Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Increase Drive Size in Windows 2003 server

Partition Hard Disk Drive for Windows Server 2003 by Free Partition Manager

It is well known that when the programs and files get more and more on the computer, the space of some particular partitions will get smaller and smaller, and consequently, the Windows Server 2003 will have some trouble doing its normal operation, such as updates and installations. And for most system administrators, it will be a hard job to improve this situation and manage partitions well.

Resize D partition

Process of resizing/ moving partition by free partition manager server 2003

Maybe you are an IT professional, maybe not. But it doesn't matter; you still can resize or move partitions in Windows Server 2003 with the help of this freeware. AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition is very easy to operate. What you have to do is launching it, and then following the wizards step by step.

Note: We can Operate this tool ie. Resize/Move Partition without loss our data.

Fixed : eMO communication issue by CEPT

eMO communication issue is resolved at eMO central server. Please check now. 

If the problem is still persist,
 please write back to us to e-mail id 


Postman Not Responding while Receive / Open / Invoice Article

         After Introduce R Net Communication Virtual scanning also implemented for Register articles in Postman Modules. Before start Postman Module we have to execute R Net  Communication it receives the files about virtual bag information.

Following few reasons to Postman Module Not responding while Receive or Open bag:

  • May not receive/open virtual bag.
  • May close Register Bag for wrong destination, so that virtual bag messages transmitted to wrong destination.

 so that many virtual bags listed for Receiving / opening of bag.


Kindly delete old data from postman supervisor .(Take postman database backup in DVD)

No Of Days : 30 .


Frequently Dispose Unopened bag in Postman Module after completion of days work.


Download and Execute Tool to Dispose unused bags after Postman Day end.


Key:  MS20Inj72uhM7uFBo15UeB8jGGcGfzaKVBFgzJJKbf4