Jan 31, 2015

Tool to find Network Mac and IP Address


Download Tool for Finding MAC and IP address

  1. Kindly Ensure that all the systems are connected with your server domain with properly.
  2. Server Should be turned on first
  3. After Initialize the Server start the Client machines
The above tool is used to find Network MAC and IP Address


Hosted Site: Google Drive
File Size    : 8.2MB

DPT Fix v4.7 for Clear Discrepancies by Rajesh C R


DataProfiling Discrepancies Fix v4.7 by Rajesh CR 

Whats New

  1. Agent a/c linking issue has been completely taken care of. Hanging issue settled.
  2. Some new option has been included.
  3. Minor modifications in existing queries in most of the options.
Developed by Rajesh C R


Jan 29, 2015

Run a Postal Software / Tool with the specified date/time


RunAsDate v1.30 - Run a program with the specified date/time 

RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify. This utility doesn't change the current system date and time of your computer, but it only injects the date/time that you specify into the desired application. 

You can run multiple applications simultaneously, each application works with different date and time, while the real date/time of your system continues to run normally.

How does it work ?

RunAsDate intercepts the kernel API calls that returns the current date and time (GetSystemTime, GetLocalTime, GetSystemTimeAsFileTime), and replaces the current date/time with the date/time that you specify.

Requirement of System

RunAsDate works under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Older versions of Windows are not supported. There is also x64 version available in a separated download, for using with x64 applications.

Download from Google Drive

Jan 28, 2015

Sanchay Post 7.5 Patches upto SSA Patch 10


Sanchay Post Patches Upto SSA Patch

1.Extract and execute database upgrades (2 Exes)
2.Execute Sanchay 7.5 Patches up to SSA Patch.

Download Patches

Thanks to Rajesh H System Administrator Puttur(DK) HPO-574201

Solution for Patch 10 of Sanchay Post 7.5 dated 27.01.2015


Solution for Patch 10 Sanchaya Post 7.5

Problem 1 :

Problems like "application terminated "/ "unresolvable" error while clicking
1. SSA >>> Account Open for ,
2. RD Default month deposit option after Installing Patch 10
3. Day End after Installing Patch 10
4. LOT View after Installing Patch 10

Solution - Step 1:

Instead of using "Online Transaction" icon (short cut available in Desktop), please use
Start >>> Programs >>> Sancahy Post 7.5 >>> Online Transactions

Solution - Step 2:

Delete the OT Shortcut Icon from Desktop. Create the new shortcut through
SP 5 >>> OT >>> Postv5a.exe >>> Rightclick 

for more Solution and Patches

Jan 27, 2015

SSA Account Open Error and Solution for Sanchay Post 7.5


SSA Account Open Error in Sanchay Post 7.5

After Update Patch 10 while open SSA in sanchay post 7.5 it may show the PowerBuilder Application execution error R0002 


  • Sanchay Post 7.5 should be upgrade orderwise as per SDC Instruction.
  • Patch 7 should be installed before upgrade Sanchay Post 7.5 Patch 10.
for RD Default error kindly visit below link for solution

Solution for error in RD default after Upgrade patch 10


RD Default fee for Sanchay Post Patch 10

After Upgrade Sanchay Post Patch 10 (SSA) while do RD Deposit it may show the error message shown like below


  • Download attached files from PoTools.
  • Extract the same contains two files which is 
  • Paste these files into \SP5\OT folder.


Thanks to Dipak Kaple SA, P.Silambarasan DSM

SB and RD Name and Address Update Tool


Tool for SB and RD Address Update

UpdateAddressDOP is used to update Name and Address of the Account Holder, this is only for Clear DB Discrepancies, so this should be used with the SA Concern.
The following exe allows to update address of SB and RD accounts even if they are silent. Useful for data cleaning.
Developed by : Rajesh C R


Generate Salary file in Excel from Accounts for Finacle


Generate Salary File from Accounts using Tool

Developed by : Rajesh C R, Kattappana HO;
Tool for : Generate Salary in Excel for TTUM Upload in finacle;
Dated    : 24.01.2015.
Following Tool may be helpful for system admins at HOs for preparing excel file for TTUM salary upload in finacle. In this version they can generate excel for HO employees only.
The Tool options are self explanatory.


1. . Net 3.5 framework.
2. MS Office 2007.


  • Use tool after salary drawl should be done at accounts. 
  • Ensure the updation of new account numbers(Finacle) at accounts.


Tool to Check Network computer Connectivity in Post Office


Network Connectivity Checking Tool

The above Tool is used to find out the Connection Status and Computer Name.Tool was developed by Ketan Joshi SA Palanpur HO


  • Download attached Tool from PoTools.
  • Extract the same, Execute the IP_Check then enter from to IP address click on Check.


Jan 26, 2015

SSA Account Opening and Deposit in Finacle


SSA Account Opening and Further Deposit in Finacle

  1. If Guardian is not having CIF in Finacle, a new CIF has to be created for the guardian. 
  2. For opening of account in the name of Minor, a new CIF (if not already exists) in the name of girl child has to be opened. User has to be sure that Birth Certificate of minor is given and date of birth of minor should not be earlier than 2.12.2003 as system will not validate this date.
  3. For opening of account use Menu – CPPFAO
  4. CIF ID of minor is to be entered in CIF ID field.
  5. In Scheme Code field, if PPF is appeared, it is to be deleted and SSA has to be entered and if the field is blank, SSA is to be entered. This is mandatory and needs to be done very carefully.
  6. After opening of account, account number has to be noted down on the Pay-in -Slip and Supervisor will use same menu CPPFAO (Verify option) and enter the account number as written on the Pay-In-Slip. Please do not search account number from searcher.
  7. After verification, Account will be ready for funding. User will use CTM for entering first deposit. Please ensure that first deposit should not be less than Rs.1000/- and if amount tendered is more than Rs.1000/- it should be in multiple of Rs.100/- as system will not validate this amount.
  8. Supervisor should verify in CTM and ensure that amount entered in not less than Rs.1000/-.
  9. If First Page of Passbook is not getting printed by the Finacle, it can be prepared manually but transaction page will be get printed from Finacle.
  10. At the close of the counter hours, List Of Transactions has to be prepared manually for SSA and Consolidation is also to be prepared manually.
  11. Total Deposit in SSA should be entered in SB Cash which will be uploaded in Cash Book.
  12. A register of account opened under SSA is to be maintained in manuscript showing Sl.No.(in continuation), Date of opening, Account Number, amount of deposit.
  13. Subsequent deposit can also be accepted through CTM by following same procedure as mentioned for funding of account. 
  14. While doing subsequent deposit, User and Supervisor has to ensure that subsequent deposit should be in multiple of Rs.100/- and total deposits in the account should not exceed Rs.1,50,000/- in a Financial Year as system will not validate these rules.
  15. No withdrawals allowed in this account. Therefore, user and supervisor should not allow any withdrawal. 
  16. User And Supervisor Should Ensure That Kyc Documents And Birth Certificate Of Minor Girl Are Taken From The Guardian. 
  17. User and supervisor should ensure that only one account is opened in the name of same girl child and one guardian can open only two SSA accounts.
  18. AOF and KYC documents with birth certificate should be preserved in separate guard file and should not be sent to CPC till further orders.

Download / View Full Documents

Happy Republic day 2015 : Jai Hind


Wish you all : Happy Republic Day

Jan 24, 2015

Negative List Updation for Sanchay Post dated 28/02/2014


Negative List Updation dated 28.02.2014

This patch file updates the negative list available in Sanchay Post software. To confirm updation, use the "Database Discrepancies >> NSC >> Details of Negative List Updation" option available in DBAnalyzer software.


Readme Negative List

The file 'NL_20140228.exe' should be copied to DBAnalyzer folder and executed after completion of day's transactions. This will update the negative list in Sanchay Post upto 28/02/2014. (Corrections received upto 09/04/2014).

In addition to Negative List, updations relating to PINCODE details are also done in the database. Hence, execution of this patch will take longer than the usual updation time. System Administrators should ensure that the server is not switched off till successful execution of the patch.

Jan 23, 2015

TDS SQL Based Software Error and Solution


TDS SQL Based Software v7.1

While Open TDS Deductions at source it may show the warning message as Registration failed. ..Contact RMS J Jalandhar


  1. Download attached TDS Software from PoTools.
  2. Replace the already available version.
  3. Just Ignore the message as file already in use


Instruction to Upgrade of Patch 10 for Sanchay Post 7.5


Sanchay Post v7.5 Patch 10 Upgrade instruction

  1. First Close all the Sanchay Post related  applications
  2. Take database Backup.
  3. Ensure that all the Patches should be updated in order wise.
  4. Install the Patch 10 Sanchay Post 7.5

Check if any issues found

Solution available for patch 10 related issues given by SDC Chennai.

Problem Not Fixed

After apply above solution still problem persist, Contact SDC Chennai through mail / Mobile.

Temporary Solution

  1. Restore Previous Database.
  2. Uninstall Patch 10 
to function the office without above issues until solution received from SDC Chenni.

Cannot Connect to MDE Database : DCL User issues Revised


Can not connect to MDE Database

After Restore MDE Backup into Migration Server it may show the error message as cannot connect to MDE Database.


  • Download attached Tool from PoTools.(MDE Dcl Fix included.)
  • Enter Login Credentials of SQL Server in this Tool.
  • Execute the Tool using "Auto Fix for DCL " Button.
DCL User Auto Fix will Fix for BPRO, BPLOG, POST,SIGN, PROJECT, SOSB, NREGAEMO, MDE and MDE_SIGN databases.



Solution : Method 2

Fix MDE Login Issues using DB Analyzer ( Thanks to Rajesh H)

Follow these steps
1. Open management studio. Right click on mde database. Rename as offline.
2. Open DB analyzer > DB utilities > Update to SQL 2005. Select database offline and update.
3. Re name offline database as MDE management studio.

Do same steps for mde_sign also.                 

Maturity Periods not available while SI execution / MIS Closure



Error like "Maturity Periods not available" while SI execution / MIS Closure


  1. Download Upgrade DataBase SP2 using below link.
  2. Execute add_column.exe from downloaded software


FAQ - Patch 10 [SSA] of Sanchay Post Version 7.5


Problem 1 :

Error like "Maturity Periods not available" while SI execution / MIS Closure

Solution :

Pl run the exe (uploaded in the link )

Problem 2 :

Problems like "application terminated "/ "unresolvable" error while clicking
1. SSA >>> Account Open for ,
2. RD Default month deposit option after Installing Patch 10
3. Day End after Installing Patch 10
4. LOT View after Installing Patch 10 

Solution - Step 1:

Instead of using "Online Transaction" icon (short cut available in Desktop), pl use
Start >>> Programs >>> Sancahy Post 7.5 >>> Online Transaction

Solution - Step 2:

Delete the OT Shortcut Icon from Desktop. Create the new shortcut through
SP 5 >>> OT >>> Postv5a.exe >>> Rightclick  

Solution - Step 3:

Following Steps may be followed (in the same order). Also, it is recommended that, all the patches may be downloaded from the link given against each item.

1 Uninstall Sanchay Post Version 7.0

2 Rename the SP5 folder as SP5Old

3 Install Version 7. 5                         Download

4 Do NOT Run UpgradeDB again

5 Install Service Pack 1                    Download

6 Do NOT Run UpgradeDB RD PPF again

7 Install Patch 5 dated 07-11-2014    Download

8 Install Patch 6                                 Download

9 Install Patch 8 dtd 20.11.2014        Download

10 DO NOT Run "Kvp_tool" again

11 Install Patch 8.1 dated 03_Dec_2014 Download

12 Install Patch 7 dated 23_09_2014  Download

13 Install Patch 10 dated 21_Jan_2015 Download

14 Do NOT Run SSA_Upgrade Again

Download Complete Document

Jan 22, 2015

Update SPCOD Delivery / Despatch information in Speed Net MIS


SPCOD Returns Upgrade in Speed Database

After taking SPCOD articles returns, While Execute Speed Net Communication returns will update in Speed Net database after submission / Verification of SPCOD in Postman Supervisor.
But some times even execute Speed Net Communication, remarks does not get update in Speed Net database.


  1. Download attached Tool from PoTools.
  2. This Tool will fetch SPCOD which is unavailable in Speed database, having remarks in Postman.
  3. Select Non Updation article then click on ReGenerate Button.
  4. Execute EMS(Speed Net) Communication, to update Remarks in Speed Net DB.
Note : This Tool only for System Administrator. Kindly never use this tool without SA Concern.


Patch 10 for Sanchay Post 7.5 : SSA



1.  Ensure that Backup of all databases relating to Sanchay Post are taken and stored in external storage devices. 
2.  Ensure  that  Sanchay Post Version 7.5  and all the patches related to it (in the same order given below) have been installed in the system.
  1. Service Pack 1 dated 29_May_2014
  2. Patch 5 dated 07_Nov_2014
  3. Patch 6 dated 23_Sep_2014
  4. Patch 8 dated 20_Nov_2014
  5. Patch 8.1 dated 03_Dec_2014
  6. Patch 7 dated 23_Sep_2014

If not installed please install the above patches in the same order
3.  DO NOT RUN UpgradeDB / UpgradeDB PPF RD / KVP_Tool again.  (As your POST DB is upgraded already at the time of installation of Sanchay Post 7.5/ Service Pack 1/ Patch 8 respectively)
4.  Sanchay Post Version 7.0 should not be available in the system.
Note : Patch 10  should be installed in server and all client machines. 
“SSA-Upgrade”  should  be executed only once in SERVER. It shouldn’t be run in client 
machines. .


Launch of scheme for Girl Child named "Sukanya Samridhhi Account"


Launch of scheme for Girl Child named "Sukanya Samridhhi Account" by Hon'ble Prime Minister

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' campaign at Panipat on January 22, he would also introduce an ambitious scheme 'Sukanya Samruddhi Account' to make girls financially empowered.

Modeled on the pattern of small savings schemes of the government, the Centre would offer high rate of interest for account holders under the new scheme. For the current financial year, this would work out to 9.1%. For the sake of simplicity, the manner of interest calculation would be similar to public provident fund (PPF).

Under the scheme, the account can be opened from the birth of the girl child till she attains the age of 10. A girl child who attained the age of 10 years, one year prior to notification, will also be eligible. The account can be opened by an amount of Rs 1,000 and in a financial year investment ceiling is Rs 1.5 lakh. The child can close the account earliest at the age of 21 years with option of keeping the account till marriage.

The exemption on investments made under the scheme will also be eligible for exemption under 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961.

To view Department of Economic Affairs OM No.2/3/2014.NS-II dated 20/01/2015 please 

Jan 21, 2015

RD Bulk Account Open through Sanchay Post by PoTools


RD Bulk Account Open by PoTools

RD Account Open Tool is used to Open Bulk number of accounts for the same person in lower denomination. 

Procedure to Open a Bulk Number of New Account

  • Download attached RD Account Open Tool from PoTools.
  • Close all other Modules includin Communications.
  • Login as Counter in Sanchay Post and Make sure RD Account Open Form selected.
  • Open RD Account Tool and Enter account details Like name, address deposit amt etc.
  • Before execute Open account ensure screen should be like

Video Demo for Bulk account Open


Download RD Bulk Account Open

Tool for RD Bulk Account Scanner by PoTools


RD Account Signature Scanner for Non CBS Office

  1. Download RD Scanner from PoTools.
  2. Copy and Paste the Same on SSScanner Folder.
  3. Create Shortcut on Desktop and Connect your scanner to scan RD Bulk Number of Account.
  4. After Scan Open Sanchay Post and Click on Verify then Store.


Collection of Service Tax from all PLI /RPLI except J &K : Order


Order Copy for Collection of Service Tax from all PLI /RPLI  (except J &K) 

In continuation of this Directorate. Letter of even no. dated- 23/12/2014 it is intimated that the Service Tax/ Sales Tax shall be  calculated manually till necessary arrangement to this effect is made in the software system.

Download Order Copy of PLI RPLI Service Tax Collection

SPCOD MIS : Speed Post COD MIS in Speed Net website


SP COD MIS in Speed Net Website


Booking Report: Provides report on booking information at different levels depending on selection 
Delivery Report: Provides report on delivery information at different levels depending on selection

Visit Official Site for Speed COD MIS

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