Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PT Plugins v5.0 All in One Mailer and DBA Auto Updater

PT Plugins Mailer and Updater

Version   : PT Plugins V5.0
Included  : GMail, So to Ho Mail, DPF and SP_Discrepancies Mail, DB Analyzer Auto updater.
Developed by : Admin, PoTools.


PT Plugins Auto updater Get downloader link Automatically from website.

SDC Chennai, change the DBA download link at  every time, so that DBA Updater Not properly working, Now this one is Fixed in Pt Plugins v5.0.

DPF File Mailer Fixed

DPF Mailer has been fixed, Previous version has few bugs like browse dpf file. Now it has been fixed and provide correct extension as *.dpf.

DPF, DBA and SO to HO Mailer Simplified

DPF, DBA and SO to HO Mailer provide with Pre-configuration Link i.e GConfiguration so that those Mailer window has been re-sized to smaller to access with easy way.

Installation Instruction

  1. Download PT Plugins and Extract All files inside zip into DB_Analyzer Installation fodler.
  2. At first time open and execute reg.bat to register and  then open PT Plugins.exe manually.

To remove previous version from startup
Go to Start > Run > Type Msconfig >Click on Start up unchecked old version like DBUpdate/DBAUpdate from startup. 

Don't Remove PT Plugins from Startup It may failed to auto update


Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

DPT Profiling data upload Issues in CBS website

Fixed DPT profiling File upload Error in CBS web

Version   : Data Profiling Tool by Infosys Dated 31-05-2013 
Issues      : data saved failed, Unable to read/ create file.
Author     : Admin, PoTools.


While Upload DPT encrypted file in CBS web it shows Message from Webpage as Data saved failed. then press ok it shows another Message from Web as Unable to read file/ Create Data -1.


Download Latest DPT Profiling tool 01-11-2013 from SDC Chennai.
Delete/ Un-install Old version dated 31/05/2013.
Install New DPT Profiling Tool and Generate File.
Upload Encrypted file generated by Latest DPT profiling Tool.