Wednesday, November 06, 2013

DB Analyzer Updater and Mailer : All in One

DB Analyzer Updater and Mailer - All in one

Version  : DBUpdate v5.0
Included : Send Gmail, DBA DBF and SO TO HO Mailer, and DBA Updater.
Author    : Admin, PoTools


Nowdays, we have to mail DB Analyzer Discrepancies to various mail id and various format to Update on websites due to Non updation of DB Analyzer. Actually Sify Network block DB Analyzer Discrepancies auto updation.

So that we have to Mail dbf file and SP_discrepancies.txt to different mail ids, DBAUpdate v5.0 to full-fill the above requirement. 


Version Information:

  • Two types of Configuration available in DBA Updater v5.0 i.e
  1. Configure DBA Update Time using Configuration.
  2. Configure Auto Mailer using Gconfiguration.
  • End All programs used to end All DOP software's except clients with one click in one second.
  • We can send mail Using auto mailer
           1. Gmail
           2. SO to HO Mail
           3. DBA: Discrepancy mail (Sp_Discrepancies.txt)
           4. DBF File Mail 


Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:

Mirror 3:

Installation instruction

  • Download DBAUpdater and Miler from PoTools.
  • Extract all files into DB Analyzer Installation File folder.
  • Open Once Reg.bat File.
Any Issues/queries Mail us via

Speed Net Office Data Update : Fixit

SpeedNet Office Data Update is required 

Version : Fixit POSPCC v1.0 
Issues   : Office Master data update is required at Speed Net v3.1.2 /Speed Net v4.0 /Speed Net v4.1
Author  : Admin, PoTools.


               While Closing of Speed Net Speed Post or EPP(Express Parcel Post) or taking despatch of bags in Speed Net or Opening of Speed Net Speed Post / EPP bags it shows an error message as Office Data Update is required.


At First time configuration, If Office data update is required message occurs we have update Office Master in POSPCC database through SpeedNet Communication for More information

Visit  Speed Net office Master updation

If above Solution not fixed My office data issues. kindly use below FIXIT POSPCC to fix this issues.


  1. Download FIXIT POSPCC v1.0 from PoTools.
  2. Provide Correct login information using SQL Info.
  3. Execute by Click FIXIT then EXIT.


Mirror 1: 

Mirror 2:

Mirror 3: