Thursday, October 06, 2016

Automatic backup solution for SQL Express editions

Worried about DB backups in SQL server express editions. This might be a right solution for this problem. No need of external software and also choice for auto backup using task scheduler.
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Most of the SQL servers we use are express edition which do not have SQL server agent, which means you do not have an option of database maintenance under management studio which makes difficult in auto-backup of our databases. Forcing us to use unauthorized software which could not provide auto-backup facility for all databases at all time. Need a solution on this. Here it is:

All you need is to follow this procedure listed here:

1. Create a stored procedure in master database of your sql.
2. Create a batch file to execute this stored procedure.
3. Create a scheduled task for auto backup (optional).
Thanks to N Dinesh Kumar,System Administrator,Udagamandalam HO,
8098693125 e-mail:

Click below link to view the Complete Procedure

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