Monday, April 29, 2013

Accounts Module Drawl error

        While do Drawl in account module it shows an error message " Insert error: Column Name or number supplied does not match with table definition".


  • Download attached exl.
  • Execute downloaded exl using script tool.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

VP Intimation Beta version

Note:This is only for Testing purpose: Kindly never share or publish in bloggers.

This Version only for 4 four days for testing purpose. So  kindly never install this Beta version for sub/head office regular use. 

Kindly Suggest us to develop VP intimation 3.0 most useful. Thank you.Admin, POTools.

Download VP Intimation 3.1 Full version

Friday, April 26, 2013

Weblink - 25.04.13 Icon

To enable installation of new Weblink easily, some modifications done in the release dated 25.04.13.
1. Update status checking provided.
2. At startup,if internet is not available, Weblink will close. After internet connection resumed, you need to open Weblink again.
3. Blogs re classified.
4. MIS links reconfigured.
5. ePapers-broken links rectified.
6. Icon re-designed.

At startup, Weblink will check up availability of updates. If updates available, the above message will be shown.You can update by clicking Yes button.Then file will be downloaded and open. Double click Downloader file.

Click OK. Download will start. Please wait.When download completed, click OK.
 The earlier Weblink deleted and updated version installed  and will open.
Now, if you click Check for updates ,the above message will be shown. 
Download Weblink 8.0 Release Date-25.04.13:

Thanks to : srfix

Failed to query TCP/IP Settings in Windows

            While do repair of the Lan Connection it shows an error message ""Failed to query TCP/IP Settings, Cannot proceed." 

On Command Prompt

IPCONFIG /ALL then press enter it shows only
Windows IP Configuration


Solution 1:
for windows xp sp2:

  • Download following exe from microsoft site.
  • it may fix the TCPIP.SYS file which frequently causes this issue
Solution 2: (All windows)
  • Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt.
  • Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ip reset reset.log
  • Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog
  • Reboot the machine.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Import files from HO fixed at Sanchay Post Counter

              While going to import Interest file from HO at sub office, 0304 Import files from HO not available at Sanchay Post counter.

Method 1:

  • Login as SUPERUSER in Sanchay Post Module.
  • Go to Forms Option > 1. Assign Forms > Select Counter > Click Add.

  • Assign Import files from HO form under Day Begin/End option.
Method 2:
  • Download exe Attached patch file from
  • Execure Upg_Forms.exe from DB_Analyzer folder.
  • Now Log-out All users from Sanchay Post and Do re-login.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SB Closure Error in Sanchay Post

        While do SB closure in Sanchay Post Module its open a New window as "Specify Filter" .


  • Do login in Sanchay Post as Super
  • Go to 04 Initialization > 0410 Financial year >Configure as 01/04/2013 to 31/03/2014.

  • Log out all sanchay post user and do re-login. Now Problem fixed.

A Tool to enable or disable Windows features

   Manage it is a simple and easy to use application developed to improve usability of Windows operating systems. You can handle almost all Windows functionality from a single window of “Manage It”. See the screenshot below to understand what all you can do with it.

      You can easily enable/Disable task manager, command prompt, registry editor and various other features of Windows just by checking or unchecking the appropriate options. Apart from that you can even set an auto-timer to shutdown or restart your computer.

          Manage It is an open-source app and is designed for Windows 7 users. You will not have to install it on your PC. Just download the exe file from the link given below and double click the file to run the app.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tool for Posting Interest entries from Sanchay Post to V2SBCO

This tool  is intended for  posting  the interest  entries generated in Sanchay V2SBCO  database files.  This tool should be used before the SBCO data is upgrade next financial year, but after generation of annual interest in V2SBCO software.

Preparatory Work
1.  Take a backup of SBCO files.
2.  Regular process  for generation of  annual  interest  in V2SBCO should be  done u calculation. Upgradation Process in V2SBCO should not be done at this stage.
3.  View the reports  to check whether interest is generated in V2SBCO using the Reports  –  Annual Reports. If interest is generated in V2SBCO then continue the mentioned steps otherwise check the reason for non-generation of interest V2SBCO software technical person for solution.
4.  Take a print out of Interest (63) report  in V2SBCO  before proceeding further  wit
for future reference. 

Interest Posting Procedure
1.  Unzip and run the setup.exe to install the tool. 
2.  Enter Sanchay Post Server name, SQL user name, SQL password and click on O
3.  Enter the SBCO folder path and click on OK.
4.  If any error is thrown in step  2  or step  3, verify the correctness of  data  entered
respective fields. 
5.  Select the Sanchay Post Office Name and its respective V2SBCO office name.

6.  Click on Start Posting. 
7.  After  the message  showing  completion  of postings  is displayed,  ensure that the error report is checked by  clicking  on  ‘View Error’ button.    The error  report  will list  the accounts for which interest is  not posted.    Take a print out of the error report  separately for each office for future reference.
8.  Steps 5,6 & 7 should be repeated for each office.
9.  Take a print out of Interest  (63) report  in V2SBCO  and compare with the report printed earlier, to check whether Sanchay Post interest entries are posted in V2SBCO database.  

Upgradation of V2SBCO data to next year
After completiong of posting interest entries from Sanchay Post for all the offices, V2SBCO data should be upgraded to next financial year. 

To Download:

To download from sdc 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

BO Tagging Data Transfer tool for HO

BO TAG Data transfer tool for HO:

         BO Tagging automatically transfer while upload in SOSB from Sub office data file. But Some of the offices data transfer not possible or data file not available   for the particular date some discrepancies occurs in SOSB BO tagging, so that we develop one small tool called BO TAG DATA TRANSFER TOOL FOR HO.


  • BO Tagging data file can generate at Sub offices by using this tool.(BO TAGGING TOOL v2.0 or higher can also generate Data file for HO).
  • File will be generated at application path and extension as .pt
  • @Head Office by using this tool we can upload BO tagging data file(*.pt) that was received from Sub office.
  • Select Correct SOSB Database for upload data file if wrong it will not update.
  • Automatically clear previous bo tagging before upload file.

Note: Kindly take sosb database backup before upload @ HO 

To Download:

Friday, April 19, 2013

Avast Browser Clean Icon

This new tool serves to delete pesky and unwanted tool bars and plug-ins from your browser(s). Simply download and run the Browser Cleanup utility without the need to install anything. Once you run the utility, you will see a list of tool bars and plug-ins and be able to disable them with one simple click.
Sachay Post File generation problem Solved by uninstall unwanted tool bars and Add-ons. Avast Browser Cleanup is help to remove Tool bars and add-ons. 

To download from potools:

To download from official site:

Thanks to:

IFS MO Error and Solution

         While fetching IFS MO it shows an error message " Error in connecting to the Server. Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid. Please check your internet connectivity and retry... "


  • Download emoclient.exe from
  • Replace emoclient.exe old one (ie: C:\Program files\emo client\  folder)
  • Go to the folder C:\windows\System32\drivers\etc.Open the file “Hosts” file using notepad. There will be an entry like the following inside the hosts file.
  • Add one more entry below after localhost

(Note: Delete Entry if it is available)

thanks to


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Annual interest calculation error at SO

        While doing annual interest calculation at SO it shows an error message " No records of the entered financial year found for posting"


  • It may problem with interest file that was generated at HO after interest calculation.
  • Login as SUPER User in HO Sanchay Post.
  • Use 03 Day begin/Dayend >  0305 Re-Generation of files for HO.

  • Select Date which you have already interest calculation date performed at HO and Sub-office.
  • Again Calculate SB annual interest posting at SO by using regenerated file.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DB Analyzer updated 15/04/2013

DBAnalyzer has a new feature to generate a consolidated report of all discrepancies in the database. Unzip the additional exe & all the DLL files included in the DBAnalyzer zip file and copy to the DBAnalyzer folder.

NOTE: Generation of Consolidated Report is a TIME CONSUMING PROCESS. All offices are advised to generate this report after completing the daily routines like DAY-END process, Database Backup, etc.

To Download:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Interest Calculator updated 15/04/2013 Icon

Features in this File:

Updated on 15/04/2013:

  • In the Link "PPF Interest Calculation", Provision has been added to find out Eligible Loan and Withdrawal amount that can be taken in PPF account.
  • In the Link "Print Tables/Forms", Claim Forms for SB/SC and Application for Reinvestment of Maturity value, and Interest Rate Table (in Tamil) and link to access "Indiapost Forms page" are included

Updated on 01/04/2013:

  • New Interest rates w.e.f. 01/04/2013 configured for all schemes. 
  • Old interest rates can also be calculated by entering the concerned Date of opening 
  • RD PMC Calculator can be downloaded from RD "View More" link
  • "Print Tables/Forms" link is provided in Main calculator page to Print Ready reckoner tables for RD/TD/MIS and Pamphlet, Forms.
  • Updated on 06.11.2012:
  • Validation for KVP Date of Purchase (Now Date can be entered only from 01.03.2003 to 30.11.2011)
  • Feedback form modified.
  • Updated on 31.10.2012
  • Option for Entering Date of Opening of Accounts
  • Their Respective Maturity/Interest Amounts, A/c periods, Date of maturity,etc.,
  • Current status of A/c for Closure/PMC/extn., etc.,
  • Reduced Int. for TD, Bonus, Deductions, PMI details,etc.,
  • KVP discharge value calc,
  • SB,PPF,PMI calc,
  • PPF approx maturity value calc,
  • Easy Initialisation of Interest rates for schemes, if changed...
  • Option to download the latest excel calculator (if any), right from this excel file itself...  

Thanks to 

Point of Sale/ Despatch Day end error

    while day end despatch/point of sale it shows an error message "A floating point exception occurred in the user process" and also project arrow information were not generated.

  • Download SQL 2000 service pack 4 from Microsoft website.
  • Update SQL service pack .
  • Now you can day end Point of sale / Despatch module with  out above error.

Friday, April 12, 2013

PLI csv File Generation Problem - Accounts PBS

         while download PLI csv file from account PBS it shows an error message as "Sub query returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <=, >, >= of when the sub query is used as an expression"


1.  Once u run the exe, u will have to enter server name and then click on Connect button. Now in   the next window, if u r getting “Delete Button” at the end and the records of the policies for   which same loan account number is allotted and whose active status ( 0 or 1, 0 means dead and 1   means live ) is also given, u will have to select all the unwanted policies for which same loan   account number is allotted, no matter whether the active status is 0 or 1. 

Don't select the policy  with correct loan account number and active status as 1. Then click on Delete button.

It will  delete all those unwanted policies which were raising the error.

2.  After connecting to server, if u r getting the “UPDATE BUTTON” and the records of the policies  in which, for the same policy number, two live LOAN ACCOUNT NUMBERS are allotted, then u will  have to make the wrong LOAN ACCOUNT NUMBER as dead. For making it dead, u will select that  particular record of the policies and click on “UPDATE BUTTON.”

3.  If u r not getting any records, it means that everything is all right in Loan Repayment the exl PLIMaster_duplicate.exl and run through script tool.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bridge Plugin Setup and Updates

Bridge Plugin Setup:
Download and Install Bridge plugins from potools

Replace SB Plugins and V2Conversion Latest exe

To Download:


SB Plugins v3.2

To Download:

V2Conversion 3.1

To Download:

Note: Most of the potools visitors request link for download Bridge Plugin updates.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Download NIC PLI Error

         While download NIC PLI Master data  by using NIC PLI Bridge Module it shows an error Message " Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Meghdoot_NIC_PLIBridge.Frm_PLI.ProcessTransfer()"


The NIC PLI .csv file which is trying to be uploaded will have null data.

  • Try downloading other file from NIC site.
  • Try to remove Null value from that file.
  • Download again by using without null data file .csv.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Solution for Treasury Time out Expired

       While View Monthly report in Treasury module it shows an error Time out-expired.
Error message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Query timeout expired.

Step 1:
  • There may be huge data in the databases causing the time out error. 
  • Take backups of Treasury, subaccounts, Subtreasury, BOsubaccounts databases. 
  • Close Treasury, Subaccounts modules at the time of execution of the script.
  • The script may be executed once or twice. Afterwards, day begin may be done in Treasury module. 
  • Run the attached file with script tool to delete the old data upto 31.12.2011. 

Note:The approval of the competent authority may be obtained before deletion of old data.

Step 2:
  1. Download and Execute above exl
  2. Run below query using Query Analyser
USE BOSubaccounts GO
Note 1: Execute query 1-2 times.

Note 2: While execute Above query in Analyzer it may show time out error, to overcome this error 
  • Set the Remote Query timeout as '0'  through option 
  • SQL server >Properties >Connections in SQL Server Management studio.
  • Afterwards, execute the above DBCC CHECKDB on BOSubAccounts database Once again and then Check for the report.

Friday, April 05, 2013

BO Tag/ Clear Reference Tool

Set SO/BO Accounts:

This is the tool for settings accounts information as SO accounts or BO accounts. Bulk accounts can be configured as BO accounts or SO accounts in single click by selecting accounts and shifting to SO->BO or SO<-bo font="" side.="">

Delete/Clear Multiple BO Reference

This is the tool for delete the references of accounts having multiple BO reference. i.e. if one account relates to xyz BO then it has only one reference of xyz BO. But some times it has multiple BO reference(having another BO references also). This type of Discrepancy can be solved using this tool. 

Usage : Select the scheme and click on view. If the multiple references found then the tool will display the details of Account Nos and number of BO references. Click on the account no and you will get the details of BO references in right side. Select the BO referece to delete and click on delete. Keep the actual BO reference.


PBs not Received for EOI & PBs 4 Verification Icon

While installing the PBs not Received for EOI and PBs 4 Verification software, if you get the above error, you can use the portable copy of these softwares.

PBs not Received for EOI:

PBs 4 Verification:

Developed by:
R.Karunagaran, System Manager,
Tirupattur HPO – 635601

BO Tagging Software Icon

To Download:

Developed by:
R.Karunagaran, System Manager,
Tirupattur HPO – 635601

Thursday, April 04, 2013

V2SBCO - Execute Silent Account Service Charge

Silent Account Service Charge execution problem in V2SBCO is due to previous Technical Revival for this Financial Year.

Take backup for safety measures

Use the following command to change the remark.  

Go to Command prompt  C:\>



Here 99 is Office Code


Then go to V2SBCO software Master Maintenance, Index service 

Then Report - > Annual Report - Silent Change  View the report and Give "Y" to deduct the service charge.


Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Weblink with SRTools

It is felt that some of the utilities provided in the Weblink are causing inconvenience while working. Therefore, the utilities are removed and provided in a separate Tool 'SRTools'. You may delete this Tool from the Weblink folder if u feel not needed.

To Download:

Source: Srfix