Saturday, September 29, 2012

India post speed post tariff revision w.e.f 01/10/2012

update-4 to meghdoot 7.0 released by ptc

it contains two files

1.point of sale.exe
2. wnx.dll

kindly update after dayend 29/09/20121

to download

eMO Communication Error [Padding is invalid and can not be removed error

Please do the following carefully.

warning ! Please do the following carefully.

1. stop the eMO Client application if running.

2. Open the data folder Inside RXD Folder of eMO client installation path.

3. Select details option in View menu on the top of explorer.(View->details). All files will be shown with file type and date modified.

4. Sort the files by modified date(Click on date modified column once or twice).

5. Select and cut all the files received on oldest date and time and copy into to seperate folder on desktop.( these file might be corrupted).

6. Delete all the files with file type qsq_tmp in data folder of rxd.

7. start the eMO client application.

8. Check the eMO after 10-15 minutes.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Accounts Pay bill Error MM 7.3

fter the execution of MM update 3 in Accounts module, its not possible for us to add an additional recovery head for deductions in pay bill.

  In previous versions of Meghdoot we were able to make corrections in the Pay bill like adding the recovery head and deleting it.

After the execution of update 3 the corrections in the pay bill couldn't be made and it throws a run time error.

  "Insert error: Column name or number of supplied values doesnot match the table definition"

To Solve download and replace Accounts.exe


MM7.3 Updation error : Accounts Module Pay drawing error


 While pay drawing in account module its show error like below after 7.3 updation

download and run below attached script to solve


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

TNEB Fetching error

Point of sale module, most of the time TNEB bills are not fetching properly. general errors are

1. return with go sub - this one has rectified in newer version
2.error getting data
    - due to tneb server problem
    - Slow internet connectivity problem
    - ePayment client problem

try this one

Give following settings on ePayment client

[webserver: port: 80
virtual path: epaymentOL ]


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

postman module submit account problem after update 3

error shown below

this error occurs while perform update before dayend postman module

to solve download and run below exl


Monday, September 24, 2012

MM 7.3 Update errors and Solution

eMO Invoicing Problem in Update 3.0:

Errors : unable to invoice eMOs either to Postman Beat or BOs or Window due to the following error:

"Error number: -2147217900
Couldn't find stored procedure 'dbo.Dly_select_EmoforIssuing to Postman/BOs/Window"

To download exl

Emo invoice error in postman at C class office
1. Run below exl file
To download exl
2. run the eMO_1.exl (update-3)
Postman EVP error
Run below exl

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This software will help the special journal users to prepare their special journal of registered letters in e- format (excel file) This excel file can be uploaded using despatch software at postoffice.

Features of the software are

1.Pincode and poname of all the postoffices in India available in this software.So user can easily search and enter the destination pincode.

2.Both Typing mode and scan mode are provided for entering barcodes

3.Auto generation of 8 digits out of 9 digits of barcode. While typing barcodes,only digits to be typed.prefix and suffix will automaticaly come.

4.Auto checking of duplication of used barcodes is provided

5.Postage will be calculated automatically based on weight of the article

6.Modify/delete option for data entry is provided.

7.Report view/print option provided

8.Software will help the user to create data for postoffice.

9.Copying facility of this data to removable disk available in software.

10.Option to send this data via email to postoffice is provided

11.Search ( both local and web search ) facility avilable for special journal user.

12.User login is also provided.

Software can be downloaded from below link.


Server User "dcl" is not a valid user in database "NREGAEMO"

After the installation of sanchay post version 7.0 when you restore the databases and logon to sanchay post, if the error messages shown above will come please run the patch .  The problem is that login for NREGAEMO data base is not created in server.

run the patch attached.


Posman VPP article invoice Error '-2147217900 (80040e14)'


run-time error '-2147217900 (80040e14)'

Procedure or function Dly_select_EVPForIssuingtoPostaman has too many arguments specified

To solve download exl run using script tool

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update 3 to Meghdoot 7.0 released by PTC

Upgradation Procedure of Update 3 to Meghdoot 7.0

 Please upgrade the applications in the following order:(Manual upgradation) or Use Installer Application from Update 3 CD

Please ensure u have take back up of all data base, MDB and Day end is over in all modules.After that do up gradation in the following order 

  1.                         eMO
  2.                         ePayment
  3.                         Point of Sale
  4.                         Despatch
  5.                         Sub Accounts
  6.                         Treasury
  7.                         Postman
  8.                         AccountsMIS
  9.                         R Net Communication
  10.                         MO Compilation
  11.                         Accounts
  12.                         AccountsPBS 

·         Stop eMO and eMO Client applications.
·         Ensure that other emo related applications viz., Point of Sale, Postman etc; are not running.
·         Run emo.exl, eMOOffices.exl, eMOPincodes.exl, eMOBulkPayee.exl, one by one, using Script Tool
·         Replace existing emo.exe and emoclient.exe available in respective installation paths
with the new versions provided
·         Stop ePayment application.
·         Ensure that other ePayment related applications are not running.
·         Upgrade eCounter database by running eCounter.exl and ECounterPOCodes.exl using script tool.
·         Replace the existing ePaymentClient.exe with the new ePaymentClient.exe in ePayment Client installation path.
Point of Sale and Despatch
·         Run the script Counter.exl and Counte_1.exl using Script Tool.
·         Run the script ECounter.exl using Script Tool.
·         Replace the existing PointOfSale.exe with the new PointOfSale.exe in Point Of Sale Client installation path.
·         Replace the existing Despatch.exe with the new Despatch.exe in the installation path.
·         Copy the WNX.DLL to the Point Of Sale Client installation path and register the DLL.
·         Copy the ClientSoftware folder to the C drive of each client system and share the folder.
·         Copy the WNXMasterdata folder to the server.
                        Sub Accounts
·         Run the script SUBACCOUNTS.exl using Script Tool.
·         Replace the existing SubAccounts.exe with the new SubAccounts.exe in SubAccounts Client installation path.
·         Run the scripts Treasury.exl, Treasury.exl using Script Tool.
·         Replace the existing Treasurer.exe with the new Treasurer.exe in Treasurer Client installation path.
                        �� Postman
·         Replace existing Postman.exe with new one.
·         Replace existing EMODelivery.dll with new one.
·         Replace existing EVPDelivery.dll with new one.
·         Register both EMODelivery.dll and EVPDelivery.dll
·         Run Postman.exl with script tool.
AccountsMIS Client (DET)
o   Replace existing Meghdoot Accounts MIS Client.exe with new one.
o   Replace the ServerObject.dll and AccountMISClient.dll with the new ones.
R Net Communication for Post Offices
·         Stop the R Net communication Client.
·         Ensure that the Counter and Postman database up‐gradation is over successfully.
·         Take the backup of Old communication Client.
·         Replace the R Net communication exe with the new one.
·         Run the R Net communication exe.
·         If any error is reported, please send the mail to with error screen shot and Log, TXD and RXD folders.
   MO Compilation ( for Head Post Offices only)
·         Replace existing MOCompilation.exe with new one.
·         Run MOCompilation.exl with script tool.
·         Login as MO Compilation Supervisor and go to My Office �� Environment menu option and provide all required details and click on ‘OK’ button to save entries.
Accounts ( for Head Post Offices only)
·         Copy AccountsFix folder to Desktop.
·         Run AccountsFix.exe available therein.
·         Replace the existing Accounts.exe with the new one
 AccountsPBS ( for Head Post Offices only)
o   copy the new Schedule.exe and replace the old exe with the new exe in the same location.
o   Run the Schedule.exl with script tool.

Sunday, September 16, 2012



1) Count and Display Accounts Opened between Two Dates for all Category.
2) Count and Display Accounts Closed between Two Dates for all Category.
3) Count and Display Accounts Transferred IN between Two Dates for all Category.
4) Count and Display Accounts Transferred OUT between Two Dates for all Category.
5) List of Transaction (LOT) view for all Category.
6) Ledger View for SB, RD, MIS, PPF and SCSS categories.
7) Live Accounts Report.
8) Accounts Without Date of Open Report.
9) Accounts Without Depositor Name.
10) Account Number Not in Index for All Categories.
11) Accounts Out of Ledger Chart.
12) Invalid Accounts List.
13) Find and Delete Duplicate Accounts.
14) Minus Balance Report for all Categories.
15) Closed Accounts With Balance for All Categories.
16) Silent Accounts List.
17) Binder Number Corrections.
18) Modify HO/SO Transaction Dates.
19) Update DLT (For RD Category).
20) Query for All Categories.
21) Find and Delete Invalid Records.

Software for SBCO developed by:
To Download:

Sanchaypost 7.0 Patch updation dt:05/09/12

Sanchaypost updater used to update sanchaypost 7.0 patches just one click.. it also used to update DB Analyzer.


To download spupdater


eVPP article delivery details

As per the ptc mysore's guide lines evpp has to be delivered thourgh the evpp procedure shown by them.

 Means it will come to your postman module like eMO and the amount will automatically comes on receipt side of the daily account.

 Once the evpp article paid. But if the vpmo had been booked for that article there is no solution as per ptc. Bcoz if we book vpmo the commission will automatically arise but in evpp article we dont need to collect the commission amt.

steps for the deleivery of evpp article :

1.Invoice from postman(postsorting)
2.Take delivery in eVPP retruns
3.Give submit a/c on postman supervisior
4.Verify evpp
5.Check daily account for eVPP delivery amount.

Run ePayment client for updation.

To download eVPP complete producedure by PTC.


International parcel tariff updation tool by PTC

Tool for update international parcel tariff w.e.f 01/09/2012

to download:

Instruction to update:

1. download .exe file
2. open downloaded exe file
3. browse point of sale server folder update. wait until finish.