Saturday, September 07, 2013

R Net Hub Master Update Error in R Net and Despatch 7.8

       After done update -7.8 While Login as PA in Despatch 7.8 it shows Message as Kindly Update the R Net Hub master through R Net Communication.

While Get Hub master through R Net Communication it shows error message Error Converting data type varchar to int.
R Net Communication Object reference not set to an instance of an object


1. Download attached UpdateRNetHubmaster.exl from PoTools.

2. Execute exl using Script Tool.exe

3. Now You can login as PA in Despatch Module.

Note: This is an Temporary Solution which was given by CEPT, Mysore.

Enable eMO offices in Point of sale

Meghdoot Millennium - Point of sale eMO Booking Error 

            While Booking eMOs in Point of sale, some time point of sale shows an message as " The Selected pincode is not that of an EMO enable office ". this is due to non availability of eMO enabled offices pincode.


1. Exit from Point of Sale, eMO and eMO Client Modules from all PCs.

2. Download attached zip file from PoTools(It Contains eMOOffices.exl and eMOPincodes.exl) updated upto 17/08/2013.

3. Execute exl using Script Tool.exe