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ParcelNet Update29032014( Meghdoot Version 7.9.1 )

Modified Modules :

Point of Sale
RNet Communication

Download for Post Office

Download - CEPT FTP Post Office

Download -  Post Office Support File

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Please take backup of all related databases after completion of the day’s work before proceeding for going for up-gradation of this update.
  2. Please go through the User Guide for Parcel Net (provided separately for Post Offices and Parcel Hubs) before attempting for installation/up-gradation

Sequence for Post Offices

Please upgrade in the order given below without altering the sequence( ePayment has to be upgraded first then only Postman Has to be upgraded)


  1. Run eCounter27032014.exl file with script tool.
  2. Run ECounter_POCodes_26022014.exl file with script tool
  3. Run eVPPincodes_26022014.exl file with script tool
  4. Replace existing ePaymentClient.exe with new one.

Point of Sale and Despatch 

  1. Replace the existing PointOfSale.exe with the new PointOfSale.exe in installation path.
  2. Upgrade the Counter database with the exl files available in the folder.
  3. Copy the Cash.Dll to the Point Of Sale Client installation path and register the dll.
  4. Replace the existing Despatch.exe with the new Despatch.exe in PointOfSale Client installation path.


  1. Replace existing Postman.exe with new one.
  2. Replace existing EMODelivery.dll with new one.
  3. Replace existing EVPDelivery.dll with new one.
  4. Register both EMODelivery.dll and EVPDelivery.dll
  5. Run Postman-1.exl and Postman-2.exl with script tool.(Please ensure ePayment already upgraded)


  1. Rename the existing Treasurer.exe and copy the new Treasurer.exe in the same location.
  2. First Run the Treasury_1.exl file and then Treasury_2.exl file with script tool.

RNet Communication

  1. Replace existing RNet Communication exe with the new one.
  2. Then give request for Office Master using the below options
  3. Tools > Get Office Master and then call server 
  4. Tools >Get Hub Master and then call server

BNPL-Parcel (New application)

  1. Run the setup for fresh installation and install the application in the BNPL-Parcel system. 
  2. Replace existing PBC_Project.exe with new one according to the system type (whether 32 -bit or 64-bit)
  3. Run BNPLPARCEL2403014.exl file using Script tool.
  4. Run POCodes24032014.exl file using Script tool.

(Separate document is available for implementing the Bulk Booking Process in both Post offices and Parcel Booking Centres)


  1. Run eMO 7.9.1.exl file using Script tool.
  2. Run NREGAEMO 7.9.1.exl file using Script tool.

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