Thursday, December 05, 2013

Blank Config File for eMO and ePmt

Blank Configuration File Creator for eMO and ePmt by SRFix

Developed by : Mr. Shivaram, SA Puttur.
Published by     :


Blank Config File Generator for Create Configuration File for eMO and ePayment Client.


  • Create Blank config File without Re-install Packages.


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PoTools Mirror

Try this

Create Configuration File Generator for Missing Configuration File. Just Try this one also Config File Generator for eMO, ePayment, R Net and Speed Net developed by Admin PoTools.

Features :

  • Create Configuration for "Error in configuration File, Root element is Missing  " Issues

BNPLParcel Database Creator in SQL 2000 by PoTools

Step by Step to Create BNPL Parcel Database in SQL 2000

Dear SAs, 
               We have received two solution for BNPL Parcel Net software to Create BNPLPARCEL Database. But unfortunately SolutionToParcelNet dated 04.12.2013 is also not able to create BNPL Parcel database in SQL 2000. 

Version : Parcel Net (MM 7 Update - 9)
Issues   : Not able to create BNPLParcel Database in SQL 2000 / Windows Server 2003
Only For : Parcel Booking Center.
Requirement : SQL 2000

Note: Kindly never try this in SQL 2005 or higher version


Procedure to Create BNPL Parcel Net Database in SQL 2000:

Note: This Procedure Only for SQL 2000 and Parcel Booking Center. Kindly

Pre-request Software to Create BNPL

  1. BNPL Parcel Net dated.29.11.13 or 02.12.2013 or 04.12.2013
  2. BNPL Scripts Uploaded in PoTools (Given by CEPT).
  3. BNPL Database.exe developed by Admin, PoTools. (This is not an Own Query, I have used CEPT Query to Create BNPLPARCEL Database)


  1. Install Parcel Net Software in PBC (Identified Office Only).
  2. Execute Parcel Net Application and Configure Database.
  3. Click OK for Error Messages.then,
  4. Execute BNPL Scripts Using Script tool (For Create Stored Procedure)
  5. Execute  BNPL Database.exe for Create tables in SQL 2000
  6. Then Run BNPL Parcel , Configure Office Name, Office Type
  7. and then Create User Supervisor.


Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

BNPL Script Download

Note : This is Tested and Working Successfully. Install at your own Risk, Admin PoTools not responsible. But Supports available at 24/7. Thank you

This is Only for System Administrator, India Post. Kindly Mail for Password.

Speed Net 4.1 Performance Issues

Speed Net 4.1 Performance Not shown beyond  45 days

Version : Speed Net v4.1
Issues   : SpeedNet Performance report Not shown for beyond 45 days issues.

Issues Description and Image

While view Performance of Postman Report in Speed Net 4.1 before 45 days it shows an error message as "From date Can not to beyond 45 days".

Why its Restricted

This is not an error message. This is a information, saying that From date can't be beyond 45 days.

Data availability in the this report is restricted to 45 days as the same will be flushed to the backup database after 45 days. Hence, the report will be useful only in respect of Daily/Monthly MIS requirements and will not support the Quarterly/Annual MIS requirements.