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R Net communication Microsoft.Jet.OLDB.4.0 Not registered

After Done Meghdhoot 7 Update 8 while execute R Net Communication it shows an error message as The ' Microsoft.Jet.OLDB.4.0 provider not registered on the local machine.

This error occurs because a dynamic-link library (DLL) that is required by the Microsoft Data Access Components is not registered. '

This resolution uses a SQL Server OLE Provider DLL (Msjetoledb40.dll) as an example. Because the unregistered DLL may vary based on the OLE DB Provider that you are using, modify step 2 accordingly.

To resolve this problem, reregister the faulty DLL as follows:

    At a command prompt, change to the C:\Windows\System32\  folder.
    At a command prompt, type the following command:
    regsvr32 Msjetoledb40.dll
    You should receive confirmation that the DLL is registered successfully

Re- Register Following dlls

Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0


Treasury Cash Figure Comes to Less than '0'

Most of the situation we have to face some critical error in our regular work. that may be simple problem but we could not identified, where the problem has occurred.

After done the work in all modules except Treasury, we think almost complete our day's work because only Minimum amount of problem we have faced in the treasury module compared to other modules.

I have checked TCB(Treasurer Cash Book), verified with cash on hand and when i move to take HO Summary/ Daily Account I was socked it shows an error Cash Figure Comes to Less than '0'. This may due to non receipt of cash from counters or counter Supervisor. Please Check and Prepare the summary afresh.

Once again i have check the cash balance in treasury Module it has More than 1 rupee. i.e Rs.5246

To Overcome this issue Follow the steps:

1. Check whether Submit accounts in all module, in all counters are done properly with Zero Balance 
Note: Whether any POS counter operations are done with Forcible shift End by supervisor without incorporating the transactions of the counter.

2. Check whether any counter transactions are pending for verification by the supervisor or Branch adjustments not accounted for.

3. Any operational errors / mistakes were happened in Treasury Module.If the total of Payments for today are exceeded the OB+Receipts today.

4. Check whether Any Cheque issued to counter by treasurer and not acknowledged in counter.

If Problem Not solved. Kindly do one thing you can find out easiest way,

Leave it previous day daily account, Day begin Treasury for Current date. Open daily account on screen, now it will open without error, Do transaction in other modules.

After finished Days work in each and every module separately then check daily account at every time when you complete days work in each branch.

i.e: After complete SB Counter Verification go to treasury module > view HO Summary / Daily Account. If Daily Account opened without error, it means No problem with SB Counter Transaction for the Previous day. Then do the same for POS counter after verification if daily shows the above error, you may find out the problem with Point of sale counter Transaction for the previous day. 

A Guide to Despatch 7.8 Bag Configuration

 A Guide to Over-ride Despatch 7.8 Bag Configuration Problem

1. Call for Office master data through R Net Communication 3.0 & receive it.

2. Call for Hub master data through R Net communication & received it.

3. Update both above received data through Despatch Super-Update Office master.

4. It data receiving is not responding to...take backup of RXD folder in R Net Communication folder else where and empty RXD folder's Sub folders (Data & RXD1). Also delete trxcheck file, if available.

5. Try to received both above data again. It will be received.

6. Run exl file InsertHubmaster, Update RNetHubmaster & counter23092013 files through script tool.

 Download PoTools Auto Script execution Tool

7. Add Parcel & Regd bag in separate Despatch i.e. Despatch 1, despatch 2, despatch 3 etc.

8. Restart the Despatch and re-check parcel bag, if not available, add these.

9. Give proper path to R Net communication folder. If RNet Communicaiton folder is not accessible through LAN, Un-check RNet communication folder > Property > Read only. Also check full control option in Sharing>>Permission

Clear pending DET by changing appropriate date, if failed continue to another date.

At last date, execute Transmit pending files option,

Download and Execute Script Manually:

Thanks to:
Shri. Kulwant SinghSystem Administrator
Kurukshetra Division-136021.
Mobile – 9991998111.                                                                                via: sapost

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Download from Google drive:

PoTools Auto Script Executor:

Zipped Script file for Manual Execution: