Thursday, February 28, 2013

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DB Analyzer revised version released on 28-feb-2013 by SDC Chennai.

To Download Revised DB_Analyzer.exe

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Database Creation Error: SQL Connection Failed

        Some times while creating Database by using our Dept. Software's i.e Point of sale, subaccount, treasury, postman, eMO, Speednet, etc., it Shows an error messages as
"Connection to the SQL Server failed. The server name may be wrong or the UserId or Password Entered may be incorrect. Check the status of the SQL Server also."


1.Above error occurs wrong selection of authentication while sql server 200/2005/2008 installation.

2. To overcome above problem, Right click SQL server Server properties in Enterprise Manager.

3. Then go to Security Tab > Select SQL Server and Windows Authentication then Click ok then click Yes for Restart SQL server to take effect.

4. After restart SQL server User login sa will be created then Goto Security > Logins> Sa right click properties to change password.

Now Your sql server ready to connect for database creation with our dop softwares.