Apr 25, 2015

Payment of NREGA amount in Finacle through present EFMS flow

When Post offices are migrating to Finacle Platform, to switch over the Nrega payment from present EMFS flow to Financle payment will take some time. To handle the transition period NregaFinaclePayment Tool will work as a bridge between present EMFS flow and Finacle software to avoid unnecessary delay in payment to the beneficiaries.

Prerequisities :

1. Latest eMO client along with script to be downloaded from CEPT website
(ftp://ftp.ptcinfo.org/Meghdoot7/Updates/Update6toMeghdoot7/) and installed in both HO and SOs.

2. Install latest version Sanchay Post Ver 7.5 (if not already done)

3. Excel sheet having Sanchay post and Finacle account mapping list with name.(ie. This excel sheet will be shared to the post office by DMCC, Chennai on the date of Golive).

Read me About Payment Process

Download / View

Procedure of Uploading NREGA Credits in Finacle

COD Parcel Request Resend issues and Solution


Reques Resend error for COD article

while Give Request Resend for COD articles in It may show the error " you already requested on Please request after '51' Minutes. 


  1. Check whether your R Net Communication Path Configured Properly in Postman. 
  2. Execute R Net Communication once before give Request Resend in Supervisor.
If problem still persist,
  1. Download attached Script from PoTools.
  2. Execute the same using MM Script Tool.


HTM menu in DOP Finacle

  • HTM stands for Hypertext Transaction Maintainence. 
  • HTM menu is generally used to withdraw the amount from Sundry account. 

What is a Sundry account?

  1. Sundry account is an office account which is an unposted office account 
  2. Unposted office accounts are parking credit accounts.This is an OAP type of account. 
  3. OAP means Office Account Pointing in which we use reference number to reverse the transaction hence it is named as Pointing Account. 
  4. In DOP Finacle for every TDA accounts i.e., for MIS\TD\SCSS accounts there are sundry accounts 0337,0335 and 0338 respectively for all the customer MIS\TD\SCSS accounts system will generate the interest and it will credit the total interest into sundry office accounts mentioned. 
  5. When we perform the transaction using HTM hence the system will ask the reference number as it is OAP account to reverse the amount. 

HTM menu in detail

In DOP Finacle we generally use for withdrawing the interest amount for MIS\TD and SCSS accounts. 
The menu screen will be shown as follows in the below figure 

In this menu there are 2 columns namely Function code and Transaction type\Subtype

Function code 

In this column we have different functions such as add\modify\delet\inquiry and verify as mentioned in the below screen

Depending on the usage select the function code

ADD-- When we are trying to withdraw the amount or cash transfer we use ADD function
MODIFY--- when we need modification
DELETE--- when we need to delete the transaction
INQUIRE--- used to inquire a transaction
VERFIY---to verify the transaction

Transaction Type\Subtype

Depending on the usage transaction type\subtype can be C/NP--Cash/Normal payment,T/CI--Customer Induced and C/CT Cash/Cash Transfer as shown in the below figure 

Cash Normal Payment----When the amount is less than 20000/- then we should use the trasaction sub type as Cash Normal Payment.

Customer Induced--- When the amount is 20000/- or above we use customer induced in this we have both Debit and Credit legs.

Cash/Cash Transfer--- when we need tranfer the cash i.e, from vault or to Vault or between tellers we use this transaction type.

When we select the function code and transaction type then the system will display the following screen as shown in the below screen

Then in the above we generally enter the following
  1. Select the transaction as Debit\Credit 
  2. Enter the Account id. 
  3. Enter the amount 
  4. Enter the Reference number 
Select the Restore value as shown in the below figure 

In Restore values there are so many options but in general we use the following
A-Additional Part Tran Details --- which is used in general for performing the MIS\TD or SCSS accounts.

G-Partioning Details--- For reversing the excess amount found in the counter the system will ask the partioning details there we have to enter account id of the teller.

For ex--- When customer noted wrong number then if the original customer asks about the amount then we will withdraw the amount in HTM using G-Partioning Details 

O-Other/Part Transaction Detail--- Which is used to inquire the transaction i.e., by whom the transaction created and by whom the transaction verified.

After entering the above details when we click on Go then the system will show the below screen

Generally remove the start amount and end amount, enter the reference number and in filter option select the option as "Select" then the system will show all the transaction which are reversed and which are not reversed. 

Then click on Go then the system wil display the screen as shown below

Then in the above screen one can observe if the tran amount and reversed amount are same then the payment has been done. 
If the tran amount is there but the reversed amount is '0'(zero) then it means payment is pending for due. 
In order to view the reversed amount details then click on the icon which is present in the field Contra Tran Details then the system will display the details by whom reversed and verified as shown

Click on "x" mark as shown in the above then the system will display the contra details as shown.

Windows Server 2003 Speed Issues and Solution



OS : Windows 2003 Server SP2; SQL Version : SQL 2000


In Windows Server 2003, Network Speed is suddenly dropped into half of the network speed, 2-3 times per day. It gets so slow that none of the clients could work with the Server related program installed on them.

We tried so many different things such as replacing the hubs,switches and even some wires. Every time one of these changes solves the problem and the network goes back to its normal state.


  1. Server getting slow down due to unrestricted size of SQL database log file.
  2. In Windows Server 2003 by default SQL Server was configured as AutoGrow for database Log file.
  3. In this case our log file went to be some in GB size and that was the reason the network speed dropped every 6 or 7 ours.
  4. Because every time the clients request a query and changes were made in the DB, the log information may written in Log file and put zero for the rest of the log file size. This may causes the problem.
  5. To solve this we restricted the size to 10 MB for the log file and Problem Solved.

Support for Windows Server 2003 will end on July 14, 2015

Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. This change will affect your software updates and security options. 

Windows Server 2003 support is ending July 14, 2015

What does end of support mean for you? After July 14, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for any version of Windows Server 2003. If you are still running Windows Server 2003 in your data center, you need to take steps now to plan and execute a migration strategy to protect your infrastructure. By migrating to Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure or Office 365, you can achieve concrete benefits, including improved performance, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased agility and speed of response to the business.

Count Down Started to End Support

Visit below link to know the remaining days for Windows 2003 Support

Turn off advanced text services in Windows XP/7


Turn off advanced text services in Windows XP / 7

Turn Off Advanced text services in Windows XP:

  1. Open the Control Panel (in “classic view").
  2. Open Regional and Language Options.
  3. Click the Languages tab.
  4. Click the Details button.
  5. Click the Advanced tab.
  6. Make sure that Turn off advanced text services is checked
  7. Click OK, until all the windows are closed.

Windows 7 : Turn off advanced text services

Unfortunately, the advance text service turn on or off feature has been removed in windows 7. You may not be able to turn off the feature in windows 7. 

Apr 24, 2015

BO RD account transaction not listed in LOT : Sanchay Post


BO RD account transaction Not Listed in Sanchay Post LOT

Revised dated : 20.04.2015
Some of the RD Account was not listed in Sanchay Post LOT, but the same has been updated in Passbook view.
While analyse the above issue, those accounts were linked with Branch Office which is not Linked at the time of opening. 
Note : This is BO RD Tagging issue. 

Procedure to Update BO RD Account:

  • Take Backup of POST database before using BO RD Correction Tool.
  • Download attached BO RD Correction Tool.
  • Enter the Server Name then Click on Fetch Non Updation of BO Data to Fetch data which is not linked properly.
  • then Click on Fix BO RD Button to Fix the Same.


Note : Kindly Use the above Tool with the help of SA.

Apr 23, 2015

Procedure to Change Value date for Outward Cheques in DOP Finacle

  1. In outward zone, at the time of Release to Shadow balance we will enter the Value date ( date of clearance of cheques ) if by mistake we have entered the wrong date then we can change the value date by using the below mentioned procedure but before regularization of the Zone. 
  2. The value date can be changed using the menu HCVD. 
Note that Value date can be changed only before regularization of the outward zone. 

HCVD means Change Value date\Regularization Date 

This menu is a very useful menu to change the value date and the step by step procedure is as follows 
  • Invoke the menu HCVD then the system will show the screen as follows 

  • Then select the function as " Change " and then click on GO then the system will display the screen as shown in the below figure
  • Then enter the zone date from as -----------------------(zone date) and click on the searcher beside zone code as mentioned in the figure

  • Then the system will show the Zone date in the separate window then select the zone code as shown in the figure
  • Then click on the zone code which you are trying to modify the value date and then click on Go then the system will show the below screen

  • Then enter the following details
In Value date----Select change by as date and enter value date
In Regularization date---Select change by as date and enter value date as shown in the below figure

Then finally click on Submit then the system will change the value date for the selected outward zone

Apr 22, 2015

POSB Latest Interest Calculator Revised Interest 01.04.2015


POSB Interest Calculator dated 15.04.2015

Latest Interest_Calculator is now available for download at following link.

Direct Download link

(Site link)

Features updated on 15/04/2015:

  1. New Interest rates w.e.f. 01/04/2015 configured for SCSS Account. Maturity amount for old accounts also can be viewed by entering Date of opening in Home page.
  2. KVP (new) option is included in home page of Interest calculator. Discharge value of KVP (old) can be viewed in another link provided in bottom of Calculator table.
  3. SSA Approximate maturity calculation - link is added in the Main page of Calculator (at right bottom of calculator)
  4. "Print Tables/Forms" link is provided in Main calculator page to Print Ready reckoner tables for RD/TD/MIS and Pamphlet, Forms. In "Print Tables/Forms" link, updated pamphlet is provided in PDF format incorporating new KVP, SSA.
  5. Changes have been made in MIS to RD (auto credit option) maturity calculation, so as to see it after 31.03.2015 also.
  6. In RD PMC Calculator available in "view more" link of RD, financial year 2015-16 has been included.
Thanks to M.Dhamotharan, 9442361730, dhamotharan@outlook.com



CBS Addon Revised dated 20.04.2015

CBS Addon for Clear Sanchay Post Discrepancies
Released by : SDC Chennai. Modified dated : 20.04.2015


Pre-Requisite and Precautions :

  1. Take Backup of all Sanchay Post related databases.
  2. Execute Pre Migration Tool before using this Tool.

Apr 21, 2015

Non working of RD Bulk account Open / Deposit Tool


RD Bulk Account Open / Deposit Tool Not Working

Recently PoTools has been Provided two types of Tool for RD Bulk Account. One is for RD Bulk Account Open for same person another one for RD Account Bulk Deposit in Sanchay Post.

1. RD Bulk Account Open Tool

Using this RD Bulk account open Tool, we can open bulk number of RD accounts for same person in Sanchay Post with in a Minute.

2. RD Bulk Deposit Tool

we can post the continues number of RD account deposit with in a Seconds.

Note: Above mentioned Tool was not working in some of the Offices / Machine.


Do the following steps to Enable the Option for RD Account Bulk Open / Deposit.
  • Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Settings.
  • Click on Languages Tab > Details to Open Text Services windows.
  • Check on Turn off advanced text services in System Configuration.
  • Click on Apply and then OK to take Effect.
Now you can Open / Deposit Bulk Number of RD using above mentioned tool.

PA-17 TOOL REVISED DATED: 20-04-2015


PA-17 TOOL REVISED DATED: 20-04-2015 

Containing the following modifications:
  1. Exaggerated No. of MIS transactions rectified.
  2. PLI/RPLI Monthly figure also added in the report.

Note: This tool can also be used to get some of the monthly data for the EST-2 purpose.


Apr 20, 2015

Point of Sale : Object variable or with block variable not set


Error with Opening of Point of Sale and Despatch 

After Installation of Point of sale and despatch while open it may show the error message shown like below
Despatch Issues


MM Software require windows administrator permission to access the software, otherwise it may not work properly.
  • Check the client machines having administrator permission. if not having means just give permission as administrator for the domain user.
  • In Single hand PC i.e Single Machine user should having administrator account to access the MM Software.
  • In Both the above cases, give full permission to shared MDB folder to access MM Software's.

Right click on Shared server folder then check on Full control.

Heterogeneous error during article Collection in Speed Net


Speed Net heterogeneous error during article collection

During collecting articles in my office through Network option in Speed Net Module it amy shows an error message as " Error Number -2147217900.. Heterogeneous queries require the ANSI_NULLS and ANSI_WARNINGS options to be set for the connection..."
  • Download the attached script for SQL 2000 or SQL 2005/2008.
  • Execute Once using Script Tool.


POSB (Excel) Interest calculator updated as on 01.04.2015


SSA Scheme Added in Revised calculator


Thanks to Prashant Malkar, Accountant Jalgaon HO -425001.

Apr 17, 2015

Signature Scanning Tool v2.5 Revised for all scheme


Sanchay Post Signature Scanner v2.5 Revised 

we can scan the signatures of Schemes like SB, RD, MIS, SCS, NSS, PPF, NSC,KVP,TD, SSA and NSC IX.

Instruction for Installation

  • Download attached SSScanner from PoTools.
  • Paste the same into SSScanner File Folder.
  • Create Shortcut into your desktop.


  1. Connect WebCamera before Execute the Scanner Tool.
  2. Login into Sanchay Post Supervisor > Common > Signature Scanning click Enter to open SS Scanner.
  3. Select Scheme and enter Account Number and then click Scan.
  4. After Finished scanning process , Click on Exit.
  5. Click on Verify.
  6. Click on Store (Exist / New) then press Enter.


Apr 16, 2015

Post Office Updates for the Month of April 2015


Software and Patch Updates for the Month of April 2015

1. Update Sanchay Post 7.5 Patch 11, 12

2. Annual Interest Posting at SO. Upgrade Sequence Tool.

3. Interest File import Issues Fixing Tool

4. SSA Signature Scanner Tool.

5. DB Analyzer dated 09.04.2015

6. DPT v6.2 dated 07.04.2015


7. Financial Year 2015-2016 Configuration for SB / PPF / NSS

8. R Net Communication Non execution Issues

DBAnalyser dated 09-01-2015 DbaPlus v5 dated 09.04.2015


DB Analyzer Revised Dated 09.04.2015

Download DB Analyzer dated 09.04.2015 with Interest not posting discrepancies for the financial year 2014-2015.


Solution for MSDTC Service related error after AD Rollout


MSDTC Service Error after AD Rollout

Error: MSDTC Service not running in the server having counter database. At the time of printing submit account of Point of Sale after Active Directory Rollout.


This error occures if the MSDTC service is running in local system. To solve we have to change the logon of the service to network service.

Demo of configuring MSDTC service as network service is attached below

Download Demo Video

Thanks to Rajesh H System Administrator Puttur(DK) HPO-574201

Apr 15, 2015

RD DataEntry : Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'cntrname'

While do correction in data entry sometimes it may show the error message as " Cannot insert the value Null into column 'cntrname', table 'POST.DCL.RDJRNL';column does not allow nulls. Insert fails.


  1. Login to RD data entry module 
  2. Check the default fee for the account for which you got the error. 
  3. If the default fee is blank, enter the correct amount and then click on 'OK' and then click on 'Save'.

DOP: I.T. Modernisation Project Survey-CBS/ McCamish Feedback


Department of Posts: I.T. Modernisation Project Survey

The link given below should be used to get the survey responses filled from the officers and staff:

To monitor survey progress, CBS Management Team will be regularly sharing survey response status with you. We should strive to get maximum responses filled before the survey end date i.e. 15th April 2015.

Apr 13, 2015



PA-17 Generation Tool dated 13.04.2015

Error Fixed

  1. Non-Fetching of last days data especially remittance particulars.
  2. SSA Deposit/withdrawal fetching problem.
  3. MO/eMO/IFSMO paid data error while using the tool in NON-DELIVERY POs.


Apr 11, 2015

Transfer SPCOD Issue : eCounterlinkserver Login time out expired


eCounterlinkserver Login time out expired issues in Speed Net

In SQL 2005 or Higher version while transfer SPCOD it may show the error message like Linked server "eCounterLinkServer" returned message "Login timeout expired".


Never Create eCounterLinkServer with your own SQL query because it have login credential to access the above mentioned linked server.
Delete eCounter Link Server  then
  1. Execute POSPCC_COD_14082014.exl which provided in Speed Net 4.2 to create the eCounterLinkServer. or
  2. Download eCounterLinkServer Creator to create linked Server.


Accounts Software to be printed in Laser Printer via USB


Accounts Report to be printed in USB Laser Printer

Solution as  to  how  to  make  Accounts  software  print  in  USB  hp laserjet  1020 printer.

Prepared by

Girija SA Tirupur HPO Mobile;9486596214


  • DOS based applications like FoxPro doesn't detect an USB printer.

One way of directing output to USB is by using net use at command line,We will use a little trick to work out.
  1. We fist share our printer with a share name within 8 digit name.
  2. Because DOS didn't support more than 8 characters.
  3. Then we will use above command.
  4. But we need to ensure that we will use text print only.

Now follow these instructions

  1. Share your USB printer and give its name at printer share name
  2. Open the printer properties, select ADVANCE tab select Print Processor
  3. Select TEXT and save the change.

Now use net use command
NET USE LPT1 \\computer name\printer share name/persistent:yes
At the command prompt type DIR >PRN this must give you print from USB printer,then try printing from your application.

That's all,  now you can write a small batch file to active the printer every time before you go to FoxPro or any other DOS program. 

Note : After Create Batch file using above command line, Just create shortcut the same in Start to activate printer automatically.

Web Link with FMenu Revised dated 07.04.2015


WebLink with FMenu by SRFix

Improved features:

  • Tracking:eMO / Speednet / RNet / ParcelNet and Pincode Search links updated.

FMenu migrated to Weblink.

Download Manager

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