Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Fix: SpeedNet Virtual bag Messages Not Received

virtual bag messages are not receiving in speednet. 

Some of the offices virtual scanning not comes for Bag opening and article invoicing due to non availability of Virtual message file from central server (Not transmitted from Despatched office) or not received from central server to destination offices.

              The virtual message file available in central server and not received in our office due to the following reason.
trxchx.txt file available in RXD folder 
Delete trxchx.txt folder from RXD:

  1. Exit  Speed Net communication from your Machine.
  2. Go to RXD folder, it exists inside EMS Client Folder / C:\Program Files\EMS Client
  3. Check whether trxchx.txt available in RXD Folder. 
  4. If available delete trxchx.txt from your RXD folder.

Thanks to: Nishant Verma