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Aug 31, 2015

Speed Net 4.2 BNPL Configuration error and Solution


Solution for BNPL Configuration in Speed Net 4.2

At the time of latest version installation / the configuration of latest version of BNPL in Speed Net Module it may shows the below error message 
BNPL Error -2147024769
Automation error
The specified procedure could not be found.


  1. Download the attached zip file and extract the contents. 
  2. Rename the BNPLDataCorrection_exe as BNPLDataCorrection.exe. 
  3. Copy/Overwrite the BNPLDataCorrection.exe and TBNPL.snt files to Speednet folder in any one of the client machine. 
  4. Run the BNPLDataCorrection.exe.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Virus Definition Offline Download


Antivirus Definition Update Offline Downloader

In CSI Rollout, All the post offices were installed Symantec Antivirus but it was not updated  in many of the post offices due to low bandwidth. we have to download the offline virus definition updater from its official site for x32 or x64 according to your system configuration at once & install the same the updater in all other offices to reduce the usage & ensure the updated antivirus.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Client Installations on Windows Platforms 

Use below link to download the virus definition

Supports the following versions of Symantec antivirus software:
  • Norton AntiVirus / Norton Internet Security (later than 2012)
  • Norton AntiVirus / Norton Internet Security 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012
  • Norton 360 (later than 6.0)
  • Norton 360 version 2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0
  • Norton Security
  • Norton Security with Backup
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.2 and later
  • Symantec Protection Engine 7.x for Windows

Point of Sale 7.9.2 article Booking error message and Solution


Articles Booking error in Point of Sale

While Booking of articles in Point Of Sale it may show the following error due to below mentioned reason.
Run-time error '8002':
Invalid port Number


  1. Invalid port Number problem comes when the Weighing scale / Modem is connecting with respective Computer.
  2. Disconnect Modem / Weighing Scale from the machine then restart the Point of Sale Module to do the transaction without above error.
 Remove the tick mark against weighing scale in operator -> Tools -Weighing scale option.

Speed Net Module : Report printing error and Solution


Report width is larger than Paper width in Speed Net

While taking reports in Speed Net Modules it may show the error message as Report width is larger than the paper width.

Proper configuration of Printer is required in respective machine. 

1) Log out of the SpeedNet Client software.
2) Remove all printers installed in the said PC.
3) Use USB port to attach the Printer, if required
4) Install the printer again.
5) Please share the Printer with proper permissions.
6) Use Operator --> Tools --> Configure Printer option --> Select the appropriate option (i.e., Local / Network / USB) and select the Printer to complete the configuration. Then Test the Printer.

Rules for Branch Post Master in Post Office



1. Treat the public with courtesy, and meet their convenience in every way consistent with the rules of the Post Office. 

2. Paste neatly on the notice-board all departmental notices of interest to the public. Remove all obsolete notices. 

3. Keep a sufficient stock of postage stamps, postcards and embossed envelopes for sale to the public. 

4.Keep in his own possession the keys of the office letter-box and other boxes in the office. 

5. Lock up stamps and seals when not in use. 

6. Count all money received, and lock it up at once in a secure place. 

7. Examine every bag received, weigh the cash bags and compare their weight with the entry on the B.O. slip, keep the bags in his custody until they are disposed of Personally open the bags intended to be opened in the office. 

8. Keep the bags prepared for despatch in his custody till the time fixed for despatch. 

9. Fasten and seal every bag despatched. Weigh the cash bags, and record their weight in the B.O. daily account. Put a small piece of paper under the knot of the cord with which a bag is tied, so as to obtain a good impression of the seal and avoid damaging the bag. 

10. Personally exchange mails with the carriers. 

11. Turn bags inside out, and examine them to see that none of the contents remain in them. 

12. Report by first mail the short receipt or excess receipt of any bag, article or documents, or the occurrence of any other serious irregularity. 

13. Take particular care to obliterate postage stamps, to stamp articles clearly, 

and to properly tax articles with postage due. 

14. Examine the signatures of the persons franking “O.I.G.S.” covers posted in the office and satisfy himself that they are genuine. 

15. Return acknowledgements for registered and parcel mail articles punctually. 

16. Write up all his books, etc., neatly, clearlyand carefully. If a mistake is made, score it out and write the correct entry above it in red ink, and then attest the correction with his initials. 

17. Verify his cash balance by counting the cash and postage stamps in the office every evening, and also see that the balances due from the postman, village postman or the extra departmental Delivery Agent and on articles in deposit are correct. 

18. Look strictly after the work of the postman or village postman or extra departmental delivery agent and make every effort to deliver articles to the addressees. 

19. On receipt of Savings Certificates, promptly send an intimation in the prescribed form to the purchaser, and takeover the preliminary receipt held by him before the certificates are delivered to him

Download / View / Print Whole Document : Rules for BO

Aug 29, 2015

Notification for Recruitment of Drivers / Mechanics in Mail Motor Service

Notification for Recruitment of Drivers / Mechanics in Mail Motor Service, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Circle

Data Profiling Tool v6.8 dated 28.08.2015


DPT v6.8 for CBS Migration

  • Execute DPT Tool 6.8 and DB Analyzer consolidation report and ensure that zero discrepancy exists.
  • Download the latest version of 6.8 then use for do the mock/Live Migration.

DPT Tool 6.8 Link :

Pre Migration Tool v3.8 Revised for CBS migration dated 26.08.2015

Pre- Migration Tool has been revised and available its DMCC website. For upcoming migration, users are instructed to download the latest version of PreMigration Tool v3.8 dated 26.08.2015 which is available from 28.08.2015.

Core Systems Integration (CSI) in Post Offices

Core Systems Integration (CSI) is a major update in postal department.We call it a positive change towards achieving long term strategic goal which reads "Achieve the long term goal of financial self-sufficiency by generating surpluses from services (existing & new) outside our universal service obligation".
TCS is the CSI Vendor for DoP.
Following solutions will shape the customer centric organisation in right way.
  • Mail Operations will offer reliable mail delivery services, by using robust IT Systems for improving article tracking and volume visibility.
  • Logistics Post will provide end-to-end supply chain services through a technology-driven logistics network.
  • Finance & Accounts will automate accounting operations and bring efficiencies in day-to-day business areas like Cash Management, Asset Accounting, Budgeting, Inventory Management, Procurement and Liability Management.
  • Human Resource Management will maintain a single repository of employee data and improve HR Administration activities like Recruitment, Training, Promotion Payroll and Performance Management. It will also provide an Internal Portal which will allow the employees to perform self-service transactions, like apply leave, view/edit personal data etc.
  • Customer Interaction Channels will provide customer services through Call Centre, Web Portal and Mobile Devices. It will also enhance the functionalities of Post office counters.
For more information , visit

Stop Splitting of one Higher to multiple Lower denomination accounts in POs

Alleged practices of splitting of one higher denomination account into multiple lower denomination accounts in post offices

Strike of Central Government Employees may be Postponed

Strike on the demands of central government employees on September 2nd may be postponed after the initiatives of FM, Please read this news paper report published in Sahara news paper:-

delay in 7th cpc

Aug 28, 2015

Generation of Monthly Report Problem and Solution in Treasury Module


SO monthly Report (SMR) Problem and Solution

  • The Monthly report is only a consolidation of all the transactions of the SO for the specified period.

If on any particular day during the period, the closing balance is not arrived properly through the system, then the monthly report for that period can not be generated. 

  • In this scenario, the report can be prepared in parts for the given the period excluding the day on which closing balance is not arrived through the system or the report may be prepared manually for the period. 
  • Further, the reports are to be generated at the end of the month and keep a copy of the same for the same for office record. No other solution can be provided in this case.

EMS Client transmission Problem and Solution


Transmission of Speed Net Communication

The files are not transmitting in Speed Net Communication even in network connectivity is good. This issue may be resolved by applying the below solution to transmit all the files from the TXD folder contains in EMS Client Folder.


  1. Open C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file in notepad. 
  2. Remove previous URL and add the below line like IP address and URL name should be separated by a tab. 
  3. Click->file->save. Close the file. Now run Speed Net Communication Module which is EMS Client.
Host File Entry

Pension generation error and Solution in Accounts PBS


Generate Pension and Arrears Payment Voucher

While generate the Pension for Pensioner it may shown the following error Message:
Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=. <, <=, >, >= or wheb the subquery us used as an expression.


  • Please use the solution file "" available for download at

Booking / Delivery Procedure for SPCOD articles in Speed Net


Procedure for Booking of SP-COD articles:

1. Keep the Departmental Envelopes addressed to the Postmaster of the Delivery Office concerned ready before starting the booking in Speednet software. 
2. Login as Operator and select the SP-COD articles booking option available under 
'Operator --> Bulk Customers Booking --> Collect Individual Articles --> BNPL Customer Articles --> COD Articles' window. 
3. Enter the Article Number assigned to the concerned delivery post office and complete the data entry by entering the COD value as Rs.100/-. 
4. Dispatch the articles using the Close bag option as in the case of other speedpost articles. 
5. Run the Speednet Communication at regular intervals and ensure that there are no issues in Transmission/Receipt of files. 
6. Check the India Post tracking site to ensure that the Booking office name and Booking date are visible for the SP-COD articles booked at your office. i. In case booking details are not available, please use the 'Resend Booking & Delivery Data' option available under Supervisor --> Tools menu to regenerate the messages. 
7. Check the Speednet MIS to verify that the booking figures are shown correctly against your office statistics. 

Procedure for Delivery of SP-COD articles:

1. Receive the SP-COD articles through the regular process - viz., bag receipt, bag opening and article scanning options in Speednet software. 
2. Transfer the SP-COD articles to Meghdoot Postman module using the 
'SP COD Transfer to Meghdoot Postman' option available under 'Operator --> Delivery' menu. 
3. Invoice two SP-COD article to Postman and take returns with one SP-COD article shown as delivered and another shown as Returned to Sender. 
4. Deposit one SP-COD article to effect Window delivery. 
5. Invoice one SP-COD article to BOs and take returns after one day. 
6. Do the submit accounts for Postman module, run ePayment Communication and Speednet Communication at regular intervals ensuring that there are no issues in transmission/receipt of files. 
7. Dispatch the RTS SP-COD article through Speednet module. i. In case, dispatch of RTS SP-COD article is not allowed, check whether the submit accounts process is completed and Speednet communication has been run or not.

Aug 27, 2015

Download CCS Rules

1.CCS (Conduct) Rules

2.CCS (CCA) Rules

3.CCS (Leave) Rules

4.Fundamental & Supplementary Rules

5.Pension Rules

6.New Pension Scheme

7.Provident Fund Rules

8.Medical Attendance Rules 

Sify Help Desk of India Post


Sify Help Desk Details in India Post

Contact information of Sify is available below:
DOP Employees can register complaint using above mail ID or toll free number. we can Register Using below URL  with concerned Post Office credentials.

Complaint Registration Process

ePayment Active X Component error in Point of Sale 7.9.2


Point of Sale Error : Active X component

While install / Update the MM Point of sale we may facing the issues like Run-time error '429':
ActiveX Component can't create object.


  1. The above issues due to non comparability between ebillholib.dll and Point of sale executable file.
  2. Both files should be copied from the same folder and replace the same in Program Files.
  3. All the dll should be registered once again then open Point of Sale to do the ePayment transactions.

Tracking of booking data is enabled for SPCOD


Tracking of SPCOD Booking Message 

In previous tracking of Booking data for BPCOD and EPCODs are enabled. but now, the tracking option is also enabled for SPCOD articles. we can check whether the booking message of SPCOD article is available or not by using the below URL.

Login using India Post credential which is already communicated by Directorate.
  1. Go to COD MIS in Speed Net MIS Option.
  2. Click on COD Article Tracking then enter the article number of SPCOD.
  3. Track the details of booking data.
  4. If Booking details not available then contact Booking office for re-transmitting of data.

Add/ Delete / Modify the Post Office details in R Net MIS


Add /Modify / Delete the PO details in CEPT Server

addition / deletion / modification of post office name and other details should be done in central server by the CEPT, Mysore only. Those information will be modified after received the request from Divisional Head.

In this regard, the following proforma has been given by the CEPT. It should be downloaded from the R Net MIS site using India Post Login credentials and the same may be filled up with correct information and forwarded to CEPT through Mail / fax for Modification.

Formatted files are available in the below mentioned link:(Official Link)

Login > Click Download > Select the form which you actually needed

Aug 26, 2015

R Net Communication Issues : Implicit conversion


R Net Communication Error and Solution

Implicit conversion of varchar value to varchar cannot be performed because the collation of the value is unresolved due to a collation conflict.


  1. Download attached Scripts given by CEPT for the above issue.
  2. Execute at once using MM Script Tool.

Sify Complaint Registration process in India Post


Sify Complaint Registration Process in DOP

New URL for Sify Complaint

  • Go To The URL :
Note : This URL Only Accessable In Sify Network

  • Now You Will See Below Login Screen :

  • Type User Name and Password which is given by your RO/CO / NIC Team.
  • Now You Will See Below Screen After Successful Login :

In this Portal we can Make / Track Complaints of Sify of your Office.

Issues relating to Overflow error in Speed Net


Speed Net Over flow error and Solution

While View an Abstract in Speed Net Module it shown the error message of Run-time error '6': Overflow.

Issue related to Run time error - Overflow and Solution : 

  1. This error is due to non-initialization of OB for both Supervisors and Operators, which is mandatory after upgradation of SpeedNet to Version 4.2. 
  2. Now, in order to resolve the issue under reference, please do the following: 

  • initialize the OB for all Users (including those users, for whom status is active but Job allocation is not done since long period) 
  • if problem still persists, delete / inactive the users for whom balance is more / incorrect 
  • if problem still not resolved, then take full database backups and reconfigure the SpeedNet

Software for Jeevan Pramaan Scanner Devices

You can download the Jeevan Pramaan Windows & Android client software here.

The client software will help perform a registration for a life certificate, for authentication it will use the Aadhaar Biometric Authentication platform. 

To start the download please provide your e-mail in the form. The download link will be made available after submitting your e-mail address. 

The client software is intended to be used only for Pensioner's life certificate registration. Usage of the application for any other purpose is prohibited.

** The client software will require a biometric fingerprint/ iris scanner device. In case you require support please contact our help desk at

Pre-Requisite Software & Compatible OS for Jeevan Pramaan


Compatible OS & Pre-requisite Software

OS Requirement:
System Requirements for windows7/8 (32/64 bit)

Pre-Requisite Software and Download Link

1. Microsoft .Net Framework version 4 - Full (or) Higher
2. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Re distributable Package (x86) for 32bit Windows machine (or) Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Re distributable Package (x64) for 64bit Windows machine.
3. Environment Variable setting (as per Installation Document)

Download Pre-requisite

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