par with regular civil servants.


Norms may be introduced for calculation of wages instead of honorarium & incentives.

(i) Work related to RPLI like procurement of proposal & issuing receipts
(ii) Work related to verification of Electoral & Election work
(iii) Work related to collecting statistics for Census etc.
(iv) Work related to M.G.National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
(v) Verification of Mobile Phone Bill Connections of various companies & BSNL
(vi) Collection of Telephone Bills at BOs
(vii) Acceptance of Electricity Bills at BOs
(viii) Acceptance of Water Bills at BOs
(ix) Carrying out business activities through BOs like delivering of E-post etc.
(x) Various social security schemes & Direct Benefit Transfer schemes introduced in various States through BOs.
(xi) Cash remittance from BOs to Accounts office.
(xii) Opening of new accounts
(xiii) Marketing activities.
(xiv) Old age Pension & Disability Pension


(i) No GDS should be employed less than 5 hours work, per day.
(ii) Maximum of 8 hours with ½ hour lunch break.
(iii) Pay equations:
GDS BPM : Postal Assistant
GDS MD/SV: Postmen
GDS Packer
(iv) Increment shall be at par with regular employees.
(v) The Nomenclature of TRCA shall be replaced with pay.
(vi) Weightage:The length of service shall be taken and Point to Point fixation for GDS.
(vii) Date of effect shall be 1.1.2016
(viii) Wages should not be reduced under any circumstances.


(i) HRA must be granted to GDS at Par with regular employees.
(ii) Transport Allowance proportionate to regular employees.
(iii) For attending holiday & Sunday duties, double the allowance shall be paid
(iv) TA/DA shall be granted to seasonal Post offices.
(v) Split Duty Allowance for GDS Packrs in Sub Offices
(vi) Children Educational Allowance has to be introduced.
(vii) Boat allowance shall be Rs.350/- PM.
(viii) Special Duty Allowance to GDS (NE) – Proportionate to regular employees.
(ix) Revival of Uttarakhand Allowance @ Rs.1000/- PM.
(x) Grant of Remote Area/Naxalite Threat Area/Hill Area Allowance to GDS.
(xi) Miscellaneous Allowances viz., bad climate Allowance, Project allowance may be extended.


(i) Medical Attendance facilities – Reimbursement of Medical Claims for in Patient & out Patient treatments.
(ii) Funeral Allowance of Rs.10,000/- to the family of deceased GDS.
(iii) Circle Welfare Fund Scheme – Subscription shall be Rs.50/- per month.

6. LEAVE :All kinds of leave to be granted at par with regular employees-

(i) Encashment of leave salary to be extended to GDS.
(ii) Provision of Commuted leave facilities.
(iii) Retrograde Provisions of 180 days shall be dispensed with.
(iv) Maternity leave – 180 days from Government exchequer and not from the Circle Welfare Fund. Circle Welfare fund shall meant for grant for illness, education etc.
(v) Child care leave, Child Adoption leave to GDS.
(vi) Special disability leave to GDS – can also be extended from Dog, Snake bite etc. as in the case of Postmen.


(i) Proportionate Minimum pension/Family Pension at par with regular employees.
(ii) GDS shall be brought under the Gratuity Act.
(iii) SDBS Pension Scheme shall be replaced with regular scheme. At least 10% of Pay shall be recovered from GDS & 20% shall be credited by Government as a Welfare Scheme. The present sanction of Rs.1500/- per year for Severance Amount to Pre 2011 GDS shall be enhanced.
(iv) Commutation Pension shall be introduced.
(v) Group Insurance Scheme – Monthly subscription Rs.100/- for the insurance coverage of Rs.2,00,000, 50% of Subscription shall be borne by the Department. Savings Fund shall be reviewed and enhanced.


(i) The word ‘engagement’ shall be replaced with appointment.
(ii) 100% Posts in MTS & Postmen cadres shall be reserved for GDS.
(iii) GDS shall be permitted to write LGO Exam alongwith Postmen/MTS for recorded vacancies.
(iv) Three Financial upgradations after completing 10, 20 & 30 years of service.
(v) No Minimum service for appearing Postmen examination.


(i) The existing GDS Engagement & Conduct Rules, 2011 shallbe replaced with CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 & Conduct Rules 1964.
(ii) The GDS Rules must be declared as statutory Rules as per proviso of Article 309.


(i) Present income & cost of BOs calculation should be reviewed along with all the new items of work
(ii) Foot beat & cycle beat may be revived.
(iii) Idle wait of GDS MCS shall be include in the work norms.
(iv) Uniforms to outdoor staff.
(v) Rationalisation of GDS into three categories of GDS one Postmaster, the second Postmen and third auxiliary MTS staff. They may be fixed with only two scales of running pay (Minimum 5 hours & for upto 8 hours with uniform annual increase of 3% per annum.
(vi) BO shall open for minimum 5 hours and maximum of 8 hours.
(vii) GDS in Metropolitan cities shall be upgraded to MTS Posts.
(viii) All GDS MM Posts in larger Platforms shall be upgraded to Mailmen MTS posts.
(ix) FSC at par with Departmental Post offices to BOs.
(x) LTC facilities may be extended to GDS
(xi) Lunch break/Tea break shall be provided
(xii) Total length of the GDS Service shall be taken as Qualifying service for all purposes.
(xiii) Rescind the restrictions and restore status Quo ante in case of compassionate appointments in GDS cadre.
(xiv) Advances like Festival, HBA, Motor Car, Computer Advance shall be introduced to GDS. Flood Advance shall be revised to Rs.10000/-.
(xv) Rent for BOs shall be fixed as per the market rates and paid by the Department.
(xvi) Office Maintenance Allowance shall be modified as ‘office rent’.
(xvii) Electricity charges for BO shall be borne by the Department.
(xviii) Combination of duty which is having adverse effect shall be dispensed with.
(xix) Alternate source of Income shall not be insisted for GDS appointments.
(xx) Incentive for promoting small family norms shall be introduced to GDS also.
(xxi) Incentive to GDS Sports Person has to be introduced.
(xxii) Grant of TA/DA for conveyance of cash – At least Rs.100/- per occasion shall be granted.
(xxiii) Any GDS summoned for witness in Inquiry shall be paid TA/DA
(xxiv) All terminal benefits shall be paid to GDS on the date of retirement at par with regular employees.
(xxv) The date of retirement of shall be the last date of the month.
(xxvi) If any additional work is entrusted, the establishment review must be under taken to enhance the pay.
(xxvii) Security Bond system to be dropped, as per Vth CPC report.
(xxviii) Co-operative dues can be recovered from GDS.
(xxix) BO Rule book with updated correction shall be supplied once in two years.
(xxx) The exam fee shall be waived.
(xxxi) Identify card to the GDS shall be supplied by the Department at departmental cost.
(xxxii)There should be no loss of annual increase/increment on availing the transfer facilities to GDS.
(xxxiii)Revenue generated from all items of work has to be added for apportioned income of BOs.
(xxxiv)BPM should be treated as a skilled worker as it requires a technical certificate for the recruitment.
(xxxv)Training & retraining must be given frequently in the guise of Rural ICT and introduction of various new schemes.


(i) All Trade Union facilities like meetings, special casual leave etc. as if available to regular staff at all levels.
(ii) The Facility of Foreign Service and JCM Provision shall be extended the GDS. Allocation of seats in the JCM (DC) for GDS shall be considered.

DATED : 26-05-2016


The Chairman, GDS Committee gave a patience hearing on the above all items and assured consideration.

Procedure to be followed for suspension of All India Service officers


Procedure to be followed for suspension of All India Service officers posted in Ministries/ Departments/ State Governments under AIS(D and A) Rules, 1969 - regarding.

To view please Click Here.

RBI deputy Governor SS Mundra unhappy about payments bank licensees dropping out

MUMBAI: RBI deputy governor SS Mundra today expressed displeasure over two in-principle licensees cancelling their plan to set up payments bank. 

"We would certainly feel little aggrieved because lot of efforts from the part of RBI goes in processing these applications," Mundra told reporters here. 

Last week, Sun PharmaBSE -1.10 % founder Dilip Shanghvi with IDFC Bank and Telenor pulled out from the payment banks race. 

Before this, CholamandalamBSE -1.14 % group dropped its plan to set up a payments bank a couple of months ago. 

Last August, the RBI gave in-principle approval to 11 applicants including Department of Posts, Aditya Birla Nuvo, AirtelBSE 0.30 % M Commerce Services, Fino PayTech, National Securities Depository, Reliance IndustriesBSE 0.00 %, Tech Mahindra and Vodafone m-pesa for setting up payments banks. 

Besides Shanghvi, Paytm's Vijay Shekhar Sharma was also a successful candidate. 

When asked whether RBI may levy processing fee on the entities which have pulled out, Mundra said the current regulation does not give scope of charging a processing fee. 

"Unfortunately, that kind of enabling mechanism is not there today. But if we learn by experience, probably this is something which can help in augmenting our revenue to some extent," the deputy governor said in a lighter note. 

When asked when the central bank will issue first licence for universal bank, he said there was no timeline. 

"The opportunity to submit application would be available on ongoing basis but how long it will take...there is no prescribed (timeline). It needs due diligence and inputs from various agencies and you cannot control their behaviours," he said. 

Earlier this month, the RBI issued draft guidelines for issuing on-tap universal bank licences. 

Mundra said apart from payments and small finance banks, there is a room for some more categories of differentiated licences too. 

Source:-The Economic Times

Tech Mahindra drops plans to start payments bank

MUMBAI: Tech Mahindra said it was dropping its plans to start a payment bank as the increasing aggression in the business would have eroded its margin potential. 

Tech Mahindra become the third license winner to pull out of the business. Sun Pharma promoter Dilip Shanghvi and Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Co. had already announced that they would not be setting up the bank. 

Tech Mahindra said it would look to surrender its payment bank license to the Reserve Bank of India. 

The RBI had initially received 41 applications to start a payment bank in February 2015 and issued 11 final in-principle licences in August.

Source:-The Economics Times

To publicize citizen engagement activities through MyGov


Amendments in SOP of My Stamp


Amendments in SOP of My Stamp

Click here to view the order.

MoCIT to set up monitoring unit to track delays in key IT projects

The unit will monitor projects across the three departments of the ministry — Department of Telecommunications, Department of Posts, and Department of Electronics and Information Technology.
To curtail delays in implementation, and increase accountability for some of its key projects, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is in the process of setting up a project monitoring group, a senior government official said on condition of anonymity.

The group will monitor projects across the three departments of the ministry — Department of Telecommunications, Department of Posts, and Department of Electronics and Information Technology.

The monitoring unit, which will comprise seven to eight members, will report directly to the Minister of Communications and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad, the official said, adding that it would help the ministry identify the exact causes of delay in some of its flagship programmes such as BharatNet.

BharatNet, which was earlier known as National Optic Fibre Network, originally targeted to provide broadband connectivity to 1 lakh gram panchayats by March 2016, but was deferred to December 2016 due to delay on part of the implementation agencies.

Furthermore the official cited above said that to ensure timely completion of other projects such as setting up of the Postal Payments Bank and expansion of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd’s (BSNL) network infrastructure, the group will also work on analysing issues that could arise and report it to the minister with possible solutions for the same.

To modernise BSNL and to make it relevant in the competitive environment the public sector undertaking has plans to invest Rs 2,000 crore for the upgradation of its network which includes adding another 21,000 base transceiver stations, including 13,000 for its 3G services.

Also, the Department of Post has slated a March 2017 launch for its payments bank, and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has moved a Cabinet note on India Post’s payment bank proposal and is likely to seek the approval of the Union Cabinet this month.

Even as the communications ministry has announced several policy decisions and programmes to improve connectivity in India, some the infrastructure projects have faced obstacles in the implementation stage.

The official also said that the ministry had already taken presentations from some of the leading consultancy firms, and one of them will have representations in the monitoring group when selected.

This communications ministry’s monitoring unit is expected to be on lines of the Project Monitoring Group that functions under the Prime Minister’s Office. The group is an institutional mechanism for resolving a variety of issues including fast tracking the approvals for setting up and expeditious commissioning of large public, private and public-private partnership projects.

SB Order 02/2016 : Acceptance of POSB business in case Finacle CBS application is not accessible


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