Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MM Updates 9 Dated 17.12.13

MM Updates 9 dated 17.12.13 made easy.

Script Executor:
1. Provide Server Name.Click OK.All Script files available in EXL folder will be listed. Double click the file needed one by one.When executed, close the Script Tool. The executed Scripts will be shown in the other List Box.
2. Through Updater, update the Exe and Dll files.

Advantage: You can customize your scripts and arrange as per your need.

Remove the Duplicate COD article from Postman 7.9

Postman 7.9 Issues with Duplicate COD articles


        After executing COD Transfer_ParcelCOD_to_Ecounter.exl while going to invoicing COD articles in Postman Module Its show an duplicate COD articles.


This solution applicable for only if you execute COD Transfer_ParcelCOD_to_Ecounter.exl
Download COD_More_Than_One_Invoicing.exl from PoTools
Execute Using MM Script Tool to remove the Duplicate articles.


Note : Follow the instruction, if you are not execute the COD Transfer_ParcelCOD_to_Ecounter.exl .

Fixed COD Articles Issues with MM7 Update 9 dated 17.12.13

COD Issues Fixed in MM7 Update 9 dated 17.12.13


Not able to invoice COD articles in Postman COD Post sorting it shows an error message error converting data type varchar to int.

No articles found in Postman COD post sorting


1.Download Latest version from CEPT FTP    
2. Replace and Register  Postman exe and dll files available in "solutions to problems in ParcelNet Update.rar 
3. Please run the exl files available therein through script tool 

A resend request for receipt of electronic data for COD articles can be given using the option 
"Request Resend for COD Artilces" under Tools menu in supervisor login.