Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Run-time Error 76 Path Not Found / 70 Permission Denied in Windows 7

Fix Run-time Error 76 / Run-time Error 70

In Some times while open a Point of Sale Module in Windows 7 / Higher version of Operating System it shows an error message, Run -time Error "Error in opening  the Database - 70 Permission denied" so that we could not open Point of Sale.

In Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 while opening Speed Net Module it shows an error message as Run-Time Error 76 Path Not found.

in Postman Module it shows an same error message as Runtime Error 70 Permission Denied.
Both the above messages are Common issues of Windows 7 Security issues.


User Access Control - Should be Lowest Level

  1. Click Start > Type UAC.
  2. Click On Change User Account Control Settings.
  3. Select Never notify in UAC Settings then Press OK.
Note : If Already Configured as Never Notify, Just Move the Once up and Down as Never Notify then press on OK. Reboot your machine to take effect.

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  1. after Changing UAC also i am getting same error

    1. Sir Visit for permanent solution