Dec 9, 2018

Strengthening of Branch Post offices : CPMG , Andhra Pradesh Circle

All the Regions may complete this exercise of redeployment of surplus posts including posts kept in abeyance within two month's time

Register and speed post booking machine installed at Bengaluru GPO

This machine is like ATM.Customers can themselves book the articles by putting their ATM cards and postage amount will be calculated by the. Machine according to weight. Articles. Will be cleared by the post office in periodical intervals.This is a first one supplier to Bangalore GPO on experimental basis.This will be put into use in very important places like Railway./ Bus stand/ Commercial places

CAT Direction against OA No.350/1789 of 2018 regarding eligibility for appearing Examination

Dec 8, 2018

GDS Unity is the Message of AIGDSU 10th AIC - AIC CIRCULAR

GDS Unity is the Message of AIGDSU 10th AIC

Ensuing indefinite strike from 18-12-18 Make Success

The AIC August house unanimously accepted the following policy and program placed by the Asst. general secretary. 

1. Divisional leadership have to conduct meetings in sub offices in the divisions from 9-12-18 to 16-12-18.
2. Conduct mass demonstrations in front of divisional offices from 4 p.m. to 5.p.m. from 14-12-18 to 16-12-18.
3. Make huge propaganda in each and every division regarding indefinite strike through print and electronic media.
4. Conduct candle rally on 17-12-18 evening on divisional head quarters.


Draft Notice for 2 DAYS STRIKE ON 8th & 9th JANUARY-2019


ON 12th DECEMBER 2018

Demands proposed by Postal JCA:

Demands of Central Trade Unions :

Corrigendum to Vacancy details of LGO Examination to PA/SA for the vacancy year 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018 to be held on 09.12.2018 - TN Circle

Corrigendum to Vacancy details of LGO Examination to PA/SA for the vacancy year 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018 to be held on 09.12.2018 - TN Circle

Post Office Saving Schemes (POSB)​ – FAQ in Banking

Post Office Saving Schemes (POSB)​ – FAQ in Banking

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How can I claim payment of deceased account / certificate holder?

The claimant may be the nominee or legal heir.
If there is nomination, the nominee can prefer the claim in the prescribed form along with death certificate.
If there is no nomination, any one of the legal heirs can prefer the claim in the prescribed form [SB84]. For this death certificate and consent statements of all legal heirs are required. Claim up to one lakh can be settled.
If the claim is exceeding one lakh, claims can be settled by legal evidence ie, by probate of will or succession certificate.
  1. How to transfer accounts and certificate?
For transfer of accounts- the depositor should apply in the prescribed form SB10(b)​ or manual application. The application can be given either in transferring office or transferee office.
For transfer of certificates- the investor should apply in the prescribed form[NC32]. The application may be given in either of the offices.
  1. How to open an account in post office and its requirements?
To open an account [Savings Bank(SB), Recurring Deposit(RD), Time Deposit(TD), Monthly Income Scheme(MIS) SB3, SB103 (pay-in-slip) and specimen signature slip for SB and TD are required.
For senior citizen accounts, separate forms are to be used. For SB account introduction is compulsory.
  1. What is silent account and how to revive it?
When there is no transaction in an SB account continuously for 3 financial years, the account will be treated as silent account.
For revival, one application from the customer is required. LSG/HSG offices can revive the accounts independently. Remaining offices, HO will revive the accounts.
If the balance in the silent account is less than minimum, then INR. 20/- will be debited towards service charges.
  1. What are late payment fees for recurring deposits?
The monthly deposits should be credited on any day of the month. If the monthly installment is not credited for any particular month, then it becomes a default. The defaulted months can be credited subsequently (for INR. 10/- denomination, 0.020 rs for each month of default) maximum 4 defaults are allowed.
  1. What is the procedure for the issue of duplicate certificates?
The investor should apply in the prescribed form for duplicate certificate in respect of lost, stolen, destroyed, mutilated or defaced certificates (NC29).
The application shall be accompanied by a statement showing particulars of certificates and furnish an indemnity bond in the prescribed form with one or more sureties or with a bank guarantee is required.
In case of mutilated or defaced certificates, no indemnity bond is required.
  1. How I get duplicate passbook?
Application in the prescribed form or manuscript application may be given by affixing prescribed fee in the form of postage stamp. New duplicated Passbook will be issued by sub post offices only.
  1. What are the norms for issuing a Cheque Books?
Cheque books are issued in respect of Cheque accounts.
In a Cheque account, minimum balance should be INR. 500/-
  1. What are the service charges for outstations Cheque?
Cheque realization charges for outstation Cheque.
INR. 30/- for first thousand or part
INR. 31/- for each additional thousand or part
In case of bouncing of Cheque INR. 50/- is charges as service charge.
  1. Can Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) interest be credited to Recurring Deposit (RD) account?
No. There is no provision. Interest amount can be credited to SB account and after that from SB to RD is permissible.
  1. What is the minimum balance required for an account?
Minimum balances in respect of different types of account is given below.​ 
Minimum balances in respect of different types of account
​SB(Cheque account) INR. 500/-
SB(non Cheque account) INR. 50/-
MIS INR. 100/-  (SB Order 18/2017)
TD INR. 100/- (SB Order 18/2017)
PPF INR. 500/-
Senior Citizen (SCSS) INR. 1000/-
Sukanya Samriddhi Accounts (SSA) INR. 250/-

  1. How I can get encashment of certificates / account before maturity?
encashment of certificates / account before maturity for different account
​NSCs (VIII Issue) Maturity period 5 years (for certificates issued on or after .01.11.2011). No premature encasement​possible.
​Different Savings Accounts​
SB Can be closed at any time
RD Premature closure permissible after 3 years - only SB rate is permissible
TD Premature closure permissible after 6 months
MIS Premature closure permissible after 1 year
​​Senior Citizen Premature closure after 1 year
  1. ​ Are there any charges for the use of ATM Card ?
         Charges in respect of different types of ATM transactions are given below.
ATM transaction / charge details
​​Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit INR. 25000/-
Cash withdrawal limit per transaction INR. 10000/-
​Charges for transactions done at DOP ATMs Free (Both Financial & Non Financial) with a limit of 5 Financial transactions per day
Permissible free transactions at other Bank ATMs (per month) Metro Cities - 3 free transactions (Both Financial & Non Financial)
Non Metro Cities - 5 free transactions (Both Financial & Non Financial)
Charges after exceeding permissible free transaction limit at other Bank ATMs Financial & Non Financial Transactions - Rs 20 + Applicable GST​
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NPS To OPS: Major Change in NPS – Govt Contribution Raised to 14%

NPS To OPS: Major Change in NPS

Govt Contribution Raised to 14%

New Pension Scheme to Old Pension Scheme: As per the media news, the Union Cabinet approved on Thursday (6.12.2018) to raise the contribution to National Pension Scheme (NPS) to 14 per cent.
Major Changes has been initiated by the Central Government in the existing National Pension Scheme applicable for the employees joined on or after 1.1.2004 in Central Government Services. The maximum contribution is now 10% of basic pay. The Government contribution may be raised to 14% of basic pay.

National Pension System (NPS) is a defined contribution pension system in place of existing defined benefit system, applicable for fresh entrants to Central Government Service from 1-1-2004 except the Armed Forces. The monthly contribution to be deducted amounts to 10% of the Basic Pay and DA to be paid by the employee and matched by the Central Government. The maximum limit of monthly contribution is 10%.

The Cabinet Committee also approved to increase the commutation percentage from 40% to 60%.

At present, there is only one default scheme for Tier I for Government employees. In the default scheme, the contribution is allocated to three PFMs, viz. SBI Pension Funds Private Limited, UTI Retirement Solutions Limited and LIC Pension Fund Limited in a predefined proportion.

With effect from 10.06.2015, each of the PFMs will invest the funds in the proportion of upto 50% in Government Securities and Related Investments, upto 45% in Debt Instruments and Related Investments, Upto 5% in Short-term Debt Instruments and Related Investments, upto 15% in Equities and Related Investments and upto 5% in Asset Backed, Trust Structured and Miscellaneous Investments.

A Compilation of Blank Forms used in Central Government Departments

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A Compilation of Blank Forms used in Central Government Departments: 



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