Tuesday, October 30, 2012


1. Download file

2. Extract into DB Analyzer folder

3. Run exe



Postman Name Change : Bug in Update 3 while taking return from postman

The postman name appears twice while taking returns.

PTC Mysore Provide Two exl to solve aboveProblem


Postman EMO returns error - MM 7.3 updation

PTC mysore provide new postamn exe and dll for above problem

After update Postman looks



Fatel disk error comes when infected system by sality virus


1. Download sality virus removal tools

2. Run Scan and Reboot

3. It will scan & remove while booting windows

4. Reinstall Sanchaypost 7.0

AVG Sality remover

Kaspersky Sality Remover

Friday, October 26, 2012

Weblink Updated 24/10/2012

Updated features:

1. For Gmail, press F7 key.
2.For Google Search, press F9 key.

3. For Pincode /Post Office Search, press F12 key.

thanks to srfix.blogspot.in


Thursday, October 25, 2012

::update 6 speednet error::

"item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the request name or ordinal"

To solve run below exl


EMS Client Installation Incomplete

While install speed net communication 3.1.2 update 6 error shows" installer was interrupted"

Steps to update windows 2003 sp2:(Steps 1to 9 if you getting product key error while update sp2)

1.Click on Start and then Run

2.type regedit and click OK

3.Locate reg key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\WPAEvents

4.locate OOBETimer. under WPAEvents folder

5. Right-click on the OOBETimer entry and choose Modify, add at least one digit on it

6.Close regedit and click on Run and type

%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a

7. click enter and choose Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows and then click Next.

8.click Change Product Key  and change key as Q3FT7-T474V-C8WQ6-JR3FB-366BD(checked)
 and then click update.

9.then click remind me later button and remove added digit from OOBETimer so that windows activated.

10. Now download windows 2003 service pack2 from official site

Now we can install Speednet Communication 3.1.2 update 6 without any problems.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Savings Interest Calculator Updated

Savings Interest Calculator for post office interest calculation

to download

Sunday, October 21, 2012

SBCO: OM Register

To download SBCO OM Register

Thanks to

R.Karunakaran, S.Parthiban

SBCO Control register


Control Register used to transfer data from sanchaypost to v2sbco

to download

Thanks to

Mr. Rajendran, SBCO, Dindugal Division.


SBCO Sub office Transfer Tools

Import tool

Search key not found error. Download and open .reg file

@Sub office
Extraction Tool

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Speed net Client error

Speed net Module error while receiving bag.

1. Through Speed net communication, Update the offices data under Supervisor-->Master-->Offices-->Add Additional Offices-->Update option.
2.Download and run below exl script 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Speed Net Communication error

Speed net communication error while run the application. error shows

New speednet communication exe from PTC, mysore


Thursday, October 18, 2012

SpeedNet patch 6 problem in communication installation


1.download Service pack 2 for windows 2003
2.upgrade your os to sp2
3.install speednet communication

to download servicepack 2

Friday, October 12, 2012


To settle the issue regarding getting two rows for the same beat postman while taking Postman Returns in Treasury Module.



Sunday, October 07, 2012

Balance Verification

Download the SBCO, Sanchay Balance Verification Exe below.


Saturday, October 06, 2012


DB Tools - Features

1. To Clear the Log files single / All the Database

2. To shrink the Databases and increase the HDD free space

3. Repair the Access ( MDB ) and Foxpro (DBF) databases

4. To Take SQL Database backup from Any Where & Any Time

5. To ckeck and Correct some internal problem in SQL Database

To download DB Tools.exe

Signature Viewer

Signature Viewer

Using this tool you can view scanned signatures with account details like Date of open, Name and address in Sanchay Post.

Most useful for updating Signatures already scanned with N/A etc message.

To download:

Thanks to

ANANDA KUMAR K G PA / System Administrator
Kunigal - 572130
Tumkur Division
South Karnataka Region
Karnataka Circle.


This Software aims at Total Solutions for CBS Reconciliation Work

Through this software Discrepancy list can be generated at Head Office itself by obtaining Last Balance Report file (DAT files) from SO through e-Mails.

By this physical movement of CBS Team members can avoided to the extent posible. This reduces financial incurrence in form of TA/DA.

Head office can have a check on SO balance whenever desired. HO can save lot of man power and time by concentrate only on discrepant a/c.

This software compares the CBs of V2 SBCO & Sanchay Software
This software will not calculate any Closing Balance. It uses the Closing Balance of V2 and Last Balance Report of Sanchay Post.

This software will not generate discrepancy list as on a "Given Date"
This software compares Closing Balance of V2 (i.e. upto which V2 Data is updated). As such Last Balance report in Sanchay should be generated by giving "As On Date" as SO date upto which V2 Data updated

Specification of V2 SBCO and Sanchay installation path is a must. While entering the path do not type "\" at the end of the path. You can just provide the Path as C:\SBCO OR D:\SBCO
Use index services, and update balance option in V2 SBCO before using this software.
If you would like to use the utility services in this software, please ensure a proper back-up of V2 files.

Update all the patches in Sanchay software before generation of Last Balance Report. Last Balance report file (SB.DAT/RD.DAT/MIS.DAT etc) will be usually stored at sub folder path "SP5\OT" if generated through Online option, or at "SP5\DE\RD" etc if generated using Data Entry Modules.
This software treats "Non Listed Sanchay A/cs in Last Balance Report" as discrepancy. As such kindly give importance for "View Excluded A/cs" option in "Last Balance Report" and take corrective steps to include "Live A/cs" into the list.

At the end of the discrepancy report a summary will be generated. The total number of a/cs in summary is "sum of V2 Live accounts and Number of Sanchay A/cs in excess of V2 a/cs" as this software compares V2 Balance to Sanchay and also Sanchay to V2.

Excess of Sanchay a/c over V2 Accounts are mainly because of
a. non marking of Closed or Transfer remarks
b. No entry in common index
c. Non effecting of inward transfers in V2
d. Listing of accounts having Zero Balance

It is possible with this software to tally the Amount and also number of accounts in V2 and Sanchay.

Check of the Closing Balance as per V2 and Sanchay at the end of the report. If there is any discrepancy in V2 Closing Balance with that of Control Register Figure, use options under "UTILITIES" option in this software. In case of any discrepancy in Sanchay Balance kindly regenerate the Last Balance report either through Online or through Data entry Module. After this re try generation of Discrepancy List.

Under Utility option,
a. Missing OB will be added to ACC file with Name "ADDED ACCOUNT"
b. Duplicate account will only be listed. Corrective action has to taken by the user, by noting down the account number.
c. Re-arrange of binder number will be as per Ledger Chart. If any account range is missing in the ledger chart, then the account will be brought under "UP" binder.
d. Account wise balance will report CB of From a/c to To a/c
e. Miseleneous option excess a/cs in OB files will be removed and also corrective action i.r.o missing Office Code in Transaction file can be taken

At most care is taken before release of this software. However if any drawbacks are found in the software please give your feed backs through any of the contact details provided in next window.

To Download CBS Total software


A tool to clear Previous Year SB Interest in V2SBCO

Procedure to Execute:

-Execute the file to clear previous year SB Interest in V2SBCO.

-After this only use Bridge software to transfer Sanchay Interest to V2 SBCO.


Tool for Calculation of Interest in V2SBCO

Tool for Calculation of Interest in V2SBCO - By Sri. S Sridhar, IP (Tech) Vizak

To Download



Changes From V2.1.3 to V2.1.4 :

1) Added Export to Excel option to Query.
2) Added Clear Temporary Files.
3) Added Backup of Databases.
4) Fixed Bugs in SB, RD, MIS and PPF Ledger.

Check latest updates at : www.sbcoutility.blogspot.com

To Download v2.1.4


Thursday, October 04, 2012

CCleaner v3.25

Optimizing and cleaning tool

CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.


SpeedNet Update 6: error, while fetching articles from counter

While fetching Speed post articles in speednet module, it shows error like hetrogeneous error. This error comes because of speednet  updation. for this error PTC mysore provide two types of exl


To download exl for sql 2000

To download exl for sql 2005



while uploading BNPL customer data's unavailabe, error shows below

to download solution(Script .exl)

If your office is booking BNPL articles, then run the attached script using ScriptTool.exe. 
Other errors noticed are due to non-availability of ePayment facility at your office and does not affect the speednet operations.Please complete with the next steps of upgradation.
With Regards,
Help Desk 1
Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology
Nazarbad, Mysore 570010
Karnataka, India
Ph:   0821 2449015 
Fax:  0821 2440526


SpeedNet Version 3.1.2 Update 6 Release dated 29/09/2012

I. Purpose of Release
II. Prerequisites
III. Upgradation Procedure
IV. Feedback/Error Reporting

I. Purpose of Release:

1. Revision of Domestic Speed Post tariff w.e.f 01.10.2012 vide BD Dte lr.no. 57-06/2011-BD&MD (pt) dated 21.09.2012.

2. Restructuring of Speed Post Discount structure vide BD Dte lr.no. 57-03/2012-BD&MD dated 24.09.2012.

3. Inclusion of 'South Africa' in the list of countries for Speed Post booking as per new EMS Standard Agreement between South Africa and India Post communicated vide Dte (GB) lr.no. 38-6/2010-DA dated 17.08.2012.

4. Revision in the method of calculation of taxes and their rounding off communicated vide BD Dte lr.no. 57-0/2011-BD&MD dated 21.09.2012. 

As per the latest communication, Service Tax, Edn. Cess and Higher Edn. Cess are to be rounded off together to the nearest rupee value instead of the current method of rounding up to the next higher rupee value.

5. New Speednet Communication (C#.Net) module, which will replace the old Speednet Communication (VB 6.0).

to download