Jul 28, 2014

SB High value withdrawal Memo of Verification Tool v1.1.0


Memo of verification Tool v1.1.0


  1. Fixed invalid authorization - execute from client machine.
  2. Prepare reports for Withdrawal Amount Greater than Rs.10000.
  3. Export to word option included.
Bug Fixed:
"380-invalid propety value" bug has been fixed

To Download:


Signature Resizer Tools by DMCC


Image Resizer for Shrink the Specimen Signature

PoT Image Resizer is not required for CBS Migration, Its already developed a Tool by DMCC Chennai. 

SignShrink is the Tool used to shrink the Specimen Signature size which is more than 20Kb. Download the Latest version from DMCC / from PoTools, Enter the Details of SQL Server information and SA Login credentials then click on connect to shrink signature database.




If not able to resize using above Tools, mail me us via potools1@gmail.com

Note:Run the signshink tool to remove the closed and transferred account foruploading. The original sign database should be kept preserved for future reference.

DOP Salary / Pension Credit in Finacle


DOP Salary / Pension Credit in Finacle

Uploading the Salary / Pension file in FinacleMENU - 
This option is available only for SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR


1. An excel file with the following columns to be prepared for Pension credit

2. An excel sheet with following columns to be prepared for Salary Credit

3. An exe will be provided to convert the above excel sheets to the prescribed txt formats.
4. The generated .txt files can be stored in the desired location.

(Please note: Uploading of salary and pension has to be done only after BEGIN OF DAY (BOD) of last working day ie 31/01/2014 January 2014)

Procedure to upload Salary / Pension 

1. In ‘Report to Field’, enter ‘DoP’.
2. Transaction subtype should be selected as ‘Transfer – Bank Induced’.
3. Select ‘POST’ option for Action.
Note : First Do the Action as Trial and Correct the Error before Post
4. Select ‘On successful upload’ for Rename File after Upload.
5. Select ‘Local File Path’ and click on ‘Submit’ button.

6. Next screen with ‘Browse’ button will be displayed; select the finacle format file. 
7. Click on Go/ press F4 using KeyBorad.
8. A message ‘Batch process initiated’ will be displayed.
9. Go to HPR to see the success report. Also check OFTI report for getting the details on posting. Note down the system generated Transaction ID.
10. Check whether the “SALARY UPLOAD ACCOUNT” (SOLID0409) is debited for the entire amount and also check the individual credit of salary for each account.
11. Check whether the “PENSION UPLOAD ACCOUNT” (SOLID0408) is debited for the entire amount and also check the individual credit of pension for each account.
12. Salary and Pension account will always be in Credit (-ve) to that extent of salary and pension payment made.
13. Take a print out of Ledger copy of SOLID0408 AND SOLID0409 using the menu 
14. The Dr should be equivalent to the salary or pension credited for the month. It is the duty and responsibility of the Supervisor to ensure that the amount debited from Salary and Pension account is equivalent to the credits made in respective salary and pension accounts.
15. Check whether the system generated ID is posted using HTM. If it is not verified, Tran ID is to be verified by the Supervisor.

Source : dopfinacle

Jul 27, 2014




Period of preservation 
List of Transactions
( SB Order 8/2013  dtd 15/05/2013 ,   Page No 12 )
5 Years
All categories of vouchers
6 Years

Consolidation journals  ( Local/Credit/Debit  )
2 Years


Consolidation journals
SB/RD / MIS/ TD  Dep & Wdl

2 Years


Register of SB62, 62a, SB63, RD85, 85a,
of all  categories
3 Years

Register of OMs
2 Years

INT Statement  summary
3 Years

Misc. Register
a) Discrepancy Register
b) Binder verification Register
c) IA  Register
d) UP Register

3 Years

Interest  Statements / Agreement sheets
3 Years

Voucher checking register
2 Years

Periodical register
2 Years

CCleaner for your Android mobile

Keep your Android clean, safe and fast using CCleaner!

Piriform, the makers of the world’s most popular PC and Mac cleaning software bring you CCleaner for Android.
Remove junk, reclaim space, monitor your system and browse safely. Become the Master of your own device with the ultimate cleaning app for your Android!

Optimize and Clean

. Speed up your phone and remove junk safely
. Clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more
. Delete call logs and SMS messages individually, in bulk, by age or by contact

Reclaim Storage Space

. Streamline your Android smartphone or tablet
. Quickly and easily uninstall multiple unwanted applications
. Free up valuable storage space on your device

Easy to Use

. Optimize your Android in just a few clicks
. Simple, intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate
. Totally free from Ads and clutter
. Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage

Monitor your System

. Check the usage of your CPU
. Keep track of your RAM and internal storage space
. Check out your battery levels and temperature


Size : 1.2M
Current Version : v1.01.18
Requires Android : 4.0 and up

Source : http://www.appsapk.com/c-cleaner/

Jul 26, 2014

Speed Post POS articles not fetched in Speed Net


Point of Sale Article not fetched in Speed Net

Speed Post Articles were booked in Point of Sale does not fetched in Speed Net Module, after Configure DOP Server.


Solution 1 : POS booked articles not fetching in speednet module after changing the server name or formatting the server

Run these two queries in SQL query analyzer one by one

sp_configure 'show advanced options',1

sp_configure 'Ad Hoc Distributed Queries',1

Solution 2 : 

Right click on server name in SQL management studio->facets-> surface area configuration.
Set true to Ad hoc remote queries.

Jul 25, 2014

SBCO : CBS Office Data Entry Solution for V2SBCO


SBCO CBS Utility Updated on 22/07/2014

Download the CBS.EXE and paste into existing C:\CBS\ folder

Download and extract the CBS.ZIP and paste in to you local hard Disk C:\ or any other drive and run the software thro CBS.BAT file

This is useful for this purposes

1. To view / Print list of Minus balance
2. Change the Account Status into CLS / TFR
3. Close all "0" Balance Account
4. Simple OB correction
5. To view / Print Closed account with Balance
6. To change the Account Status into Closed / TFR
7. To change all Minus into 0 balance by OB Corrections
8. To view / Print the Closed / Transferred Account Details

New features :

for CBS offices we can enter the Total Deposit / Withdrawal / Debit / credit amount as single entry. ( Use Account No 1 for all transactions

To fine Total No of Accounts

Password : RAJA

Download : 
Only Exe



SBX Executable File

If any suggestions, please mail to sapost2@gmail.com

Meghdoot Account Head and Accounting Procedure for McCamish


Accounting Procedure of McCamish Transaction

Data Entry of Billing and Collection at the Counter

All the transactions of McCamish for the day has to be entered into Meghdoot at the end of the day. 
Billing and Collections report to be generated from McCamish at the end of the day

For the SO counter 

  1. The account heads needs to be created in Meghdoot as provided by the PLI directorate
  2. The total payments received in McCamish needs to be entered manually into Meghdoot in manual transaction screen
  3. Disbursements should be done from Meghdoot and the payment details updated in McCamish.

For the HO counter 

  1. The account heads needs to be created in Meghdoot as provided by the PLI directorate
  2. The Billing and Collection report at the HO includes data for all its SOs also. Generate the report in excel and filter the data by the HO PAO code. 
  3. The total payments received in McCamish after filtering needs to be entered manually into Meghdoot in manual transaction screen
  4. Disbursements should be done from Meghdoot and the payment details updated in McCamish.
  5. For Now the Billing and Collection report does not segregate the amount under different accounting heads. So please add the total amount in one accounting head “PLI Renewal Prem” for PLI and “RPLI Renewal Prem” for RPLI policies

Accounting Head Mapping for PLI

Accounting Head for RPLI in McCamish

Download the Accounting Procedure and Head

PassBook Printer Setting and Page Setup for Finacle


Passbook Printer Settings

Add Printer in Devices and Printers  > Generic IBM Graphics 9 Pin > Select on it
After Select on Generic IBM Graphics 9pin wide, Click on Server properties in the top of the panel.
Click on Create New form, Enter the Form name like newpassbook1. Enter the Measurements of Units as
Paper size as

Width :8.20in    Left : 0.20in     Top:0.80in
Height :5.80in   Right:0.00in    Bottom:0.00in

Finally Click on Save Form

Right Click on IBM Generic 9Pin wide printer Printer
Go to Advanced, select Printer Default then change the Paper Size as Newpassbook1
and Print Quality as 240x216
then Click on Device Settings > then select Paper Size as Newpassbook1

Internet Explorer 8 or higher version page Setup

Click on Printer > Page Setup
Select all fields of Header and Footer as empty
Deselect Enable Shrink-to-Fit  then

Margins (inches) 
Left : 0.5  Rgiht : 0.5   Top: 0.8     Bottom : 0.75

Click on Change Font and Change Font and Style and Size
Font : Courier     Font Style : Regular     Size : 12 then click ok


Cick on OK to Finish.

Windows 8 and Meghdoot Software

There are problems in the installation of Departmental software in newly procured/supplied windows 8 systems. CEPT Mysore has thoroughly examined the issue with the help of Microsoft Personnel. As intimated by Microsoft personnel, Windows 8 or 8.1 Operating System cannot be used as server software. If a computer is to be used as server, Windows Server Operating system has to be installed. (Windows Server 2012 is the latest version)

CEPT could install SQL Server 2008 Express edition (64 bit) on Windows 8, 64 bit desktop. Later Speed net 4.1.1 was installed which resulted in errors during database/ table creation process. After installing SQL server backward compatibility tool (64 bit), Speed net 4.1.1 is installed and configured successfully. SQL Server Backward compatibility tool (64 bit) is available for free download from Microsoft website.

Though the MS SQL Server 2008 (Express edition) 64 bit was successfully installed on Windows 8, 64 bit operating system, the referred machine will have limited functionality of a server and hence may lack full server functionality in terms of data security, client systems managing and other security features that come with Windows Server

Hence, in view of the above, machines with Windows 8 or 8.1 OS (64 bit) may perhaps be used as Client and an exclusive Server machine with Windows Server OS may perhaps be used as Server at field units for installation of Speednet and Meghdoot application.

Source : PostBankofIndia

Jul 24, 2014

Internet explorer instant setting file for Finacle


IE Settings Procedure for Finacle

Procedure to Import:
1. Extract the attached file on to the desktop.
2. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog, type regedit, and press Enter.
3. In regedit, File > Import > (file in the attachment extracted on desktop).


Double Click the Registry File ( Yes to add simply )

Dormant SB account closure issue in Finacle


Make Account Status as Active

In Finacle, Dormant means Silent

Issue Reported : Since the SB account being closed is dormant, the account closure transaction is not verified and gives the below error


The closure process has to be cancelled and the account status to be modified to Live before closing it.


  1. Cancel the closure operation in HCAAC menu. While cancelling an user info will be shown that the transaction has to be manually reversed. After the  cancel operation in HCAAC, the transaction has to be deleted in HTM.
  2. If the account has to be closed , then  after cancelling the transaction in HTM menu by selecting Modify function.
  3. Modify the account status of the SB account in CASBAM menu from Silent to Live and verify it
  4. Close the account now in HCAAC and verify it. 

Thanks to SAPost

Jul 23, 2014

eMO Updates of Offices and Pincode dated 21.07.2014


eMO Updates for Post Offices

Download attached exl Script from CEPT FTP / PoTools, Execute the same using MM Script Tool. If any Issues found, Issues kindly taken up with CEPT through HDMS.

Download eMO Update

Promotion of Postal Assistants (SBCO) to the LSG (SBCO)


Promotion of 03 Postal Assistants (SBCO) to the LSG (SBCO)

Promotion of 05 Postal Assistants (SBCO) to the LSG (SBCO)

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