Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Despatch 7.8 solution for Despatch of Bags

In Despatch 7.8, despatch of bags were added for tracking bag details. In some offices while do despatch of bags in Despatch Module after MM7.8 upgradation, It shows an error message as

 "Could not find stored Procedured 'P_GetBagsdespatched' "


  • Download attached exl by using script tools.

  • Use Latest Despatch.exe from Potools.(Parcel Barcode, Clear article scanning field )

Thanks to
DSM,Theni Division.

SpeedNet 4.0 Text property is Read only at bag opening

            After update Speed Net 4.0 while opening bag it shows an error message text property is read only.


  • Download attached exl from potools.
  • Execute pospcc08102013.exl using script tool.
  • Now you can open a bag wwithout error.

Thanks to:
Rabinarayan Choudhury
Tikabali SO-762010