Monday, October 14, 2013

Meghdhoot 7 Update 8 Error & Solution

Meghdhoot Millineum 7 Update 8 has been released on 11/09/2013. After that we have faced many errors and got solution from CEPT, PoTools provides Consolidation of MM7.8 Solution

MM 7.8 Latest exe Given CEPT, Mysore.

Despatch 7.8 Dated: 19-Sep-2013
R Net Communication v3.0 -PO: 09-Oct-2013
Postman 7.8 dated: 11-oct-2013

Error Description shown in below

Despatch 7.8

                   Major issues in MM 7.8 Official is Despatch module, Problem with opening of Despatch Module i.e it ask every time to update "Kindly Update R Net Hub master through R Net Communication".

Guide was supplied for Receive Hub master by PoTools

After over come this issues by receive Hub master through R Net communication and Update Office master in Despatch Supervisor, we can login Despatch Module as operator.
But, we could not close Parcel Bag due to Circlewise barcode limitation, Scanning Fields not clear automatically during Prepare Bag/Bundle and Insured bag not able to close the direct desgination.

To overcome the above issues Get Latest Despatch.exe supplied by CEPT, Mysore.

R Net Communication 3.0 - PO

       Latest R Net Communication have Some New features added. we can not login as Despatch Operator with out R Net Communication v3.0 - PO. But In windows 7 64-bit operating System and Some other Machine while Running R Net Communication it Shows an Error message as
Microsoft.Jet.OLDB.4.0 provider not registered on the local machine. 

So that we are not able to receive R Net Hub master files from CEPT central Server. 

Postman 7.8 

       Postman 7.8  Problem with BO VPP article Amount comes to Zero after invoicing with correct amount. CEPT Mysore provides Latest Postman 7.8 exe to overcome the above issues.

NPO Speed Register Revenue Report

Night Post Office Revenue Report generation is little difficult in Point of sale because of NPO function on Sunday from the Morning to Evening.

NPO Report Generator was developed for Generate NPO Revenue Report i.e Speed, Register Booking and Amount for Specified Period including Sundays.

  • Download NPO Report.exe from PoTools.
  • Open NPO Report and Configure SQL Info and Report Timings using Settings Option.
  • Enter Specified Period to Generate Report.

If any issues/queries contact Admin via

Script Tool Execution error Scripter 2K5

             While execution/updation of SpeedNet 4.0 it shows Script Tools Error Scripter 2K5 Scripter2K5 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

So that we have execute script files manually in SpeedNet 4.0 updation instead of auto upgradation.


  • Download .Net Frame work 3.5 from Microsoft website.
  • Install before up-gradation of SpeedNet 4.0 
  • SpeedNet one updater will execute script files automatically without scripter2K5 error.