Apr 2, 2014

Step by Step Interest Posting in Sub Offices Sanchaya Post

 Interest Posting at SO in Sanchay Post

Step : 1

  1. Take backup of all Database before doing the Interest Posting. 
  2. Download the interest file belong to your office code available in your mail. 

Step : 2

  • Copy this file in to HO to SO folder available in Server machine.

Step : 3
Login in Counter -> Select the Day Begin/End form -> Select from No. 0304 Import files
from HO -> New Form….. The following screen will be appear. 

Step : 4
After select the Import files from HO form the following menu will be appear 
>> Select the SB Interest Posting Radio button -> OK

Step : 5
After select the SB Interest Posting Radio button -> OK the following screen will be appear. >> Click on Select file to import menu 

Step : 6
After Click on Select file to import menu following screen will be appear. 
>> Select the file from HO_to_SO folder belongs to your Sanchay Post Office Code -> Click on Open -> Click on Import file. After import data noted the 1st and last account number from the list and than Click on Save -> Send the form.

Step : 7
Login as Supervisor in Sanchay Post Online Software. Select the SB Menu -> Select Form No. 1305 SB Interest Calculation. The following screen will be appear -> Click on Calculate Interest.

Step : 8
After click on Calculate Interest Menu following screen will be appear. Select Annual Interest Posting Radio Button -> Enter the Year 2013 and Press Enter 2014 will be automatically appear -> Enter the Start Account Number & End Account number which is noted earlier and Press OK -> Wait until Successfully message is not appear. 

Note : 

Before calculate the interest log out from all Sanchay post software and than follow the above step. Check the Interest Report for the year 2013-14 as well as Check in DB Analyzer for successfully posting of Interest in your database.


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