Saturday, October 05, 2013

A Guide to Despatch 7.8 Bag Configuration

 A Guide to Over-ride Despatch 7.8 Bag Configuration Problem

1. Call for Office master data through R Net Communication 3.0 & receive it.

2. Call for Hub master data through R Net communication & received it.

3. Update both above received data through Despatch Super-Update Office master.

4. It data receiving is not responding to...take backup of RXD folder in R Net Communication folder else where and empty RXD folder's Sub folders (Data & RXD1). Also delete trxcheck file, if available.

5. Try to received both above data again. It will be received.

6. Run exl file InsertHubmaster, Update RNetHubmaster & counter23092013 files through script tool.

 Download PoTools Auto Script execution Tool

7. Add Parcel & Regd bag in separate Despatch i.e. Despatch 1, despatch 2, despatch 3 etc.

8. Restart the Despatch and re-check parcel bag, if not available, add these.

9. Give proper path to R Net communication folder. If RNet Communicaiton folder is not accessible through LAN, Un-check RNet communication folder > Property > Read only. Also check full control option in Sharing>>Permission

Clear pending DET by changing appropriate date, if failed continue to another date.

At last date, execute Transmit pending files option,

Download and Execute Script Manually:

Thanks to:
Shri. Kulwant SinghSystem Administrator
Kurukshetra Division-136021.
Mobile – 9991998111.                                                                                via: sapost

Above download link Not working....

Download from Google drive:

PoTools Auto Script Executor:

Zipped Script file for Manual Execution:

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