Friday, October 18, 2013

MM Updater and Auto Script Executor for Update 8

MM Updater for Updates 8 by Srfix

Improved Feature:
1.Registration of dll files: not registering if path is other than C:\- fixed.
2.Silent registration of dll files.

Links updated on 28.09.2013.

Thanks to:

 Auto Script Executor by PoTools

Script files to be executed in the Server only:

Download MMScripts from PoTools.
  1. Extract into your machine.
  2. Open PTExecutor for Execute All scripts except NREGAEMO and IPO scripts.
  3. To execute NREGAEMO and IPO script open manual folder then execute using Script Tool inside the folder of Manual.
Size:19MB Last updated:15 Oct 2013

If Already you have downloaded MM Scripts, kindly rename it as shown in  below list. then download PT Executor and Script Tool extract it inside the folder as Should be like below.

Tool for SB and RD Statement

Statement Tool for SB and RD Scheme

  • Download Statement.exe from PoTools.
  • Provide SQL information using Settings option.
  • Now Statement Tool ready to fetch SB and RD for the specified period.
  • Export Option included with this tool

Thanks to:(Shared with PoTools by)
Anil Reddy