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Error in PA/SA Online application website (Important for ePayment offices)

There is an issue in connection with PA/SA Online Application website.  While printing the Chellans, same barcodes are printing in the different Chellans with different registration number.  That is, the Registration number and barcode number are different in some Chellans. In this case the amount credited will not goes to the correct candidate’s registration number.  The amount will reflect against the same registration number in the epayment website. Number of offices has reported the same discrepancy. Following are the solutions


1. While doing ePayment transaction, the counter PA should check whether the Registration No and the barcode number printed in the chellan are same. (Check the first 12 digits from barcode)

2. If the numbers are different, type the registration number manually in the epayment transaction screen and complete the transaction or suggest the candidate to make another registration.

Thanks to : postbankofindia.blogspot.in



But site is not in Open we try every time but it gives service unavailable we press F5 again and again but site not open


try now .. its accessible at 12:40hours. thank you


I am unable to check the payment status as every time I try to login the page shows server unavailable. Please help as I need to check my payment status and print the registration slip.

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