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Precautions to be followed while refunding the SCSS TDS amount in DOP Finacle

  • Generally in SCSS interest will be paid to the customer on quarterly basis in DOP.
In DOP we generally HTM menu in order to withdraw the amount from the SCSS Sundry account(SOLID+0338).
  • To check how much amount of interest generated for SCSS account in DOP Finacle we use the menu HTDTRAN.
  • In the menu HTDTRAN enter the account number and click then the system will list of interests generated to that account and TDS amount if the tax form is not submitted by the customer.
  • For example find the below screen shot for illustration
  • Sometimes system will not TDS amount in HTDTRAN hence users can also check in TDS report which is available in the menu HFINRPT with report name Post Office TDS of SCSS/NSS87 Detail Report.
  • After noting the TDS amount by using the above procedure we should follow below precautions while refunding the TDS amount in DOP Finacle.

Precautions to be followed while refunding the SCSS TDS amount in DOP Finacle:-

  • When any customer present request for refund of tax first check whether the TDS amount deducted from that SCSS account or not using the above mentioned procedure.
  • If the TDS amount was deducted by the system and the customer already given the tax form (either 15H/15G) then we should first report to accounts section of concerned HO and wait for the result from HO. There will be 2 cases as mentioned below

Case 1:- 

  • If the concerned HO credited the tax amount to
traces website (income tax website)
then we should not refund the TDS amount we should given form 16 and refund should be claimed from income tax department only.
Case 2 :- 
  • If the concerned HO not credited the tax amount to
traces website
 then take the permission from HO and concerned DO and proceed for refund of tax amount
  • If the TDS amount deducted and the customer has not submitted the tax form then in such cases we should not refund the TDS amount.
  • In DOP Finacle for refund of TDS amount we generally use the menu HRFTDS for operating procedure users can
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