Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Despatch 7.8 Parcel Net Hubmaster

              Common problem we have to faced in  the despatch 7.8 Module is Parcel Net hubmaster due to improper upgradation.

Kindly configure Parcel Bags in Despatch Supervisor
Kindly Re Configure Parcel Bags in Despatch Supervisor
After Done Meghdhoot 7.8 Updation with R Net Communication 3.0 - PO

1. We have to Give Office Master and Hub Master Updation through R Net Communication 3.0.

2. Office Master and Hub master Updation files will be received subsequent calls from R Net Communication.

3. After Received all files related to post office, Do Office Master Updation in Despatch Supervisor.

4. It may take Few minutes to complete the process.

5. After successful updation Goto > Due Bags to configure Parcel/Register Bags.

Note: Hub master/ Office Master updaion take few minuts/ few hours(some times)..

Main Features Added in Despatch 7.8

* Parcel Bag Barcode added.
* Close of Un-register Bag added.
* Hub Details were added for Parcel.

DB Analyzer dated 17/09/2013 with Updater and Mailer

DBAnalyzer for Sanchay Post - dated 17/09/2013

Pre-requisite: .Net framework 3.5  

NOTE: Generation of Consolidated Report is a TIME CONSUMING PROCESS. All offices are advised to generate this report after completing the daily routines like DAY-END process, Database Backup, etc.


Download DB Analyzer from PoTools

DB Analyzer with Auto Updater plus Mailer


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