Sunday, September 16, 2012



1) Count and Display Accounts Opened between Two Dates for all Category.
2) Count and Display Accounts Closed between Two Dates for all Category.
3) Count and Display Accounts Transferred IN between Two Dates for all Category.
4) Count and Display Accounts Transferred OUT between Two Dates for all Category.
5) List of Transaction (LOT) view for all Category.
6) Ledger View for SB, RD, MIS, PPF and SCSS categories.
7) Live Accounts Report.
8) Accounts Without Date of Open Report.
9) Accounts Without Depositor Name.
10) Account Number Not in Index for All Categories.
11) Accounts Out of Ledger Chart.
12) Invalid Accounts List.
13) Find and Delete Duplicate Accounts.
14) Minus Balance Report for all Categories.
15) Closed Accounts With Balance for All Categories.
16) Silent Accounts List.
17) Binder Number Corrections.
18) Modify HO/SO Transaction Dates.
19) Update DLT (For RD Category).
20) Query for All Categories.
21) Find and Delete Invalid Records.

Software for SBCO developed by:
To Download:

Sanchaypost 7.0 Patch updation dt:05/09/12

Sanchaypost updater used to update sanchaypost 7.0 patches just one click.. it also used to update DB Analyzer.


To download spupdater


eVPP article delivery details

As per the ptc mysore's guide lines evpp has to be delivered thourgh the evpp procedure shown by them.

 Means it will come to your postman module like eMO and the amount will automatically comes on receipt side of the daily account.

 Once the evpp article paid. But if the vpmo had been booked for that article there is no solution as per ptc. Bcoz if we book vpmo the commission will automatically arise but in evpp article we dont need to collect the commission amt.

steps for the deleivery of evpp article :

1.Invoice from postman(postsorting)
2.Take delivery in eVPP retruns
3.Give submit a/c on postman supervisior
4.Verify evpp
5.Check daily account for eVPP delivery amount.

Run ePayment client for updation.

To download eVPP complete producedure by PTC.


International parcel tariff updation tool by PTC

Tool for update international parcel tariff w.e.f 01/09/2012

to download:

Instruction to update:

1. download .exe file
2. open downloaded exe file
3. browse point of sale server folder update. wait until finish.