Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just for Info : Modification in eMO Module and Client 20.12.2013

eMO Update Dated 20.12.2013 by CEPT

Center for Excellence in Postal Technology, Mysore is making constant efforts to improve the quality of software to provide best services.  As part of this activity, CEPT reviewed the performance of e-MO software and brought in certain changes.  One of the major difficulty noticed is about the non updation of data in the data center in respect of paid money orders.   The problem has been rectified and a new software has been released to rectify this problem. 


The modified software has been uploaded on the ftp site at location: ftp://cept.gov.in/Meghdoot7/Updates/eMO/


     The revised software will examine the health of the file while communicating to the Central Server,
  1. Automatically resolve some errors so that status of all eMOs of the office is updated at data center. 
  2. Revised application will minimize the transmission errors relating to booking, redirection and paid eMOs.  

Procedure to be followed 

  1. Stop eMO, eMOClient and other eMO related applications.
  2. Take the backup for eMO database and make a copy of existing eMO/eMOClient exe in a safe location
  3. Make sure that your office is upgraded to Update 8 and then IFS update. If not updated then do it sequentially (first update 8 then IFS update).
  4. Run the eMO_ErrorAudit.exl and eMO20122013.exl. Once it is successful, copy eMO.exe and eMOClient.exe  in the corresponding installation folders
  5. Run the applications and check for any error.
  6. If any issue please mail to support@ceptmysore.net

Negative List Revised Dated 28.12.2013

Negative List Upto 30.11.2013

Download Link


Included Update

The file 'NL_20131130.exe' should be copied to DBAnalyzer folder and executed after completion of day's transactions. This will update the negative list in Sanchay Post upto 30/11/2013. (Corrections received upto 27/12/2013).

In addition to Negative List, updations relating to PINCODE details are also done in the database. Hence, execution of this patch will take longer than the usual updation time. System Administrators should ensure that the server is not switched off till successful execution of the patch.

Updation Procedure

To confirm updation, use 'DBAnalyzer >> Database Discrepancies >> NSC >> Details of negative list updation' option.



The Center for Excellence in Postal Technology (CEPT), Mysore is making constant efforts to improve the quality of software to provide best services. As part of this activity, CEPT will now be pushing Speednet updates from the Data centre directly to the field offices, which have implemented Speednet Version 4.1.

At present, whenever an update is released for Speednet, the System Administrator has to go round all the offices under his control and to update software manually. Now this process is automated. The software at the local office gets updated automatically whenever CEPT releases update. SpeedNet communication will do the miracle.


a) SpeedNet Update 4.1 should be available in the system.
b) In respect of computers running XP SP1 or SP2, DotNetframework 2.0 or higher to be installed.

How it happens:

  • If the updates are limited to database upgration the same will happen silently in the background.
  • If the updates includes application level changes

  1. The operator will be shown a message indicating availability of New update, at the time of login. and follow the instructions displayed. (This activity can be done by any operator)
  2. Software will not allow login, unless the upgradation process is completed.

Action to be taken by Offices running much older versions:

Offices not implementing Speednet Version 4.1, will have to upgrade manually by downloading the SpeedOne Updater.exe file available in the CEPT FTP site (at ftp://cept.gov.in/SpeedNet/speednet4.1.1/). For upgradation requirements, please refer the ReadMe file.


During automatic transmission, files may get damaged due to various Network or other problems. In such cases errors will be displayed while updating the application. When such errors are encountered, please download the update directly from ftp://cept.gov.in/SpeedNet/speednet4.1.1/


For any further support please send mail to support@ceptmysore.net with subject as :

Phone: 91-821-2449015; 91-821-2440092;
09449865961; 9480809728; 9480809707

Fax: 91-821-2440526

Monday, December 30, 2013

DB Analyzer Revised Dated 28.12.2013

DBAnalyzer for Sanchay Post dated 28.12.13

Version        :  DB Analyzer Revised Dated 28.12.2013.
Modification :  294 Discrepancies added.



Note : Daily Work

Generation of Consolidated Report is a TIME CONSUMING PROCESS. All offices are advised to generate this report after completing the daily routines like DAY-END process, Database Backup, etc.

Speed Net 4.1.1 Communication Issues and Solution

Solution for Speed Net 4.1.1 Communication


While execute Speed Net Communication 4.1.1 It shows an error message as Error while Updating Office data: Could not find stored procedure 'Sp_BulkCopy_from_Officedatafiles'.

Error Snap


  1. Download the attached script file and execute it using Meghdhoot Script Tool after taking database backups.
  2. Then, update the offices data using the option in Speednet communication-->Update Offices.


Download exl

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday Updater 2014 AIO

Holiday Updater 2014 AIO by Sivakumar N

Developed by : Sivakumar N SA, Karunagapally HO


  1. Updating Holiday list 2014 in Sanchaya Post module and SubAccount module for various Circles.  
  2. No need of much configuration.
  3. It is very simple to execute. 
  4. Weekly holidays should be updated separately after or before updation with this tool.

Included circle

In the first release only five Circles are included.
  1. Andra Pradesh
  2. Karnataka
  3. Kerala
  4. TamilNadu
  5. Odisha

for Include More circle

If anyone wants to add more Circles into this tool, same can be achieved through sending the Holiday list to the developer’s email id, sivakumarn007@gmail.com



Developer Mail


Try this one also

Saturday, December 28, 2013

IFS MO Windows delivery Issues and Solution

IFS MO Received and Not able to Invoice in Postman 7.9


              After Update the Latest version MM7 Update 9 dated 23.12.2013 , but in some office IFS MO not come for delivery in postman 7.9 due to
  • IFS MO Not updated
  • improper update of IFS MO

Solution 1:

  1. Download attached script zipped file.
  2. Extract the same and Execute all the scripts inside the Folder using MM Script Tool.



Solution 2:

  1. If solution 1 is not fix your issues, solution 2 will fix your issues
  2. Please take emo DB backup & then run the attached script .Problem will solve



Update Latest eMO

Friday, December 27, 2013

eMO Updates 20.12.2013 updater

eMO Updates 20.12.2013- Made easy through Updater

  • Stop eMO, eMOClient and other eMO related applications.
  • Take the backup for eMO database and make a copy of existing eMO/eMOClient exe
  • Make sure that your office is upgraded to Update 8 and then IFS update. 
If not updated then do it sequentially
(first update 8 then IFS update).
  • Run the Updater 
a.Provide Server name and click OK.
b.Select all Exl files and click Execute.
c.For Client machine, select the Drive letter click OK. Then click Update.
  • Check for any error.
  • If any issue please mail to support@ceptmysore.net

Note: These updates are incorporated in Updates9 /23.12.13 re uploaded on 27.12.13

MM Update by SRFix - Updates 9 up to 23.12.2013

Updates9 updated as on 23.12.13 by CEPT is compiled and available for download in below link:

AIO Installer by srfix

AIO Installer - CD Autorun utility created by srputtur. Feel the installation work enjoyable through this Tool.
Just select the module and click install.You can watch the sequence of the installation and no more left out installations. 

Browse this CD:

View the content of CD through Window Explorer


All Meghdoot applications are linked through MM7 folder (with POS of Update1)

Musthave Tools

Pre Requisites for a Postal PC.

Due to the bulky size, the following files are not included in the Musthave folder. You may include them to make the Tool fully functional.

For HO only:

Some of the applications for HO which are rarely used, are placed separately. (linked from MM7 folder)


Applications meant for only WCTC/DTC.


Presently linked to Speednet 3.1.2
Still I could not create database through set up of 4.1.1 :(


Folder for keeping software needed only for you.

How to have your own aio DVD ?

  1. Download AIO zipped file and extract it.(AIO Folder)
  2. Download supporting folders and place extracted folders inside AIO folder.
  3. Place this in your System, Pen Drive or burn to a DVD.

To make the DVD Autorun, the contents of the AIO folder must be in DVD root.
(Not AIO Folder)

Download AIO

Download supported Folders 

(Without these, AIO is not functional):

Mail to

Send your feedback/Doubts to srputtur@gmail.com

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tool For Configure Holidays List 2014

PT Holiday 2014 for Configure Holiday List

Tool      :  PT Holidays 2014 v2.0.0
Module :  Point Of Sale, Sub Account, Sanchay Post.


  • Configure holidays 2014 in Three Modules with one click.
  1. Point Of Sale.
  2. Sub Accounts.
  3. Sanchay Post.
  • No Need to Configure Weekly holidays separately.

Download Circle-wise Holidays 2014 Tool :

Andra Pradesh Circle:
Karnataka Circle:
Kerala Circle:
Odisha Circle:
Tamil Nadu Circle:

Snap Shot


Download(other than AP,KERALA,KARNATAKA,TN Circle)

PT Holidays 2014


  1. Download PT Holidays 2014 For your Circle.
  2. Just Click Browse Point of sale Server path, select Require Modules to Update.
  3. Click Update 2014 Holidays.
Note : Other than AP,Karanataka,Kerala and TN Circle requested to download Common holiday 2014 Tool and feed your circle holiday Configuration Once.

Dear SAs, If your Circle is not listed in above, kindly download Common PT Holidays 2014 and Configure your circle Holidays and Send to potools1@gmail.com. Thank you

Complete Guide for COD Delivery Process 

COD Articles Delivery Process 

Prepared By: DCTC Ahmedabad City Division

COD Parcel Receiving Procedure:

For Get electronically data for
COD Articles >Invoicing > Parcels >
  • Bag Receiving ( Ctrl + T)

Select the Bag type and enter the

  • Bag Number
  • Office of Desptch
  • Click on OK.

Click on Parcel Bag Opening (Ctrl+N) 
  • Enter the bag number > Select the article type and enter the article number.
  • After receiving of articles click on OK.

COD Message Request

Login as Supervisor
Click on Tools 
  • Request-Resend Parcel COD Booking Data.
This menu Show only those articles whose electronically data is not received.
  • Select the article number and click on Send Request Button.
  • Run "Rnet Communication" after Request sent to Central Server.
Click on 
  • COD Articles > Articles for Delivery > Post Sorting (Ctrl + K) for invoice to Postman.
Select the Beat Number for issue and click on Fetch button, select article numbers and click on 
Delivery Slip Snaps:

Dispatch Mismatch Pincode COD Articles

If article book with wrong pincode, it will not fetch in Post Sorting. Such article will show in 
  • COD Articles > Dispatch Pincode Mismatch COD.
  • Select the article number and click on "Return to Sender" Button.

COD Article Returns

Submit Account

MM Updater Tool by SRFix

Updater Tool in Windows 7

Issues clarified.

It is reported that Updater tool is not properly working in Windows 7.

It is tested in Windows 7 and there is no such issue of non working in Windows7. Even executing from Desktop also not caused any problem.
However,the machine specific errors cannot be ruled out.
Therefore,in such case please follow the following steps.

  1. Extract the zipped folder. Do not run the exe by double clicking the zipped folder.
  2. If not working from Desktop, place the extracted folder in C:\ or D:\
  3. Right click Updater.exe and Select Run as Administrator option.
  4. In the Updater exe dated 23.12.13 registry configuration for registering DLL files by double clicking the DLL file is provided. So once you run the Updater and exit it, you can register DLL files by double clicking the file. There is no need to register 5 DLL files mentioned as below. they are silently registered by Updater. This is only to make this tool flexible for registering any DLL file if need arises.
  5. Validation for checking EXL folder,Updates folder and Scripttool exe file provided.

Exe only Updates9

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Parcel Net Revised Version 23.12.2013 by CEPT

BNPL Parcel Net Update Revised 23.12.13

Released by : CEPT, dated 23.12.2013.


Latest Update: Parcel Net MM 7 Update 9 dated 23.12.13

Post Office Software 23.12.13


Solution Dated 23.12.2013


RMS Office Dated 23.12.2013


PMI Not calculated in Sanchay Post 7.0

In Sanchay Post 7.0 PMI Not calculated

while Close Savings bank Account like RD,KVP,NSC it does not calculate PMI Interest due to improper updation of sanchay Post 7.0


  1. Non updation of Sanchay post 6.5 or 6.5 R2.
  2. Improper updation of Sanchay Post 6.6.1 or 7.0


  • Check in the latest DBAnalyzer for the status upgradation of Ver 6.5, 6.5R2, 6.6.1 & 7.0.
  • If found any Error, send Screenshot to sblanhelpdesk@gmail.com

Monday, December 23, 2013

Opening Parcel Bag in Postman 7.9

Opening Parcel Bag in Postman 7.9 prepared by SRFix

While opening Physical Parcel Bags, type of Parcels is not viewed in Postman7.9

Click on the data grid area (marked Blue) Then combo box appears. Now you can select the required type of Parcel received.

Request Resend Procedure for COD articles Message

Receive COD Messages in post sorting from Central Server

Business and Express Parcel, COD articles was introduced on 02.12.2013 after that we have received Many COD articles manually but COD messages not yet received. so that we could not deliver,redirect or return to sender the article.
Follow the below procedure to Receive COD Article Messages,


  1. Postman 7.9 dated 17.12.13/ Solution dated 20.12.2013 Visit
  2. Solution exl for Postman dated 20.12.13 Visit

Procedure to Receive COD Articles

  1. Update Postman 7.9 dated 20.12.2013 and Solution Link has been provided in Pre-requisite.
  2. Receive Bag Contains COD articles using Registered Parcel Bag Receiving Option
  3. Then Open the COD articles in Parcel Bag Opening Option article types BPCOD/EPCOD.
  4. Login as Supervisor in Postman 7.9 Under Tools option Select Required COD article Click Request Resend.
  5. Execute R Net communication to Receive the COD Article Message.
  6. Kindly refer the below snaps to easy understand.


  • Receive COD Bag
  • Open the COD Article type as BPCOD or EPCOD
  • Resend Request for Selected COD Articles.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

eMO and eMO Client Update dated 20-Dec-2013

Update eMO and eMO Client dated 20.12.13

In some offices errors are noticed during transmission.  To overcome such issues some modifications were made in eMO/eMOClient Application.

Procedure to be followed 

  1. Stop eMO, eMOClient and other eMO related applications.
  2. Take the backup for eMO database and make a copy of existing eMO/eMOClient exe in a safe location
  3. Make sure that your office is upgraded to Update 8 and then IFS update. If not updated then do it sequentially (first update 8 then IFS update).
  4. Run the eMO_ErrorAudit.exl and eMO20122013.exl. Once it is successful, copy eMO.exe and eMOClient.exe  in the corresponding installation folders
  5. Run the applications and check for any error.
  6. If any issue please mail to support@ceptmysore.net


Direct Download Link:


R Net Communication 4.0 and BNPL Parcel Issues and Solution

R Net Communication and BNPL Parcel Issues


If MS Office 2007/2010 not installed in the machine, While upload Excel file in BNPL Parcel Software it shows an error message  The 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provided is not registered on the local machine."

while execute R Net Communication it shows an error message as   The 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provided is not registered on the local machine."



  • Download and install Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable pack.
  • Exit once from R Net Communication and BNPL Parcel then login.


For 64-bit and 32-bit Machine


Solution for Postman 7.9 dated 20.12.2013

Postman Package Problems Dated 20-12-2013 

Solution :

1. COD Articles Appearing more than once for Invoicing
2. Postman Day End Error "Select BO EVP's For Verification"
3. Already Dispatched BO COD Articles Not Appearing for Supervisor Verification.
4. COD Articles Fetch Error for Invoicing.


Postman exls

MM Updates All In One Updater by srfix

MM Updates AIO by srfix

  • Scripts released by CEPT Mysore from MM Updates-1 to MM Updates-9 with all Exes and DLLs are bundled here.
  • This All in One contains 69 Scripts serially numbered.

Why this AIO? :

  1. When Server is formatted and databases are created afresh and when Client machine is formatted.
  2. To apply these scripts and Exes, Updater is also included.


  1. Meghdoot7 Software.
  2. Point of Sale Client Setup from MM Updates-1 (Available here)


To make installation most enjoyable, use: aio installer by srfix