Friday, June 05, 2015

Certificates printing (No records fetched) error in DOP Finacle

  1. In DOP we have two types of certificates categories at present they are NSC( National Savings Certificate) and KVP ( Kisan Vikas Patra ) 
  2. In DOP Finacle application after issuing the certificates we have to print the certificates compulsarily in order to deduct the stock in the application. 
  3. If anyone forget to print the certificates then in the Finacle application stock will not be deducted hence make a practise to print the certificates immediately after issuing the certificates in order to eradicate the printing issues. 
  4. For printing of certificates in DOP Finacle application the menu option is HDRP (Deposit Receipt Print). 
  5. When we try print the certificates using the menu HDRP sometimes we get an error as "FER000238-No Records were fetched " 

The screen shot of the error will appear as mentioned in the below figure 

Solution for the above problem

The above problem can be occurred due to the following below mentioned reasons

By default the account statement option at the opening of certificates will be "R-Deposit Receipt" , but if the user selected the account statement option as "Passbook" then the above mentioned error will occur i.e., the system will throw the menitoned error at the time of printing.Hence kindly invoke the menu CSCACM(Modification after verificaton menu ) and change the account statement option to "R-Deposit Receipt" and verify in the supervisor.For reference find the screen shot mentioned below 

2. If any modification is done for the Certificates accounts before printing then also the system will throw the said error while printing.This can be inquired using the menu HAFI (Audit FIle Inquiry ) by using the following process mentioned below.

Invoke the menu HAFI and enter the following 
  • Enter the A/c ID _______________________
  • Select the Authorized as "Not authorized" as mentioned in the below figure
  • Then click on Go then the system will show the account is modified but not verified.
  • For this then verify the account modification by using the menu CSCACM(Modification after verificaton menu ) and then print the certificates.
If anyone face the problem even after verifiying the above said remedies then we have to escalate the issue to Infosys Helpdesk team for analysis at the background level.

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