Friday, May 10, 2013

Point of Sale International EMS Tariff Revision

This section will outline about: 

  • The Requirement
  • How to use

The Requirement
The tariff fixed vide Department letter No. 43-1/08-DA dated 3.1.2011 for International EMS has been revised. The new tariff will be effective from 1.5.2013. Though the provision for configuring the tariff is available in Point of sale, inorder to ease the work of configuration and to incorporate some changes in the structure of countries the utility is being provided.

How to use
Run the InternationalEMSTariffRevision_2013 exe in the machine where Point Of Sale Server component is installed. Enter the path of PointOfSale Server component and the SQL server name and click on Update to update the new Internation EMS tariff rates. 

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