Monday, September 23, 2013

MM Updater for Updates 8 by SRFIX

MM Updater for Updates 8

Tested both in Win XP and Win7, not tested in win8.  

Note: WNXMasterData not included.
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Despatch 7.8 Update R Net Hubmaster

                 After update 7.8 while open Despatch It ask update R Net Hubmaster through R Net Communication, but request many times there is no response from R Net Communication.

1. Take Counter database backup

2. Run attached script by script tool.

3. Give a fresh office master and hub master request through r net communication once again and wait for some time.

4. Upon receipt of the office master please update it through Despatch Supervisor.

5. Leggin as operator in despatch application and check the status.

for SIFY Network: