Friday, August 23, 2013

RD Data Conversion tool from Sanchay Post to V2SBCO v1.1

RD Data Conversion tool from Sanchay Post to V2SBCO Version 1.1

This tool converts the RD data from sanchay post to v2sbco.

Version: 1.1  Released: 23/08/2013

Developed by : Ananda Kumar K G 

System Administrator, Kunigal 572130. 

DB Analyzer Auto Updater by PoTools

PoTools Developed - Auto DBA Updater 

Some time DB Analyzer has been Released twice/thrice in a week by SDC, Chennai. Now a days DB Analyzer updation is a Challenging roll because of frequent DBA update releases.

DBA Auto Updater:

* Automatically update DBAnalyzer .
* Inbuilt Schedule configured by PoTools.
* Taskbar Icon Added.
* Startup DBAUpdate execution added.
* Check DBA Latest version daily as per PoTools schedule.

Installation Guide:

1. Download DBA Auto updater from PoTools.

2. Extract All file into DB Analyzer folder. ex:C:\Program Files\DB Analyzer\
3. Open Reg.bat File at once then open DBAUpdate.exe