Dec 23, 2013

Request Resend Procedure for COD articles Message

Receive COD Messages in post sorting from Central Server

Business and Express Parcel, COD articles was introduced on 02.12.2013 after that we have received Many COD articles manually but COD messages not yet received. so that we could not deliver,redirect or return to sender the article.
Follow the below procedure to Receive COD Article Messages,


  1. Postman 7.9 dated 17.12.13/ Solution dated 20.12.2013 Visit
  2. Solution exl for Postman dated 20.12.13 Visit

Procedure to Receive COD Articles

  1. Update Postman 7.9 dated 20.12.2013 and Solution Link has been provided in Pre-requisite.
  2. Receive Bag Contains COD articles using Registered Parcel Bag Receiving Option
  3. Then Open the COD articles in Parcel Bag Opening Option article types BPCOD/EPCOD.
  4. Login as Supervisor in Postman 7.9 Under Tools option Select Required COD article Click Request Resend.
  5. Execute R Net communication to Receive the COD Article Message.
  6. Kindly refer the below snaps to easy understand.


  • Receive COD Bag
  • Open the COD Article type as BPCOD or EPCOD
  • Resend Request for Selected COD Articles.


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