Tuesday, April 02, 2013

DB Analyzer Dated 02/04/2013

DBAnalyzer has a new feature to generate a consolidated report of all discrepancies in the database. Unzip the additional exe & all the DLL files included in the DBAnalyzer zip file and copy to the DBAnalyzer folder.

NOTE: Generation of Consolidated Report is a TIME CONSUMING PROCESS. All offices are advised to generate this report after completing the daily routines like DAY-END process, Database Backup, etc.

To Download:

Sub account Verification error

             While doing BO remittance Verification in Sub account it shows an error Invalid Object name 'sotransit01042013'


  • Error occurs when received BO Cash on Date 31/03/2013 instead of 01/04/2013                     
  • Cancel BO remittance in Treasury 
  • Receive With correct Date, Then proceed Verification in subaccount