Sep 2, 2013

SpeedNet 4.0 by CEPT, Mysore

Speednet 4.0 is a major release after the Speednet Version 3.1.2 Release dated 15.12.2011. 

The contents for Speednet 4.0 release are:
1.  SpeedOne Installer.exe
2.  Speednet Communication - setup.exe and Speednet Communication.msi 
3.  COD Features as per SOP dated 30042013.PPT

A)  Pre-requisite:
1. Service Pack 1 or higher for windows 2003/XP
2. .Net 4.0 Client Profile setup 4.0 and Windows imaging component(wic.exe)
3.  Speednet Version 3.1.2 Release dated 15.12.2011.

B)  New Installation for Speednet Communication:
1.  Copy the contents of Message, RXD and TXD folders under EMSClient folder to another location.
2.  Uninstall the existing EMSClient and delete the original folders.
3.  Restart the system.
4.  Install Speednet Communication and replace the contents of Message, RXD and TXD folders to the new folders.

C)  Speednet Client Upgradation :
     Note:  Please take database backups before attempting Speednet Client upgradation.

1.  Copy the SpeedOne Installer.exe to the machine having Speednet Client... preferably in the Speednet Client folder.
2.  Run the SpeedOne Installer.exe and enter the path where the Speednet Client is installed.
     Note: Speednet Client Path will be selected automatically, 
                if the SpeedOne Installer.exe is copied to the Speednet Client folder.
3.  Follow the steps displayed. The upgradation process includes:
     a)  Upgrading Speednet databases viz., POSPCC and POSPCCBackup by executing the             scripts using ScriptTool.exe.
     b)  Upgrading Speednet Server local databases by executing BNPLDataCorrection.exe.
     c)  Copying the 4 DLLs n Speednet.exe and then registering the 4 DLLs.
4.  In case of any errors during the upgradation process, upgradation can be done manually      by
     a)  Executing the scripts from \\DB Scripts folder using ScriptTool.exe.
           The script tool available in the \\DB Scripts is a command-based utility and cannot              be used for regular script executions.
     b)  Replacing 4 DLLs n Speednet.exe and then registering the 4 DLLs, from the                       \\Speednet Client folder.
     c)  Replacing BNPLDataCorrection.exe and TBNPL.snt files from the \\Speednet Client             folder and running BNPLDataCorrection.exe.



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