Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PoT Intimation v5.0 for VPL/VPP/BPCOD/EPCOD Intimation Slip

PoT Intimation v5.0 for Intimation Slip


  1. VPL,VPP, BPCOD and EPCOD included.
  2. Two types of Printer Format option added.
  3. Check for Update option included.
  4. Taskbar icon added for Minimize restore and Check for Update.
  5. EPP were removed.



How to Use ?

  • Download PoT Intimation v 5.0 from PoTools.
  • Install Downloaded setup file at once.
  • Configure Server Name and SA Password then select Print format and then click ok.
  • Open PoT Intimation from your Desktop Shortcut for use.


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Common Issues in ParcelNetSolution 13.01.2014 in Post Office

Common Issues after Upgrade Solution dated 13/01/2014

here with i have listed out the common issues we are facing after upgrade 13.01.2014 

Postman and COD

  • Due to Non availability of the Booking data  in Central sever , We could not receive the electronic data in delivery office side but article was received physically and kept in Deposit. 
Article was Tracked in ParcelNet Site > Reports->COD Articles

  • Instead of Closing of COD article type as RP in RMS side, We could not receive that Bag as virtually.So that
  1. We have to collect the COD article through physically using dummy bag number.
  2. Not available in Request Resend Option .
  3. It may leads to received Duplicate COD article for invoicing.
  • Some of the COD article Number is available for Request Resend option even it was received in Local database.
  • Even after execute Invoice COD exl, article shows in only Post sorting option and Not in Branch Office invoicing option for Pincode mismatched article.
  • We can Redirect only Pincode Mis-matched article. Some of the COD articles were received wrong address with correct. In such case we could not able to redirect.
  • Not able to  receive and deliver the replacement order of already delivered article with COD amount '0'
  • No clear Instruction was given for COD article amount shown in Postman Module is differ with mention the amount in physically received COD. 
  • Postman Module hangs at the time of invoice Register article, while scan the Article it takes long time to respond or move the cursor to booking office.
  • Most of the Offices RB Bundle Opening error occuring.Run Time error 13, Type Mismatch. 
  • In some Office after fetch Counter booked article not able to invoice the same due to error message shown as article was not received.

In Reports

  1. In Reports COD article Delivered list only for Postman Beat and not available for Branch Office.
  2. In Reports -> COD -> To Bos , All Bos option not working.
  3. In Enquiry COD article type should be added for find the article information.
  4. COD register report should be included.

In Despatch

  1. In Despatch Module, Could not Close the EPCOD article in EXPRESS Parcel bag Because there is no office showing in Due bags Even udpate the Office & HUB Master through R Net Communication, Same issues exists.  
  2. In Some office String or binary data would be truncated Issue occur at the time fetch from Counter.
  3. Fetch from Postman it shows an Error Syntax error converting the varchar value xxxxx to a column of data type int.

Suggestion :

For COD Issues:

  1. Primary key should be set to avoid the duplicate COD issues.
  2. Virtual and Physical data should be maintained in separate table.
  3. RMS message data should be avoided to transmit to delivery office.
  4. Once article is delivered/despatched at one Office, it should be deleted the same COD message other than delivered/despatched office.
  5. All the COD article should able to redirect like Register. 

Postman Hanging issue :

Most offices while invoice the article postman module get hang for long time to respond due to fetch article information from the table.
  • It should be checked particular period, it may be avoided by checking virtually received bag.
  • Old Virtual article information should be deleted automatically for better performance.