Tuesday, November 05, 2013

User Name and Password for CEPT FTP

UserName and Password of CEPT, FTP

Issues   :  Require to Access User Name and Password for open CEPT FTP.
Author  : Admin, PoTools.


           Most of the time while open or access CEPT ftp it asks  Authentication Required, User Name and Password.


  • No user id and password required for CEPT, ftp site. 
  • Kindly try again at different time.
Note: CEPT supplied User ID and Password for all Sahuliyat Users for login http://cept.gov.in The same User id and Password May use to access CEPT FTP.

For New User:

New User(Department Of Post Employees) May Register with following Link

SpeedNet Version 4.1 by CEPT, Mysore

Speednet Version 4.1 by CEPT Mysore

Official Version: 4.1 Released by CEPT.
Released Date  : 31/10/2013.
Direct Download:




  • RTS / Missent remark for despatching of SPAs is made mandatory for Post Offices
  • Provision to select delivery date while taking returns for delivered Bulk Addressee SPAs under Bulk Delivery option for SH / ICH
  • Bulk Addressee Special Delivery Slip is redesigned to accommodate three SPAs per row (available for SH / ICH)
  • Updation of remarks for Articles under "Other Office Articles - Delivery Data" option is limited to PIN code jurisdiction of respective Post Office
  • Provision to upgrade local databases from Central Server through SpeedNet Communication

Sub Account 7.8 Floppy Download Error and Solution

Sub Account Floppy Download Issues

Version: Sub Account 7.8
Issues   : Floppy Download error. Path/File access error, Incorrect Syntax near ',', Subscript out of range.
Author  : Admin, PoTools.


While do floppy download in HO for Update Sub office daily account it shows an error message as Error Reading the file.

  • EBL Subscript out of range for EBL in sub office Daily account

  • Incorrect Syntax Near ','.

Download Through Network it shows Error : Path/File Access error.


  1. Sub Offices Daily Account Stored path is too long.
  2. Floppy Download Path/File Access error when download from Network Path.
  3. Place your Sub Office Daily account folder in Short path like Daily account Folder should be place directly D:\ or E:\ Drive. 
Note: Please do not use long paths to avoid such kind of errors.