Sunday, October 18, 2015

IP / ASP Inspection Tool for Post Offices

Inspection Tool for IP / ASP (Passbook verification Tool)

  • The attached Tool is used to verify the Passbook balance and generate the reports of verified entry.
  • Download the Attached Tool from PoTools Enter the SQL Information then press on Ok  to Save the SQL information.

Procedure to Create a database for above verification

  1. After Entering the SQL Information, from the main screen click on ALT + D to enable the configuration to creation the database.
  2. From here you have to enter the Password to unlock the software and create the database.
  3. to know the unlocking password click below link
Using the above password we can create database. now everything is over.

  • As usual required Post Offices POST database may be restored in the Existing POST database.
POST database alone is enough to access the above, remains not required

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