Saturday, April 20, 2013

BO Tagging Data Transfer tool for HO

BO TAG Data transfer tool for HO:

         BO Tagging automatically transfer while upload in SOSB from Sub office data file. But Some of the offices data transfer not possible or data file not available   for the particular date some discrepancies occurs in SOSB BO tagging, so that we develop one small tool called BO TAG DATA TRANSFER TOOL FOR HO.


  • BO Tagging data file can generate at Sub offices by using this tool.(BO TAGGING TOOL v2.0 or higher can also generate Data file for HO).
  • File will be generated at application path and extension as .pt
  • @Head Office by using this tool we can upload BO tagging data file(*.pt) that was received from Sub office.
  • Select Correct SOSB Database for upload data file if wrong it will not update.
  • Automatically clear previous bo tagging before upload file.

Note: Kindly take sosb database backup before upload @ HO 

To Download: