Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Update 5 to Meghdoot 7.0 for NREGIcon

Update 5 to  eMO client has been put in PTC ftp site and the link is ftp://cept.gov.in/Meghdoot7/Updates/Update-5(NREG)/
A Readme file containing the instructions for installation is also available there.

Upgradation procedure for NREG in c/w eMO Client 

  • Ensure that your emo database is already upgraded with version 7 update 3. In offices having Sanchay post latest version installed and NREGAEMO database is available, please upgrade the same with NREGAEMO script provided.
  • Stop eMO client exe if running. Replace existing eMOclient.exe available in eMO client installation path with new eMO client exe provided in upgradation.
  • For the first time, when you run new eMO client exe, it will prompt to enter Sanchay post server details as below.
Enter Sanchay post server name if Sanchay Post server is available in that office else select not available and click on OK.

Your system will now be ready for receipt of Sanchay post related files through eMO client from central server if server details were provided.

For adding Sanchay post codes, option is available in Divisional administrator web login of eMO. Reports regarding NREG are available under Reports menu.

Please select the eMO Office Name and update Sanchay post code used for that PO.

To Download

PO Code Updater for sanchaypost

To Unlock above post:

1. Register with us using join us

 2.Type subject as Password: PO Code Updater for SanchayPost and mail to potools1@gmail.com

eMO Disaster Recovery Details

Disaster Recovery – Request for Data:
This option is used for getting the pending unpaid eMOs. Once request is processed the pending unpaid eMOs will be send to the client
Select transaction ->Disaster Recovery -> Request for Data (eMO supervisor.)

  • Select office for which the request should be given.
  • Enter the remarks click on OK.

Disaster Recovery – eMOs Paid entry:
This option should be used only for entering the payment details for eMOs which are paid already but not updated in the server.
Select Data Entry-> Disaster Recovery -> eMO Paid entry. (eMO Operator)

  • Select Office name.
  • Select PNR Numbers from the list.
  • Enter Head Office Account Date.
  • Enter eMO payment date and SO Account date.
  • Click on OK.

(Note: SO paid information will be transmitted to central server once the paid details are tallied with accounted figures by the supervisor.View and delete option is also available for making any changes office wise.)

Disaster Recovery – Paid Verification:
This option is used for verifying the disaster paid details and tallying with accounted figures.
Select transaction ->Disaster Recovery -> Paid Verification.
  • Select Head Office Account Date and click on fetch.
  • eMO figures and accounted figures will be displayed for all the offices.
  • Select the office for which eMO figures and Account figures are tallied and click on verified button.
  • If any discrepancy is noticed please enter the reason for the discrepancy in amount.
  • Paid details will be verified on clicking on verify button.

Disaster Recovery – Redirection:
This option is used for redirecting eMOs received through Disaster Recovery option .
Select transaction ->Disaster Recovery -> eMO Redirection

  • Select Office Name for which the Redirection should be done.
  • The list of eMOs pending for that office will be displayed .
  • Select the PNRnumber. Then select the reason.
  • Enter the address to which it is redirected.
  • Click on OK.

Disaster Recovery – eMOs not to be Paid:
This option is used to eliminate the eMOs which are already paid or redirected but received again for payment.
Select transaction ->Disaster Recovery -> eMOs not to be paid
  • This option will give the list of eMOs which are neither paid nor redirected.
  • If any of the eMOs is already received from other office, paid manually or redirected but not properly updated, you can update that eMOs as not to be paid with suitable remarks.
  • Select PNRNumber.
  • Enter Remarks.
  • Click on OK
  • The eMOs which are entered as not be paid will not be available for invoicing in the Postman module or Redirection option in eMO.