Wednesday, July 30, 2014

UCR Transaction in Finacle for Excess Cash Found at Counter

UCR Transaction in Finacle

When Excess Cash found in Teller, Operator just do the transaction of UCR in Finacle. 

Operaor May invoke the following menu to 


Enter Sundry Account of SB (SOL ID + 0324

Enter Particulars : UCR Cash.
Remarks : Cash Found Excess on dd/MM/yyyy

Select Partitioning details : Teller ID

Supervisor May Verify the UCR using Menu Called


  1. Select the Function V- Verify and Enter the Transaction ID.
  2. Click on GO button / Press F4 using Keyboard to move the Next Screen.
  3. Verify all the Necessary fields by Supervisor.
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  1. actually this is a wrong method... Actual method is to be done in HTM and u can also an reverse a UCR transaction which is a lengthy process.