Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DBF Mailer v2.5 by PoTools

DBF Mailer v2.5.0

After Sify Migration Most of the Office,s DB Analyzer was not execute due to blocked by Network. So that we have to sent DB Analyzer Discrepancy Encrypted File(DBF) to specified Mail ID by CO/RO.

PoTools Developed  DBF Mailer for Send DBF file. 

DBF Mailer v2.5 is an enhanced version of DBA Mailer.

  • Download DBF Mailer v2.5 from PoTools.
  • Extract DBF Mailer and PTLogins.mdb into DB Analyzer File folder.
  • Configure From,To mail Id and Server Name, Subject and Body using Settings Option.


Last Modified: 23/10/2013.

Fixed: Accounts PBS DA Arrears for Pensioner

Fixed Schedule DA Arrears for Pensioner comes to Zero


In Account PBS (Schedule.exe), when we are drawing DA arrears of pensioners for the period of July 2013 to September 2013,it comes zero.


  • Download the  file schedule.exe from PoTools.
  • Copy and  paste it to the application path replacing the existing one.
  • Please draw pension vouchers for July 2013  to September 2013 with Old DA ie.. 80%  then modify the  DA to 90 % .

DB Analyzer Auto Updater v2.5.0

DB Analyzer Auto Updater v2.5 by PoTools

Unzip Error has been Fixed. i.e Bug of DBA Updater v2.0.1 has been fixed.

New Features Added:
  • User Schedule Configuration.
          User Can Set Schedule tim to Update DB Analyzer Regularly.

  • End All programs
          Some times All DOP software's shows an error due to Network connectivity like DB Process dead in Sanchay Post. at that time we have to close all modules one by one and need to open it again. This option is used to Close all active Programs.

Note: Kindly Save all programs before close. Otherwise unsaved data may lost.

Installation Instruction:

  1. Download DBA Update v2.5 from PoTools.
  2. Extract and Replace all files into DB_Analyzer File Folder.
  3. At First Time Open Reg.bat.

Following Error has been fixed in v2.5.0

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