Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Speednet - Bulk Delivery Update Release for Sorting hub

Bulk Delivery Update Release Notes for Sorting/ IC Hubs

Post offices are not required to install this update. This update is specifically for Sorting Hub/IC Hubs.

After applying this update, the new Bulk Delivery options will be available to offices configured with Office Code starting with "S" or "R". 

As such, please ensure the correctness of your Office Code and then proceed further.

A User manual with instructions on the operations relating to bulk delivery is also included. Please go through it thoroughly before starting the bulk delivery activity.

Installation Procedure:

1) Download the SpeedNet Client zip folder and unzip it

2) Please take the backup of all the Databases and run the attached Script file using ScriptTool.exe in the following order:

a) POSPCC15032013.exl
b) POSPCCBACKUP15032013.exl

3) Rename the existing SpeedNet.exe

4) Rename the downloaded SpeedNet_exe file as SpeedNet.exe 

5) Copy/overwrite the four DLLs and SpeedNet.exe files in to SpeedNet folder in all Client machines having SpeedNet

6) Register the four DLLs

7) Download the Setup files relating to SpeedNet Communication

8) Rename the existing file Setup_exe as Setup1.exe

9) Uninstall existing communication after copying the contents of EMSClient folder to another location

10) Install new SpeedNet communication using Setup.exe of SpeedNet Communication.msi file

Note: Pre-requisites for SpeedNet Communication are
(a) .Net Framework 2.0 or higher version
(b) Windows Installer 3.1 or higher version is required to install SpeedNet Communication using MSI file.

11) Copy the contents of old EMSClient folder to the new EMSClient folder

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