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DOP Salary / Pension Credit in Finacle

DOP Salary / Pension Credit in Finacle

Uploading the Salary / Pension file in FinacleMENU - 
This option is available only for SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR


1. An excel file with the following columns to be prepared for Pension credit

2. An excel sheet with following columns to be prepared for Salary Credit

3. An exe will be provided to convert the above excel sheets to the prescribed txt formats.
4. The generated .txt files can be stored in the desired location.

(Please note: Uploading of salary and pension has to be done only after BEGIN OF DAY (BOD) of last working day ie 31/01/2014 January 2014)

Procedure to upload Salary / Pension 

1. In ‘Report to Field’, enter ‘DoP’.
2. Transaction subtype should be selected as ‘Transfer – Bank Induced’.
3. Select ‘POST’ option for Action.
Note : First Do the Action as Trial and Correct the Error before Post
4. Select ‘On successful upload’ for Rename File after Upload.
5. Select ‘Local File Path’ and click on ‘Submit’ button.

6. Next screen with ‘Browse’ button will be displayed; select the finacle format file. 
7. Click on Go/ press F4 using KeyBorad.
8. A message ‘Batch process initiated’ will be displayed.
9. Go to HPR to see the success report. Also check OFTI report for getting the details on posting. Note down the system generated Transaction ID.
10. Check whether the “SALARY UPLOAD ACCOUNT” (SOLID0409) is debited for the entire amount and also check the individual credit of salary for each account.
11. Check whether the “PENSION UPLOAD ACCOUNT” (SOLID0408) is debited for the entire amount and also check the individual credit of pension for each account.
12. Salary and Pension account will always be in Credit (-ve) to that extent of salary and pension payment made.
13. Take a print out of Ledger copy of SOLID0408 AND SOLID0409 using the menu 
14. The Dr should be equivalent to the salary or pension credited for the month. It is the duty and responsibility of the Supervisor to ensure that the amount debited from Salary and Pension account is equivalent to the credits made in respective salary and pension accounts.
15. Check whether the system generated ID is posted using HTM. If it is not verified, Tran ID is to be verified by the Supervisor.

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