Thursday, January 02, 2014

Complete Procedure to Upgrade Parcel Net and Receive COD

Up-gradation Procedure of Parcel Net for COD (Update 9)

CEPT has released four solutions for update 9, In Most of the offices were upgraded upto 17.12.2013 or before version only. after that Upgrade directly 24.12.13 it will create some issues listed below


  • Not able to verify BO Return to Sender - RTS articles.
  • Not able to day end postman - BO COD verification not done.
  • At the time of Postman day end it shows an message Subscript Out of range.
  • COD article message data were received and it does not shows in invoicing.


  1. Update should be done update IFS Update.
  2. If you have updated Parcel Net 17.12.13 then you should download attached solution.
  3. Execute all the exls order-wise then
  4. Replace Exes and dlls of Parcel net Solution dated 24.12.13 from CEPT FTP.
  5. Login as Postman operator and check whether article received or not.
  6. All the exls were complied here is provided by CEPT only.
Note: No need to execute exl once from 24.12.13.



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