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SB 46 Intimation v3.1 Revised 14/08/13

  • Major bug has been fixed, it can be execute in all POs.
  • Export to word option added.
  • Print option removed.
  • Background image has been changed.
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Featues: RD, PPF Included

Bulk eMO Payments through Cheque

Handling eMOs for bulk payees

eMO Bulk Payment like TAHSILDAR:          
Note: for Bulk eMO Payment Postman Module Not Required. eMO and Treasury Module is Enough to make Bulk PAyment through Cheque/Cash
              In case of MOs for bulk payees, printing of individual eMOs is not necessary at the paying office. A Bulk payee list has to be generated by the operator in the eMO application using the menu Tools – Bulk Payment List. In this window, the bulk payee for whom the eMOs are received are displayed. When a bulk payee is selected and the details are fetched, the eMOs received are listed as in the figure below

If some booking offices have booked eMOs to bulk payees as individual eMOs instead of using the bulk payee option, such eMOs can be included in the bulk payee list by the operator using the menu Tools – Add ordinary eMOs to Bulk Payees. 

The bulk payee list can now be printed and sent through the postman for obtaining the payee’s signature. No amount need to be paid at this stage.

When the postman returns the bulk payee list duly signed by the payee, the list can be processed for payment.  The operator has to now select the tab Modify List, select the payee, the list number and click Fetch button.  Details of eMOs issued are listed as in the figure below 

If the payee has acknowledged the list in full, all the eMOs can be selected and the option Accept is chosen. If the payee has refused any eMO in the list, the concerned PNR number has to be selected and the option Remove should be selected. In such cases, the removed eMO will be transmitted back to the office of booking for payment to remitter. The other eMOs can be selected and accepted for payment. 

On such acceptance a message pops up indicating that the bulk eMOs are passed for authorization by supervisor.  The Supervisor has to now use the menu Authorisation –  Bulk Payment Authorisation, select the payee, the list date and number and click Fetch. The eMOs accepted by operator are listed. 

The supervisor has the option to include any eMOs that are wrongly marked as refused by the operator. When the supervisor is satisfied about the acceptance of payment by payee, he has to select all the eMOs and click on Authorise.  The Supervisor is prompted to enter the list total which has to be correctly filled in and thea Supervisor has to click Continue. Now the payment for the list is authorized. 

Note:No separate authorization is required in Postman module. 
The treasurer can now issue cheque for the bulk payee using the menu Payments – Bulk eMO Payments

Steps to Perform Bulk Payment:

Prior to printing/ invoicing of Individual eMOs, you need to select add ordinary eMOs to Bulk Payee option.

1.Go to eMO operator and Invoice eMO Under Tools Menu >use Add ordinary eMO  to Bulk Payee option.

2. After invoice to bulk Payee goto Bulk Payment List under Tools Menu to Accept/Remove/Modify and Print out bulk payment list.
Next Screen

3. After taken print out send list to Bulk Payee for approval, then getting approval from Bulk Payee authorize Bulk eMO list in eMO Supervisor.
Using this option we can include/ remove eMOs from the Bulk list if any omission made by bulk payee.
 4. Once authorization finished in eMO Module then Goto Treasury and as operator and Payments then Bulk eMO Payment using Cheque.

Note: for Bulk eMO Payment No need to goto Postman module.

Install window 7 Operating System from pen drive

It’s most easy way to install windows 7 by pen drive. Sometime if you have no optical drive (CD/DVD Drive) in your notebook or desktop and you want to install windows by pen drive the it’s most easy way to install windows 7 by pen drive.

Window 7 ISO image.
One 4 GB good quality pen drive.
Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool

Make sure Bios setting should be boot form USB drive before installation otherwise it will not boot form USB drive.

First of all download widnows 7 USB/DVD tool. You can download this free tool.

Download this tool and install it, for XP users Microsoft .net framework 2.0 and Microsoft image mastering API v2 must be installed befor windows 7 USB/DVD tool install.

Then run Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool
Browse the windows 7 iso image path, then next
select USB device tab
press Begin coping tab your pen drive is ready for install windows 7.

Note: Make sure again that you system Bios setting set boot form USB drive and restart you computer and boot form pen drive and install widnows 7.

Download from PoTools :

SBCO UTILITY V5.1 Released on 12/08/2013



Installation Guide:-

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Changes From V5.0 to V5.1

1) Added Feedback option in front page and About Page to send user Feedback.
2) Added Category Settings Option to Use only Selected Category.
3) Fixed Some Bugs.

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