Thursday, October 06, 2016

Clarification regarding continuation of PRSS scheme without commission in DOP Finacle

As per SB Order 9/2016 dated 23/09/2016, “commission under Pay Roll Savings Scheme (PRSS) will be discontinued with effect from 01/10/2016”.

But most of them are having doubt whether we should accept PRSS lists from the agent portal or not ?

  • The answer to the above question is YES "We should accept the PRSS lists which are prepared in the agent portal and post them using the same procedure laid down in DOP Finacle"
  • PRSS Group leaders can prepare BULK LIST in Agent Portal using their regular login, submit their list along with amount to POs.
  • Finacle will allow acceptance and posting of PRSS bulk list. But no commission will be generated for the posted lists.
  • Those PRSS group leaders who wish to continue to pay without commission can continue to pay their bulk list.

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