Friday, April 18, 2014

New EFMS Comparison Tool based on XML file released by SDC Chennai

In order to streamline the disbursement process, it has become essential to verify account data of individual accounts for correctness. Accordingly, MoRD has taken the lead in this matter, and have completed first round verification process of about 11 lakh MG NREGA accounts. The details of these have now been made accessible by MoRD to DoP, for comparison and confirmation by concerned DoP officials.

Since the above data relates to accounts held with the respective Head Post Office/Sub Post Office, the verification has to be carried out by the respective HPOs. The SDC, Chennai has developed a tool based on XML file to enable the verification. The tool can be downloaded from the following link and the procedure is explained below.

Download Link

eFMS COMPARISON TOOL (XML)- README Updated on 09-04-2014 2228 hrs

Brief description of the tool
Beneficiaries of State Government sponsored schemes are paid through Post Offices. Lot of complaints on non-payment of FTOs in Post Offices was reported by many circles. The reasons for rejection of FTOs (Fund Transfer Order) are due to the following reasons
a. Invalid Sanchay Post Code
b. Invalid Account Number
c. Invalid eMO Code

This tool is used to compare eFMS data of State Government and CEPT data with Sanchay Post data available in Post Offices. This tool will facilitate the POs to freeze their data with State Government to ensure smooth functioning of eFMS.

Prerequisities :
1. Latest eMO client along with script to be downloaded from CEPT website ( and installed in both HO and SOs.
2. Install latest version Sanchay Post Ver 7.5 (if not already done )
3. Install the latest eFMS COMPARISON XML TOOL from SDC website (
4. The data containing beneficiary details shared by NIC authorities through their website to be downloaded in XML format at Head Offices.
a) The NREGS SANCHAY OFFICE CODES available in eMO website under Home – View - NREGS SanchayCodes menu to be downloaded in CSV format in the folder where eFMS Comparison Tool is installed. (Eg. C:\Program Files\EFMS-SP Comparison Tool)
b) Before downloading this CSV file from eMO website kindly update the correct Sanchay Post Code in the above website using Divisional Administrator Login to avoid mismatch of eMO Codes with Sanchay Post Codes.
c) Sanchay Post PO Codes of Sub Offices closed/merged to be removed in Sanchay Post using SUPERVISOR option

eFMS Comparison tool - Operating Procedure
1. Click on the setup file. eFMS Comparison Tool will be created in the specified folder.
2. After installation, click on eFMS Comparison Tool icon.
3. Create User Name and Password for Supervisor and Operator. (Don’t give common names like super, operator, etc)
4. Enter the SQL Server Name and SA Password.
5. While clicking Exit, system will prompt the user to map the Sanchay Post of HO with CEPT eMO Code.
6. Once HO Code is mapped, system will prompt the user to map the Sub Offices under that HO with CEPT eMO Code. (eFMS Comparison tool could not be proceeded further if any of the codes are left unmapped in Sanchay Post or CEPT Code. Follow the instructions mentioned in step 6 & 7 of Prerequisites)
7. Click on “Import - NREGA Data”. Browse to select the CSV file downloaded from NREGA website.
8. Click on “Update”. A warning message will be displayed if old data is available. Once the data is deleted, old eFMS data could not be restored. Click on “Exit”.
9. Caution – “Import – CEPT Data” to be used only when changes are made in CEPT eMO – Sanchay Post Codes.

Operator Options.

10. Click on “Compare”, a message “Data exits, do you want to delete” will be thrown if comparison was done earlier. Click on Yes.
11. A message “Comparison done successfully. View Discrepancy Report and use SOLUTIONS menu to clear the discrepancies if any” will be displayed on completion of comparison.
12. Click on “Discrepancy Reports” to view the following reports
a. Account Number Discrepancies
b. Sanchay Post Code Discrepancies
c. Account Holder Name Discrepancies
13. Other Reports are:
a. Sanchaypost –CEPT Mapped Status Report.
b. Summary
14. Click on “General Reports -- Summary” to view the number of records compared and result thereof for HO and Sub Offices separately.

Supervisor Option

15. Click on “Update” to complete the verification process.
16. Click on “Export to NIC” select the file name and Click on Generate to generate the response xmll File. This xml file will be generated in the application path with starting word as “res”.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tips and Tool for Upgrade Status of Meghdoot 7.9.1 in Parcel Net


Upgrade Meghdhoot Parcel Net Update

  1. Upgrade Meghdoot Parcel Net Update 7.9.1 Released dated 29.03.2014.
  2. Download and execute Postman Issues and Solutions.
  3.  Download Revised Postman exe from PoTools.

Tips to Upgrade Status of Parcel Net 7.9.1

  • after Upgrade Parcel Net Update 7.9.1 in Post offices all the updated modules should open/execute at once before Run R Net Communication.
  • Download Upgrade Status Tool from PoTools to Check the version of Point of sale, Despatch, Postman and R Net communication.

Download (Version Checker)


Note: After Update just Open all Update MM Application at once before Check/Execute R Net Communication.

Version - Message Upgrade Exl for Parcel Net 7.9.1


Meghdhoot Update 7.9.1 dated 29.03.2014

Parcel Net Update

Postman  Issues and Solution

Postman Solution

Postman  Revised Executable File

Postman Solution

Freeware Sality Virus Removal Tool for Post Offices


GDrive Download Sality Virus Removal Tool for Post office

In this Post PoTools Recommended antivirus Tool for Remove the Sality Virus - (Causes : Sanchaya Post Fatal Disk Error ) - All the Sality Removal tools were uploaded in Google drive for download. 

1.  AVG WIN32/SALITY Removal Tool

  1. Download the executable file rmsality.exe
  2. Then run the tool for removal of infected files. The tool will automatically scan all available discs and will try to heal the infected files. If an active virus is found in memory, the tool will ask the user to reboot the computer. Healing will be performed during operating system boot-up sequence, so any active virus cannot interfere with the healing process.


2. Kaspersky Sality Removal Tool

Sality Killer is the Tool for Remove Sality Virus from Infected Machine.

3.Norton™ Power Eraser 

Nortan Power Eraser powered by Symantec is also used to Remove the Malware like Sality virus removal Tool.

4. Sality Removal Tool by Net Protector

Virto2 tool is used to Remove the virus name Virtob + Sality + Ramnit virues.

One Click Backup Tool for Post Office


One Click Backup Tool by SrFix

This will backup SQL Databases and MDB files to the Destination selected. The Destination path can be saved. If Destination is not selected or saved, files will be stored in C:\Backup.

Source :

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Project Updates - April 2014


Google Drive Download - Adware Removal for Remove Browser Tool bars


Adware Removal Tool for Remove unwanted tool bars

To Remove unwanted Toolbars with few clicks using Adw Cleaner. Simple and Powerful tool to remove Addon/tool bars from web browser and reset the settings of browser like Chrome, Fire fox, internet Explorer, etc.,

Download( Google Drive)


Enable Import File from HO option in Sanchay Post


Enable option Import Files from HO in Sanchaya Post 7.5

In Sub Post Office while trying import Files from HO in Sanchaya Post Counter, Option is not highlighted due to Issues with Enable Import Files from HO option.

In some time Options was not enabled in Super User. First Check whether It was enabled or not in Sanchaya Super/ Visit to Enable Import SO form Using below procedure..

While check Import Files from HO in Sanchaya Super, Form Not available even in Super User Also. In this Case Use Upg_SO Forms Given by SDC Chennai.


  • Download Attached Upg_SO form from PoTools.
  • Copy Executable file to DB Analyzer folder.
  • Execute the Upg SO Forms from DBA Folder



Tool for printing Details of Acknowledgement Card


Tool for printing Details of Acknowledgement Card

AD-POD Label Tool is used to printing the details required in AD Cards when an article is booked with Acknowledgement

Requirements : 

  1. dot-net frame work 3.5 or later
  2. Windows XP or Later 



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

V2 SBCO Software : Upgradation procedure - Some database is missing


Some Database Missing After Upgrade V2SBCO Software

Error: While Indexing previous Year ( SB 2013-14 )

This is due to the database file not found after upgradation procedure ( Year end Process )
The file is C:\SBCO\SB2013\SB\ in that folder

Each office has 2 database file ie . sbacc??.dbf    and sbtra??.dbf
Here ?? means Office code

Solution :

1.  Copy the missing dbf file from C:\SBCO\SB\     and paste into C:\SBCO\SB2013\SB\
     It is very simple method.

Another method

2.   Create the missing DBF file thro Foxpro command
     ( For eg. Here Office code 07 is missing )
Go to Dos Prompt
   Then go to C:\SBCO\SB>
   C:\SBCO\SB> Foxpro

    Use sbacc01 dbf
    copy structure to  c:\sbco\sb2013\sb\sbacc07.dbf
    Use sbtra01 dbf
    copy structure to  c:\sbco\sb2013\sb\sbtra07.dbf

The same procedure to be followed to other missing offices

Thanks to : SAPost

Free Data Recovery Software Tools for Recover the deleted File

Many free data recovery programs exist that can help recover your accidentally deleted files. These file recovery programs can help you recover, or "undelete" files on your computer.

1. Recuva

Recuva is the very best free file recovery software available, hands down. It's very easy to use but has many optional advanced features as well.

Recuva can recover files from hard drives, external drives (USB drives, etc.), BD/DVD/CD discs, and memory cards. Recuva can even undelete files from your iPod!

Recuva will undelete files in Windows 8 & 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008/2003, and older Windows versions like 2000, NT, ME and 98. 64-bit Windows versions are also supported. There is also a 64-bit version Recuva available.

Piriform provides both an installable and a portable version of Recuva. I tested file recovery with Recuva v1.51.1036 using their portable version in Windows 8.1.

Undeleting a file with Recuva is as easy as deleting one! I highly recommend that you try Recuva first if you need to recover a file.

2. Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete is an excellent free file recovery program. It's very easy to use and has one of the better user interfaces that I've seen.

The biggest advantages in Glary Undelete include the easy "Folders" view, a Windows Explorer-style view of recoverable files, and a prominent "State" indication for each file, suggesting how likely a successful file recovery will be.

One disadvantage of Glary Undelete is that installation is required before you can use it and it asks you to install a toolbar, which you can of course decline. Aside from those facts, Glary Undelete is top notch.

Glary Undelete can recover files from hard drives and any removable media you might have including memory cards, USB drives, etc.

Glary Undelete is said to work in Windows 7, Vista, and XP, but it probably works fine in Windows 8 and versions older than Windows XP. I tested Glary Undelete v2.4 in Windows 7.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Complete Solution for Generic Host Virus in Post Offices


Solution for Generic Host Network Viruses

After Sify Network migration most of the Offices were infected by viruses, most common virus is Generic host. It block the Network activities such as shared folder not able to access even in the same Machine i.e in Server also.

Dear SAs,
               Generic Host Microsoft Patches i.e Hotfix not working in SP2 and more . Never try the Generic Host Solution such as Batch file/ some registry tricks.


Generic Host Process For Win32 Services encountered a problem and needs to close

The Generic host problem has been happening because of a Windows Error. For the same we suggested a fix by running the tool above. This tool may case problems with LAN access to other computers in a LAN kind of network environment. We regret the inconvenience occurred to you because of this LAN Access Problem. If you are facing such problem, please follow the below two steps to fix the issue 


  • Download/Purchase Symantec 12.1 from it Official Site Download Trial
  • Update Virus Definition Latest Upto date from Download Definitions
  • After Upgrade Latest virus definition Do the Complete system Scan fro Remove Viruses.
  • Always Check whether your Antivirus Definitions UptoDate.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Status of Non Upgradation to Version 7.9.1


Status of Parcel Net Update MM 7 Update 9.1 in Post Offices

Non Upgradation of Version 7.9.1 Status now Available in Parcel Net Website. To know your Division/Office Status of Version 7.9.1 Visit below link


Point of Sale: 7.91                                                       Despatch: 7.9.1

Postman: 7.9.1                                     RNet Communication: 7.9.1

Login in Parcel Net Website >

Reports  >

Offices Not Upgraded to Version 7.9.1

Select from Circle wise then select your Region and then Select Division to view Division / Officewise report.

Dear SAs,
               Every One Should Upgrade Version 7.9.1 as soon as possible to Fix COD Issues and Access the Disaster Recovery Option in Postman Module.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Postman 7.9.1 Issues and Solution Given by CEPT


Postman7.9.1 Issues & Solutions

Missent redirected Parcel COD articles are shown in “Articles In Deposit” report
Please execute the script file CODinDeposit.exl
EVP articles delivered at BO are not coming for BO EVP Verification
Please execute the script file Dly_Select_BOEVPsForVerification.exl



Version 7.9.1 Upgradation Exl also added.

Latest Postman 7.9.1 Solution Given by CEPT

Postman 7.9.1 Revised EXE 


Postman 7.9.1 Revised exl for COD Not Received


Finacle Desktop Settings Made Easy by Using Tool


Tool for Finacle Desktop Settings in CBS Offices

Now Internet Explorer Backup Tool is made easy to do Finacle Desktop Settings. Configure Finacle Desktop Settings in One Machine and backup using below software then Restore the same in another machine.

BackRex Internet Explorer Backup Freeware v2.8.139

Internet Explorer Backup

BackRex Internet Explorer Backup is a backup and restore tool for Internet Explorer. It allows you to backup favorites, history, proxy settings, fonts, dialup accounts, autocomplete passwords and cookies.

Below is the list of data and settings saved and restored by BackRex Internet Explorer Backup:

Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0

  • Favorites
  • Proxy & connection settings
  • Security zones
  • User customizations
  • Cookies
  • History
  • Dialup accounts
  • Form Autocomplete entries


Thanks to
S. Sureshkumar SA, Chennai North City.

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