Saturday, December 07, 2013

Parcel Net Software Installation Guide

Complete Configuration Guide for Parcel Net Installation in PBC

Version : MM 7 Update - 7.
Prepared by : Admin, PoTools.
Note: More than 50 Parcel Booking Centers were configured Parcel Net using below instruction.

Intro about Parcel Net

Parcel Net Software Only for Identified Offices (Parcel Booking Center ) . Parcel Net software used to book Business parcel for Bulk customer. Barcode Should be Start with "C " and Bag Label Should be "CB".

Download Pre-request Software(s)

1.Dot Net 4.0


2.Parcel Net Software(BNPL)


3.BNPL Scripts


4.BNPL Parcel Database Creator
For Mirror Download Visit

BNPL Parcel Configuration Steps

  1. Download and Install .Net Frame work 4.0 and then Restart your Machine.
  2. Install Parcel Net BNPL Software.
  3. Run and Configure BNPL Parcel Software, Press OK for all errors.
  4. Execute BNPL Parcel Database Creator.(for Password mail to
BNPL Parcel Database Creator takes nearly 3-5 minutes to configure BNPL Database. After complete Execution open BNPL Parcel Software configure Office Information and User details.

Final Configuration

  1. Configure Point Of Sale Supervisor Office Type as Parcel Booking Center.
  2. Configure Despatch Super Office Type Under Tools menu as PBC.

Point of sale Configuration Screenshot

Despatch Office Type Configuration

BNPL User Creation

  • Create BNPL User using ParcelNet Website 

  • Register BNPL Customer Using Correct Booking Office Name and Pincode.

Execute R Net Communication

  1. Execute R Net Communication after Successful completion of above steps.
  2. Call Server Until Receive BNPL Customer
  3. Once BNPL Customer received for your office, You can Book BNPL Parcels using Parcel Net Software.

Issues : BNPL Customer Not received 

BNPL User Not Received After Registered due to following reasons
  1. Wrongly selected Booking office while register BNPL customer.
  2. Wrongly selected Office Type in Despatch or Point of sale Module.