Sunday, December 08, 2013

MM Updater with Script Executor

MM Updater with Script Executor

Step 1:

  1. Double click Updater.Exe
  2. By default Server will be selected. Click OK


  1. This will execute SRScript.Exe provided with Updater. 
  2. Provide your Server name and press Enter. Then press any Key.

The Exl file will be executed through Meghdoot Script Tool. When execution completed, close the Script Tool. Press any key to execute next Exl file. For each file you have to press a key. This is made intentionally to confirm you which file is executed. At the end you can confirm all script files are executed.

Step3: Then select Client and click OK. The Updater window appears. Change the Drive letter as per your installation folder and deselect the components not needed if any for updating.

Click Accept.

The message confirms successful updation.

All the updates and exl files available till 08.12.13 are incorporated in this upload. However,you are requested to check PTC ftp site and follow instructions received from your DO.

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