Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weblink - Portable

Weblink is made available in Portable format.
You can now use this even on PC installed with only OS.
No run time dependencies.

To download portable file,click the below button. 

If you see the message that 'Weblink already running' during windows Startup, it is due to multiple reference in startup. To fix this,Click Start->Run. Type msconfig in Run box.


Uncheck the unwanted entries and click Apply -OK. This error is fixed in Weblink release dated 11.10.13

Postman Run-time error '70' permission denied

Meghdhoot Millennium Postman, Point of sale or sub account Run-time error '70' Permission Denied
Dear SAs,  we have configured many servers / Machine as server. but in some time we have trouble to create Databases in Sub office due to Latest Operating system.

While install Postman, Point of sale and sub account or any other Meghdhoot Module in Windows vista / higher version some times it shows Permission Denied.

This issues may occur to Permission Denied by Windows Security (UAC) Control.

Follow the below steps to overcome the above issues:

  • Goto control panel and make sure you’re viewing by category. Select System and Security.
  • control panel system security windows 7
  • Under Action Center, select Change User Account Control settings.
  • control panel change user account control windows 7
  • Drag the vertical scrollbar down to the lowest level (Never Notify) and press OK.
  • control panel turn off uac windows 7

Simply Type UAC in Windows 7 Search Programs text box then Select User Access Control > Set Lowest Level then ok

Note : Reboot your machine to take effect 

After that Install / open Meghdhoot Modules in Windows 7 without Permission denied Error. 

SpeedNet 4.0 Office data update is required

Issues: SpeedNet v4.0 Office Data Update is Required

After Completion of SpeedNet new version update, Some time we have to face Office data update is Required Error.

At the time of Closing of Bag in SpeedNet Module:

at the time of Despatch of Bag in SpeedNet Module:

This above issue occur when Office code detail is not found in Database. so that it ask to update  office data of corresponding Circle from SPC site.

In some cases, After update particular office data it ask the same foe another circle. It may continue upto all over india.

In some other case, BO name not listed even update circle office data and Update Local database using the following option.
Supervisor > Master > Offices > Add Additional office option > Click Update.

All the above issues can be fixed by following below steps:

Solution:(Provided by CEPT, Mysore.)

a) Run the attached EXL file (OfficeMaster_DataUpdation_Soln.exl) using Meghdoot ScriptTool after taking full database backup.
b) Download the Office Data of your / respective Circle from SPC site and update this data through SpeedNet Communication.
c) Run the attached EXL file (Offices Update_4.0.exl) using Meghdoot ScriptTool.
d) Under Supervisor --> Master --> Offices --> Add Additional Offices --> Click on "UPDATE OFFICES DATA" button.

Download OfficeMaster_DataUpdation_Soln.exl

Download Offices Update_4.0.exl

Further, the SPCC files, as desired, can be downloaded from SPCC Office Configuration site.

SPC Office Data for all Circle:

Single File Contains All circle SPC data. for Password contact Admin via:  potools1@gmail.com

MM 7.8 Scripts Auto Executor by PoTools

MM 7 Update 8 Script Tool Auto Executor by PoTools

  1. Save Time.
  2. No chance to missed script file.
  3. It includes Despatch 7.8 solution exl.
  • Download MMScripts from PoTools.
  • Extract into your machine.
  • Open PTExecutor for Execute All scripts except NREGAEMO and IPO scripts.
  • To execute NREGAEMO and IPO script open manual folder then execute using Script Tool inside the folder of Manual.