Monday, September 15, 2014

ePost : Download all supportive Fonts for ePost Message

Download Language fonts for ePost

All language Fonts were attached herewith for installation of Fonts for ePost Message. Most of the time while taking ePost Message Print out it shows an empty Page due to non supportive of Local fonts by the Browser. 


Available Fonts Listed below:
Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, oriya,  Marathi and more..

1. ASTTAbhijitB.ttf
2. AVVAIYAR_0.ttf
3. GIST_MNTTAbhijit_B.ttf
4. GJTTChitraB.ttf
5. KOTTBrindaB.ttf
6. Kruti_Dev_010.ttf
7. MLTTAmbiliB.ttf
8. ml-ttkarthika-normal.ttf
10. MRTTAjayB.ttf
11.  ORTTBalabhadraB.ttf
12. SDTTDhruvB.ttf
13. TMLKamban.ttf

Instruction to Install

Download ePost Supportive fonts from PoTools.
Extract all and copy the same / required font (Regional Language).

For Window XP/2003 server or Equal version

  1. Go to Run (Windows + R ), Type Fonts
  2. Press Enter to Open Fonts Folder and Just Paste to Install Fonts

For Window Vista/7 or Higher version

  1. Open TTF Font File.
  2. Just Click on Install Button to Install Fonts.

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